Tom Murray 556lb Raw Bench Press at USAPL Stars and Stripes

Tom Murray lifted at the USAPL Stars and Stripes meet on Nov 22 in Scranton, PA at SHW. On his first lift he opened with 529 and smoked it. His 2nd attempt was 556lbs which was a PR and a USAPL PA state record!

Janis Finkelman 400lb Pull

Here is some training footage from Janis Finkelman she is 22nd Barbell's 2nd female to deadlift over 400lbs.

"Bodyweight 135 this morning. This is a massive milestone for me, and I am not done yet. Not close to it"

XPC is now accepting Entries from qualified lifters for the 2015 Finals

XPC is now accepting Entries from qualified lifters for the 2015 Finals.

The 2015 XPC Finals during the Arnold Sports Festival® March 6-8, 2015 will be relocated to the Rhodes Center at the Ohio Expo Center & State Fair, 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, OH 43211. This larger venue does not have the time restriction as the last two years at Veterans Auditorium.

GYM BOMBING @Whittier College Weight Room w/ 500/605 lbs Lifts Hit on the Incline Press

M Town MONSTA HIT 500 The Machine HIT 605 ON THE INCLINE PRESS. GYM BOMBING is Something Donta a.k.a M Town MONSTA Leroy a.k.a The Machine & The M Towm MONSTAS Camp Do sometime On There Monday Training Sessions Go To Another Gym & BOMB IT BY PUTTING UP HEAVY WEIGHT 500 & UP AFTER ARE TRAINING SESSION AND JUST WALK OUT. We chose Whittier college Becouse it Leroy Walker Alma Mater We Did A Training session with some of the kids in the weight room then we BOMB IT M Town MONSTA hit 500 The Machine hit 605 on the Incline press

Maryana Naumova Bench Press WR IRP 120kg/264LBS

Lifting at the World Cup, according to the Federation of IRP, 22-23 November, city of Ciechanów, near Warsaw, Poland. Mariana benched an impressive 264 pounds at onyl 15 yrs old!

Coached by Mariano, one of the strongest athletes-žimovikov of Russia Vyacheslav Solovyov.

Dan Green 821 lbs @ 240

Dan coming in at 240 pounds the awaited battle between he Zahir never materialized however,
both have showed impressive starts with Dan hitting 821 in the squat!

Ed Coan Appears at GPA

Arguably the greatest lifter the world has ever scene, Ed Coan shows he still in the game! In spite of past surgeries Ed squatted and EASY 661 pounds raw no wraps at the GPA worlds!

Zahir Khudayarov 992lbs RAW squat @ GPA Worlds

Thus far unoffical results for Zahir Khudayarov report that he has squatted a World Record 992 lbs/ 450 kg! This was done as a 4th attempt and has a 947 lb squat 3rd attempt for his total. This lift broke the 275 lb class squat with wraps record.

BREAKING NEWS World Wide TV Schedule

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Featured Lifter Jaroslaw Olech 13 x World Champ!

A short feature on Olech:

This is one of the most successful athletes in the world.

He is a powerlifting legend.
13-time World Champion
14-time European Champion
Author of more than 70 records World and European Championships!

Katelyn O'Donnell Hits 1060

Katelyn O'Donnell totaled 1,060 at 198 raw no wraps at the RPS Long Island meet this past weekend . 370 squat 260 bench press and 430 deadlift , 7/9. This is the current number 1 ranked raw total at 198!

Brian Hopper Veteran's Day Performance

Brian Hopper competed at the USPA Florida Veteran's Day Classic

and hit a PR total of 1912 with knee sleeves at 242.

World Gym Powerlifting Team Deadlifting

11-16-14 RAW United at Strong Life Training Facility in Melbourne, Florida
World Gym PSL Power Team - Deadlifts!

Team Members in video order:
Georgia "Peach' Huggins - 215 lbs
Marisa Mele - 225 lbs

Unbreakable Gear comes out with its 2nd line of wraps!!!

2 months ago Unbreakable Gear debuted their new wraps the "Destroyers" at the Olympia where "Big Hud" Chuck Hudson wore them to SMASH 750 and barely miss 810 twice. The "Destroyers" give you that cast like feel and Xtreme rebound on on your squats!!

Not everyone likes that aggressive of a wraps so Unbreakable Gear has its new line the "Annihilators" coming out this weekend! They will give you Xtreme support still but have more give and flexibility.

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