2017 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals Come Back

Sun, 10/22/2017 - 09:06 -- admin
Jen Thompson- On May, 19, 2017 I had to have my femur reshaped at the hip joint and a labrum tear repaired. After many years of a super wide sumo stance, I developed bone deposits at the end of my femur. Eventually this bone began to hit inside my hip socket and tore the labrum. I dealt with this for almost two years and finally couldn't take the pain anymore, I elected had to have surgery. I had to pull out of 2017 IPF Classic Powerlifting Championships. This video shows how I dealt with the rumors this created, the rehab and my performance at 2017 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals.

Chris Bridgeford- (804 lbs) for 10 singles

Sat, 10/21/2017 - 08:38 -- admin
bridgeford242- Max Effort Deads today... Pulled my planned opener (804 lbs) for 10 singles. Alot harder than it sounds.... with fatigue extremely high right now I'm very happy with how these moved now that the training session is done. ginahalfwolf was awesome enough to point out that I couldn't budge 800 lbs off the floor about this time before Boss of Bosses 4 because I was so fatigued. powerlifting 3 weeks out

How to Put on Knee Sleeves Properly – 3 Different Options

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 19:59 -- admin
Putting on knee sleeves isn’t complicated, but it must be done with care. There’s a lot of pulling and tugging that happens when you put on knee sleeves. While they are stretchy, they can rip apart after a few uses if you don’t put them on properly. Here are 3 different ways put knee sleeves and video demonstrations that will teach you how to put them on without tearing them apart. NOTE: This guide is only needed if you have sleeves that are designed for moderate to heavy movements. They are meant to be very tight in order to fully support the knee under heavy pressure.

Ashton Rouska Takes The 93 KG: Raw Nationals

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 16:39 -- admin
20 yr old Ashton was in the thick of it at Raw nationals competing against the likes of legendary Dave Ricks and the powerful LS McClain. Ashton took the squats with 672 lbs to McClain's 661 and this is where Ricks had his issues only getting his opening squat of 644. Ricks, well known for his 700+ squats was now trailing behind. During the bench portion, McClain shined through with a big 485 pound attempt to Ashton's "normal" 402 bench. Ricks gained some ground back with a 457 lift. As they say, the meet don't start till the bar hits floor couldn't have been more true!

High school senior, Kloie Doublin, at the 2017 USA Raw Powerlifting Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 07:22 -- admin
-Squat: 380lbs. - American Record -Bench: 231lbs - just missed 248lbs at the lockout -Deadlift: 446lbs - good for more, but needed that exact number to qualify for the IPF World Championships for age and weight class -156lbs body-weight --- With those numbers Kloie was able to accomplish: *Teenage National Champion (18-19 year old), but also the Junior National Champion (20-23) years old *US World Team Qualifier *3rd Place Open Division (all age groups) behind Kim Walford and Chelsea Savit


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