USPA Approved Gear List for 2018

Tue, 01/16/2018 - 22:30 -- admin
Please note that the following items do not need to be on the list, they just need to meet rulebook specifications: belts, singlets, socks, shoes, headbands, underwear and t-shirts.
Below is the list for all gear approved for use in 2018. Please support these companies as they support you and the USPA!
A7 INTERNATIONAL: Spring Knee Sleeves -XL A7 One Wrist Wraps - Stiff A7 One Wrist Wraps – Flex
AMERICAN BARBELL CLUB: Wrist Wraps up to 1 M Knee Wraps up to 2.5 M Knee Sleeves up to 30 cm / 7 mm

sarah.lewis- Meet recap 1355 total

Mon, 01/15/2018 - 07:31 -- admin
sarah.lewis_Meet recap. Weighed in at 177.4 in 181 class. Yesterday was the worst meet I’ve done. This was my 5th meet. And first meet in sleeves. Went 5/9 with 507.1 squat. Only got my opener bench of 286.6. Went 303 and I just wasn’t strong enough yesterday on bench. Got a 17lb PR on deadlift of 562. 1355 total and was 25lbs under my wrapped total.

#2 ranked Josh Lentz totals 1945 at the LA Fit Expo!

Thu, 01/11/2018 - 07:57 -- admin
jlentz220- 1st place 220 raw at the @uspapower LA Fit Expo. Went 7/9 with a 1945 total at 214 Body weight. 705 squat, 540 bench,700 dead lift. Missed 551 bench, and 722 deadlift. Can’t be upset with a bench pr and pr total. @hartmanstrength did a great job coaching me and peaking back to back meets. Can’t say enough about him and his coaching. Hit him up if your looking for meet prep, or just help with some training programming.

Brandon Allen- meet recap 1015kg/2237 total

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 10:42 -- admin
chadwesleysmith- Very proud of this big, hairy, American winning machine @brandon_allen88. He has gotten himself healthier, battled injuries, stay the course mentally and today had a great meet with so much room to build on. 387.5kg/854# Squat, 255kg/562# Bench and this 372.5kg/821# Deadlift for a 1015kg/2237# Total on a 9/9 day. The deadlift is a PR and beats his coach’s (me) PR, the total is just shy of his PR but now at 20kg/44# lighter bodyweight. Great job buddy

Lifters Appreciation Event: An Email From Matt Hadden

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 16:07 -- admin
"Hey Guys,
I am emailing you to get your thoughts on an event that I would like to see happen. What I am thinking is a “Lifters Appreciation Meet” that will consist of a large sum of money to give away as prize money to the competitors. We all make money from the support that these lifters show us when they buy our products so I want to organize a meet for us to be able to reciprocate the generosity.
I know that we may be competitors competing for the same piece of pie, but I think this meet should not be about the businesses, but the

Robb "Buddha" Philippus- Meet recap, 2166

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 13:23 -- admin
quadslikerobb- Meet recap, 2166 by way of 909/490/766 and all I’m proud of are these videos. Watch left leg in first walk out. This is my missed second and my horrible walk out, rerack and third attempt... So i had a few people stop me and comment on my mental fortitude to come back after a miss, then come back after a horrible walk out that looked and felt severely unsafe. Thank you to those who commented, I take this characteristic for granted I think, I just show up, the platform is where it counts and I’m not walking off it until I give my all.

Barbara Lee Rises To 2nd In The Raw Rankings!

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 12:23 -- admin
Barbara Lee ranked 5th in the current classic raw (raw w/wraps) division duplicates that total in the raw division to land her self in 2nd in the USA! She began her day with 407 pr raw squat followed by a pr 253 bench press! She pulled 468 for another pr to end her day with an 1,129 total to surpass Jen Thompson's 1,080 and behind the reigning top 148er Stacy Burr's 1,245.


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