Josh Cleveland 661 (300 kilo) squat (no sleeves or wraps)

Josh Cleveland at the APF Louisiana State Championships!

*1st place 275 RAW Open*
*Best Lifter RAW Open*
Squat: 661.2 (11 lb. PR) – no sleeves or wraps
Bench: 385.7 (5 lb. PR)
Deadlift: 661.2

Rich McDowell Comeback-750 Bench

Rich McDowell comeback after wrist and shoulder surgery.
750 bench @ 268 bdy wt 48 yrs old. Mid 800s coming soon! This was March 28th at the EPF Warrior Classic in Lake Ozark MO. (By the way doctors thought Rich would never bench again)

Invites go out April 1 - Apply to be considered! ($4700.00 in Prize Money)

We are looking for the best lifters in America...PERIOD! The USAPL Summer Showdown will have $4700.00 in Prize Money - part of the World Fitness Expo in Atlanta, GA on June 26-27.


We're inviting all lifters that are interested to apply for an invitation:

Video explanation:

Mindis Jurenas 1910@242‏

Recently competed in SPF Myrtle Beach Classic. 242 raw w/wraps open class. Went 9 for 9 PR's on all lifts. Ended the day with 750lb Squat. 440lb Bench. 720lb Deadlift. Currently ranked #14.
Here's the footage:

Matt Claussen Squats 375k/826.7lbs for a PR

Recent training footage of Matt Classen
as he prepares for the UPA Nationals!

3 weeks out from UPA Nationals

USAPL Collegiate Nationals Preview - Men

In a sport renowned for individual performances, collegiate powerlifting remains a TEAM sport. Every lifter approaches the platform knowing that they’re not just approaching the bar for individual glory, but for the glory of all those standing behind them with matching shirts and a shared dream. The raw emotion that is generated by the team aspect of collegiate powerlifting is unlike anything you will see at a typical meet.

USAPL Collegiate Nationals - 375 lifters - LARGEST and MOST COMPETITIVE EVER!

With 375 lifters and 22 teams on the roster, this looks to be the most exciting Collegiate Nationals ever! In addition to being the largest, this year's event is also being televised by Extreme Power TV and will also be available on demand on ROKU everywhere!

The full roster can be found here:

A preview of the Women's Team competition by Travis Werner:

Yarnell Marks Prepares For Fundrasier

Only 4 weeks into training for USPA MS Open, Marks decided to try on singly ply in the midst of his raw training. On Friday April 3, Marks will be a guest lifter for a High School fundraiser helping Bruce High School Boys & Girls Powerlifters raise money for state championship. First time ever using suit and manage to hit 555lbs and 625lbs for singles at 196lbs body weight. These lifts were hit after his raw squat training.


Come compete for southern California strongest 225/ 175 rep master. Women bikini and Men physique, Curl 45-55-65 for reps for cash.JUNE 20,2015 start time 8 for more info Sammy alienmode Graham 909-549-2149 or register at click compete. Who really is the over all strongest?

Kevin OAK 804 lb (365 kg) Squat 3 singles.

804 lbs (365 kg) squat for 3 singles, form work.
3 weeks out from UPA Nationals this will be right around
my projected second attempt.


I recently submitted an article about the new Fed DEA changes requiring manufactures of Testosterone products to add a warning regarding heart disease.

Beyond, the controversies of this subject and for the sake of time, I will discuss briefly the relations of prescribed testosterone and heart disease, as seen by me.

After more than 10 years caring for men on testosterone and anabolic steroids, I’ve seen my share of heart disease. The clinical bottom line is that anything that deteriorates a man’s heart disease risks, eg, hypertension, poor lipid profile and hypercoaguable factors ( many and complex)- both directly and indirectly, will put him at greater risk for heart disease. So, it appears that testosterone, even HRT doses, not-to-mention full blown gear, can have deleterious affects on a man’s heart disease risk factors. Now, please re- read above; this means that each man can manifest clinical risks in terms of “risk factor profile” changes and with this and over time, he may develop coronary plaque and therefore coronary heart disease.


Raw United will hold its men and women senior championships July 18th and 19th at the civic center in Port St Lucie Fla. This will be an open competition and there will be a limit on entries each day. It will be a good opportunity for anyone who needs to qualify for RUM to do so. For additional information contact Spero at or check the raw united website

Retirement !! Ron Beuch Masters Bench Record Holder.

All Time Masters (over 60) Bench World Record holder Ron Beuch calls it a day....

"To all my powerlifting friends

Thursday the 26th of March @ 6:45am I report to Faquier Hospital for a TSR (Total shoulder replacement). This will end powerlifting for me. I asked the doctor if I would be able to lift heavy weights again with the new shoulder and he said,

"See if you like the surgery and rehab. If you do then go ahead and lift heavy again, because you will be back for surgery again if you do." (Remember a doctors opinion of heavy is a far cry from a powerlifters opinion of heavy)"

Maliek Derstine 520 Raw Bench!

One of the greatest benches of all time is the 556 @ 181 held be none other than the Unreal Rick Weil! No one has really come close to what he did that day when he smashed the 250 kg mark at 181 in a full meet after squatting 705! Could Maliek be the man to break this record?

Sam Byrd All Time World Record Squat 915lbs @ 219

UPDATED VIDEO Sam Byrd becomes the lightest man in history to break the 900 pound barrier with only knee wraps! This lift broke what was considered a record that would last for a lengthy time in the 881 by Chris Duffin. Over 4 times his body weight, Sam Byrd is most definitely one of the greatest squatters the world has ever seen!