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On the road to 700 LeRoy The Machine Walker hits a gym PR of 405X15 in 15 sec!! This was speed training at its best! Full ROM lockout no bounce reps!! On incline!!' The filming starts at rep 2....Stay tuned for more news on POWERLIFTING WATCH!!


This is a reminder that the NASA Wisconsin Regional Meet is coming up May 2nd at The Plaza Hotel & Suites, The Plaza Hotel & Suites, 1202 West Clairemont Avenue, Eau Claire, WI.

Plaza Hotel Reservations: 715-834-3181 – Group #8900

Local contact: Job 1 -920-918-9475

$5.00 Late Fee begins April 22nd, 2015

Friday Night Weigh-in: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM - Ends at 7PM SHARP due to Banquet at 7:30
Saturday Morning Weigh-in: 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM


Faryn Antenucci, a senior at West Shore Jr./Sr. High School in Melbourne, Florida, recently went 262, 105, 300 at the R.A.W. United Teenage Championships. Faryn currently lifts for Girls Gione Strong, a local team headquartered at Strong Life Training Facility in Melbourne. She will be attending Auburn University in the fall.

*********REMINDER NASA ARIZONA STATE MEET COMING UP!!!*********************

This is a reminder the the NASA Arizona State (Manno Classic) is coming up May 2nd at Westwood High School, 945 Rio Salado Pkwy., Mesa, AZ

Local Hotel: Best Western Mezona, 250 W. Main St., Mesa, AZ (480-834-9233)

$5.00 Late Fee begins April 27th.

Lifting will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday

Shannon Nash sets All-time WR Bench in Womens raw 181's

April 18th, 2015 in Berea, Ky. SPF "Battle of the bluegrass". Shannon benched 350lbs to break the previous record of 347lbs. The Meet was run by Chris Miller and Brandon Lilly. Shannon also holds the American Bench record in the 198's of 360lbs.

Matt Claussen totals 2028 Raw w/ wraps at 275

Matt Claussen 2028 Raw total w/wraps. First place at UPA Nationals in the 275lbs class. He will be competing again in 4 weeks to push closer to a 2100 raw total!

Matt Claussen 2028 Raw with wraps @ 275:

JP Carroll 2132 raw with a 903 squat!

JP Carroll at the UPA Nationals totaled 2132.9 lb Raw via 903.8 lb (410 kg) squat
556.6 (252.5 kg) bench press and he pulled 672.4 (305 kg). JP is currently ranked 4th with a 2143 total at SHW Raw/ wraps !

Elite Powerlifting Federation Meet Sponsors!

PDg Supplements along with pdsmclub.com
Is sponsoring money for 3 contests

May 23/24 masters nationals $800.00 in prize
The June 6 strong man tourney$ 250.00
And EPF junior nationals $600.00

*******REMINDER NASA NEW MEXICO STATE MEET COING UP!!*********************

This is a reminder the the NASA New Mexico State Meet is coming up Saturday, April 25th at the Gallup High School Gym, 1055 Rico St., Gallup, New Mexico

$5.00 Late Fee begins April 20th

Lifting will begin at 10:00 AM on Saturday

Official Weigh-In Times
Friday (Early Weigh-Ins) 7-8 PM: All Women & Men
Saturday (Regular Weigh-Ins) 8-9 AM: All Women & Men


This is a reminder the the NASA Power Sports & Bench Press Nationals and Colorado Open is coming up in Denver Co at the Ramada Inn, 4849 Bannock St., Denver, CO, 1-800-345-2995.

Local Contact: Sharon Wortham | 720-323-0643, sharonnasacolorado@gmail.com

$10.00 Late Fee begins May 11th, 2015

Nicole Gonzalez Reaches Number One!

Fast rising 132 star Nicole Gonzalez moves up the current raw ranks from number 3 to number one!
Her 380 raw squat is also now the top squat on the ranks! She improved her total from 876 to 964! This was accomplished via 380 181 and 402 no wraps total!

Karen Campbell: 501.5 BP - WABDL - Women's Single Ply WR @ 198

From the WABDL site:
Nobody would have faulted Karen if she immediately retired to her room upon arriving at the WABDL World Cup to recoup from the flight from Maine to Milwaukee and the subsequent one hour drive to the meet. However, those of us who know Karen know that she usually puts others before herself. Sure she came to this meet with a monster goal in mind, but given her dedication to the WABDL she wanted to do everything she could to make the WABDL World Cup an event to remember for all lifters, not just herself. So with the thought of a massive bench press tucked neatly into the back of her mind she worked the weigh-in room the entire day prior, sold shirts and handed out meet programs. Only at the end of the day did she allow herself to begin to concentrate on the incredible challenge that would greet her the next morning.

Tom Finn 635 Slingshot Bench/Squats 735x3 750x2

Recent training footage from Tom Finn!
635lb Slingshot Bench, 315lb x 4 standing Overhead Press, 750lb x 2 Squat. Currently Tom is weighing around 225lbs and his next is meet 4 weeks away.

New Comer: Alexis Sweeney

Trained by Iron Arena's Jason Manenkoff,
Alexis Sweeney made her debut at the USPA Central New York Championship
and totaled 832 @ 148 to start her powerlifting journey at number 25 on the current raw rankings!

Kevin OAK 2,050 Lb (930 Kg) Total Raw at 238 Lbs

Here's Kevin's performance at the UPA Nationals!
350 kg 771 lbs good lift
370 kg 815 lbs good lift
380 kg 837 no lift