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"Neither Darkness nor Gravity shall prevail"

Create: 01/09/2016 - 16:29
* by Frank Westall , from the facebook group USA Powerlifters Some of you may know Steve Winslow, he has been in Powerlifting since his younger days at Venice Beach in California(he is now 57). I just recently met him within the Powerlifting social community,actually, what I did was observe his posts and videos so I could pick up tips on technique. I eventually messaged him and asked a question regarding DL positioning and instead of jumping in and giving me advice, he referred me to a YouTube video of a lifter who was very technical. That left a positive impression on me, in that he was not a person who would “try to show me how it was done”. He knew that there were others who were quite good at instructing and he had no issue on giving those others the credit.


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