Highlights from one of Aleksey Nikulin's training sessions

* By Jason Manenkoff

Highlights from one of Aleksey Nikulin's training sessions. Dmitry Spiridonov did an awesome job editing this video to show you what a lifter who is coached by Boris Sheiko's training session looks like. Notice the technical proficiency of this lifter. Aleksey has hit 738 lbs. in the squat in knee wraps and 694 without.

Daiki Kodama benches 507lbs in training at 162.5lb

* by Jason Manenkoff

Less than 3 months after benching 468 lbs. at 158.9 in only his second unequipped contest, We now have footage of Japanese IPF lifter Daiki Kodama hitting a 507 in training weighing 162.5! Earlier this year he also hit 661 in single ply. The current All-Time World Record (regaurdless of federation but not Including IPC athletes) is held by Stas Milostnoy and is 509 lbs. set earlier this year.

1700 athlete powerlifting said at the "Golden Tiger - IX» in Russia!

At the NPA World Powerlifting championships, which will be held in the framework of the sports festival "Golden Tiger - IX» in Yekaterinburg (Russia) received applications from 1700 powerlifting athletes! Thus, these championships again become the biggest championships in powerlifting in the world, among all countries and all federations!

Competitions will be held from 16 to 18 October 2015. Organizers set six platform.

Melissa Byrd - GPC World Championships

EliteFTS.com, USPlabs, Metal PL Gear & Oxygen Factor sponsored athlete and Nebobarbell Gym owner/operator/coach/trainer Joey Smith - We have a second place - silver medalest SPF/GPC World Championships finish with Melissa Byrd (114 pound raw full power masters lifter) Melissa had a huge day with a 15 pound PR squat (160 pounds) which is new NC SPF State Record and now ranks her 8th currently in the entire nation for 2015. Melissa had a 12 pound PR bench-press (72 pounds)

Brandon Snowder - Moves up the Ranks!

EliteFTS.com, USPlabs, Metal PL Gear & Oxygen Factor sponsored athlete and Nebobarbell Gym owner/operator/coach/trainer Joey Smith's - Team Nebobarbell has its 1st SPF/GPC World Champion! Brandon Snowder wins the raw 198 bench only World Championship with a 451.75 PR raw bench-press at 198 pound body weight! This puts Brandon currently ranked 18th in the entire Nation for 2015 for PL Watch, sets a new NC SPF State Record for 198 Raw bench and ranks him 4th all time in the Nation for SPF 198 Raw bench only! Huge congratulations to Brandon!....

2015 Keystone Ironman Challenge: inspiring 71 year old Italo Bonacci and much more

The 2015 Keystone Ironman Challenge was held on September 26, Saturday, at East Swamp Church on Quakertown, Pennsylvania. The full results can be found here: http://www.bcbutler.com/100_RAW/keystone_ironman_challenge_2015/results.php
Highlights of the meet include many lifters’ PR. Special to everyone, however, was Italo Bonacci’s lifting. Italo is 71 years old and squatted 270lbs / 122kg. Here is a video of his lifting:

Champion Victor Biryukov shares a little about his story and goals – golden nuggets of information from this amazing lifter

* a Powerlifting Watch exclusive

PLW – Victor, can you tell us a little about yourself? Where you came from, where you live now and what you do besides lifting

Absolutely! I'm from Ust-Illimst, Russia, and I moved to the United States in 2011. I've been doing competitive powerlifting for just under 15 years. In addition to the world records I've set for a 727lb raw squat, I also have a International Master of Sport in Russia as well as the recipient of over 5 gold medals in National's.

JP Price squats 950lbs squat, 13lbs over his meet PR

* information kindly provided by Jason Manenkoff

JP Price, known for his defense of strict rules and respect for powerlifting’s tradition, administrator of the Facebook group World Powerlifting Now, squatted 950lbs in knee wraps, a weight 13lbs heavier than his meet PR.

Vlad Alhazov RAW Deadlift 385 kg

Vlad Alhazov deadlifted 385kg / 848 lbs raw

at the WPC/AWPC Open Championship Eurasia 2015.

Wasted energy: squat walkouts

* Brandon Morrison , September 27, 2015, at liftbigeatbig.com

For the past year, I have intensely been teaching my clients about the dangers of wasted energy and wasted reps on their strength movements. What I will do in my new “Wasted Energy” series is outline how you can better approach your PR attempts, as well as training sets, by getting rid of all the movements that waste your energy before the lift even begins.

ANDREY MALANICHEV | Exclusive Interview and Q&A

In this exclusive interview, (From Super Training Gym) Andrey talks about his experience at the Boss of Bosses 2 meet in August 2015 and answers fan questions.

Leroy Walker Crushes 600 lb/272.16 kg BP At The MHP Booth At The Olympia Expo

TEAM M TOWN MONSTAS/TEAM VILLAIN MEMBER Leroy Walker Put On A Show For The Fans For The Second Year In A Row At The MHP Booth At The Olympia Expo In Las Vegas NV Starting At 225 To Warm Up Ending With A Bigg 7 Sec Pause w/ 2 Of The Spotters Pose Flexing

The Gym 365.com Powerlifting Meet Cancelled

Sorry to let you know that the Powerlifting Meet for October 3, 2015 has been cancelled. We didn't get enough lifters to go through with the meet. Hopefully next year. Thanks for your support!

The Gym 365.com

Eric Lilliebridge: the road to Moscow - 460.5kg/1,015lbs x 2 Raw Squat w/ wraps

* by Eric Lilliebridge

This was my 4th heavy squat training session of my meet prep, 7th week into my training cycle. Currently 10 weeks out from WRPF Worlds in Moscow. Morning body weight was 308lbs. Worked up to 1,015lbs for a double which was a big PR for me. I got a little forward on the 2nd rep coming up but otherwise the set felt great. So far I'm a head of where I thought I'd be at this point into my training cycle.

Pete Rubish in preparation for USPA’s “Load the Bar” Powerlifting Championships: 700lbs paused deadlifts

220lbs raw powerlifter Pete Rubish, with a 788lbs beltless deadlift to claim, prepares for the next USPA meet “Load the Bar” Championships.
Watch a 700lbs paused deadlift workout.