Rob Da 'Savage Hall: The 308 Threat!

Rob has been on a solid progressive streak since his inception into powerlifting. Climbing up and pushing his way through the rankings of the 308lbs weight class, in both sleeves and wraps. Coming off of an impressive show of strength in Columbus, Ohio in The Cage where he totaled 2,005lbs in 32 seconds. Rob is looking to improve his previous wrap total of 2,226 in 5 weeks at the US Open! Not to be taken lightly, his best meet lifts are a 832 squat in wraps, 589 bench, and 837 deadlift. He is looking to take back the #2 spot and push himself closer to #1. Here is Rob’s 765x2 deadlift with some crazy intensity.

USPA Oklahoma State Championships Full Power Deadlift American Record Broken 242LBS M1 w/wraps

Dan Brooks from Cabot, AR set a new Full Power Deadlift American Record competing at USPA Oklahoma State Championships March 4 2017 at True Strength Gym. Competing in 242LB M1 raw with wraps division Dan deadlifted 297.5K (655.9LBS) for the record. Already ranked inside the top 10 Best of the Best rankings as a 220LB raw with wraps Master, adding an American Record at 242LB, Dan is clearly one of the top Master lifters on the scene. He is currently training for IPL Worlds in November planning on going back down to the 220LB raw w/wraps division.

Marshall Freakshow Johnson 843lb Deadlift

Freakshow getting closer to a goal of 900 lbs!

Little by little he's making his way through the 800 barrier..

Paul Sanchez Takes Regionals at 220: THSPA Highschool

Paul Sanchez is a 17yr old junior at Hutto Texas. He competed in the 220 weight class but only weighed in at 212. Paul won 1st at regionals Sat March 11 in Burleson. Squat- 650 bench-330 deadlift-605. He is now headed to state in Abilene on March 25. Special thank you to his sponsor Richard Stone-TKO Nutrition, Shea Menchaca- Metroflex Austin. This will be his second time to state. He is ranked #4 in the state for Thspa. He's training hard and staying focused for the state competition!

James "Pitbull" Jr!!!! 2,232 Pound Total In His 3rd Full Meet!!

Just 5 months later James was back on the platform at the SPF Ironman Classic in Gatlingburg TN! He smoked a 937 squat, benched 451 (had to call it there, had an injured pec) then pulled 843 pounds for a whopping 2,232 total. The pitbull is coming fast and he's not taking prisoners! He is ripping through rankings at lightening speed! He is now number 2 on the current Classic Raw rankings! He's aiming for more, way more like 1000 pound squats more and 2300+ totals! Eric Lilliebridge VS The Pitbull.. sounds like a damn monster movie!

South Jersey Barbell

Mike Crowley and Richard Simpson competed at the 8th annual RPS Bristol's Big Bench competition.
Mike Crowley competed in the 242 open multiply division going 3 for 3 benching 625,650 and 670. Richard Simpson competed in the 220 raw 60-64 division
going 3 for 3 benching 320,340 and 360.
Mike Crowley :


I've been wanting to write a full length wrap up of my experience at the arnold but wanted to wait until I had my full meet video. So here we go!

Going into this meet I truly had low expectations. My only goal was to win the prize money and go for some big numbers if I felt like it was there. If you followed my training, you knew this was a very sub-optimal training cycle. After winning Worlds in November, I took about 8 weeks from touching a weight. I needed to let some things heal in my hips and back. That gave me about 6 weeks to try and get ready for the Arnold. Between buying a house and some things going bad at work (oilfield), 2 of those weeks got completely derailed and training didn't happen. By the time the meet rolled around, I had performed 3 squat sessions..... 4 bench press sessions..... and 2 deadlift sessions....... in 14 weeks. And somehow I had a great meet. This really blew me away. And opened my eyes to what my body really needs. I have always trained pushing the complete limit of recovery and effort. And felt that if I wasn't squatting 1,050 lbs every week, I would completely lose my mojo. It is probably more of a mental disorder than anything, but if I wasn't hitting heavy weekly competition lifts, I have always felt out of touch. I've hit more training lifts in a month during the majority of my powerlifting career than I did in the last 14 weeks combined. There is something about recovery and insanity, but I have yet to figure it out and will probably return to crazy training soon. It's the only way I know.

Nominations for 2016 Coach of the Year!

We are starting a new division in our yearly best of... With all the new online coaching and powerlifting exclusive training methods and methodologies it is time to see just who everyone thinks is the best! Nominate here ONLY.. that way I don't have to search so many different areas.. Nominate your favorite powerlifting coach for 2016! There are no limits on this one either. This is our final 2016 poll. You have until 3/17/17 to nominate!!!

Attention Single Ply Lifters!

Dear Single Ply Community and Europa Competitors,
Inzer, the USPA and GBTC are again hosting the 2017 INZER EUROPA. We are so excited by the fact that we have 110 entries in hand for 90 spots (plus a waiting list of 19 more) but saddened that only 9 of them are Single Ply. I have previously committed $500 to best lifter for male and female single-ply best lifter ($250 each). I have decided that we will run dual platforms on Saturday and/or Sunday, allowing us to focus on Single-Ply Saturday. If the Single Ply community shows up and gets us at least 30 single ply lifters (21 more than we have now-OR-the current lifters signed up switch over from Raw or Raw Classic and try single ply, I will go $500 each for 1st place, $250 second and $100 for 3rd place.

Eva Dunbar--Back on top of the 148 World!

On Saturday, in a dogfight-like fashion, Eva Dunbar competed in the XPC Finals, at the Arnold Sports Festival edging out international elite's Jeannine Whittaker and Crystal Tate for the overall best lifter award and in the process regained the All-Time World Record in the 148lb (67kg) class. Eva finished with a 475lb squat, 285lb bench, and an insane 515lb deadlift!

Eva trains out of Hercules Gym in Syracuse, NY, but has plenty of people to thank out of United Performance in Moncton, New Brunswick CAD for their help and support during this prep. Her next performance is just a few short weeks away at Laura Phelp's Women's Pro/Am in Cincinnati, OH on April 23rd. Stay tuned!

Ellen Stein Hits a Grand!

Ellen has had her eyes set on the 1000 pound classic raw barrier for some time. It finally happened! Starting the day with a 380 pound squat then at long last 200 in the bench! She needed a big pull but did it with ease.. 420 pounds at under 132 and 64 yrs old! What a phenomenal athlete!

Battle of the Bay 3- Gorilla Bench wins team award!

By Alfred Villoch‎- Gorilla Bench won the best team award at Battle of the Bay 3 with an average Wilks of over 480. Team Goggins Force from Atlanta came out in full force, out of no where, and gave GBTC a run for the money. But GBTC was able to pull it out. Below a pic with some of the fam and the Gorilla trophy.

Kimberly Walford pulls 567lbs@157.1lb BW at the Arnold Pro Deadlift

Kimberly won her 6th consecutive Arnold Pro Deadlift titles for heaviest deadlift, highest Wilks, and heaviest Wilks (man or woman)

in the history of the Arnold Pro Deadlift. She pulled 567.7 (257.5kg) at a bodyweight of 157.1lbs (71.3kg).

Dennis Cieri sets new world record!!!

SSP FOUNDER & PRESIDENT Dennis Cieri (Heavy D) completing his amazing 233 kilo (514lbs) IPF Open World Bench Press Record in the 93 kilo (205lbs) weight class at 48 years young!
Check out the footage below.

Sumner squats 505kg -1113lbs!

Check out this footage of Blaine Sumner squatting 505kg -1113lbs