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Karen Siemssen-Benfield 410 Squat @ 155 In Training

Training out of Ironhorse Powerlifting Karen is currently ranked number 3 at 165 in the Masters Raw w/ wraps (3rd with 390 sq, 3rd 940 total)
Karen has been cranking up some major squats and with a "walk around" weight of only 155, number 1 at 148 is just around the corner!
Here's footage of her squatting 410 with a safety squat bar:

Heidy Broswer gets 1st place in Open and Master division at the 67.5kg women's raw

USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown:
This is her second deadlift video (122.5kg).
She hit an 80kg bench press and the national
record at the 50-54 age class division.

Gustavo Teixeira wins the 123lb men's raw junior division

USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown:
Gustavo Teixeira won the 123 lb men's raw junior division with a 303lbs squat, a 176lbs bench press and a 424lbs deadlifts. He had the first place in his class and broke 3 American Records.


Greg Baxter IPL Worlds Performance

The are lifters out there that we look up to due there incredible performances in more mature age brackets..They do things we can only hope to accomplish. Ellen Stein and Bob Gaynor have done incredible things in their 60's! Greg Baxter is another and here at the IPL worlds he broke Gaynor's All Time Masters 220 Total record!!!!

HaeMee Dai breaks the top 10 in the 105's

In HaeMee's first meet in new wraps she totaled 585 to break in the top 10 for the raw with wraps division! She weighed in at 103 lbs and squatted 220 benched 105 and deadlifted 260. She just missed a 285 by falling backwards which would have put her over 600. Great job for Haemee!

Renee Gracia breaks the 1000 barrier

Renee Garcia broke the 1000 lb barrier with a 1040 total at this past week RPS RPS Insurrextion 4 ! She squatted 425 bench pressed 185 and deadlifted 430 ! Be on the lookout for this rising star in the women's division!

Check out the speed on her squat in the video below!

Stacy Hardwicke New USPA Matsers Bench Record

"Just wanted to say congratulations to one of our new clients Stacy Hardwicke for setting a new American Record in the USPA Master's Division for benchpress, totaling over 5 times her bodyweight (203.5 squat, 139 bench, and 242.5 deadlift, 585 lb total at 114 lb bodyweight), and doing it all in her first meet ever. She was nervous but the hard work paid off. Congrats Stacy! Also thank you to meet promoter Richard Ficca for running a great meet and for the judges who were very strict and consistent as they should be including Marilia Coutinho, Jenn Rotsinger, Jordan Wong, and a few others." ~Jeremy Hoornstra

News from the USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown: Geoffrey Shaffer hits a 745kg total

Geoffrey Shaffer totaled 745kg/1939lbs at the meet, possibly making the master's total National record for his class.
282.5 kg squat
170 kg bench
292.5 kg deadlift
745 kg total

News from the USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown: Bianca Villoch kills it

Bianca Villock won the gold medal at the 114lbs/52kg open women's raw class, with the following lifts:

Squat: 275lbs./ 125kg
Bench: 165lbs./75kg
Deadlift: 319lbs./ 145kg
Total: 760

USAPL Alabama State Championships - Registration is Open!

When: February 20-21, 2016
Where: Phenix City, AL

The meet will be capped at 200 lifters / Raw & Single Ply / National Referees for American Record Attempts

Belkin Yuriy deadlift RAW 367. 5 kg

Here's footage of Belkin Yuriy deadlift pulling a RAW 810

deadlift with no belt at 227 pounds body weight at the SN PRO 2015

Panttila Power Talk at the IPL Worlds: Steve Goggins

Gary Panttila covered the IPL Worlds with streaming and interviewed coaches and athletes during the meet.
Check out his interview with Steve Goggins.

IPL World Champion James Strickland preps for LA FitExpo 2016

James Strickland, who won his class and best raw lifter at the recent IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships, is preparing to compete at the LA Fit Expo on January 23-24.

On the video, Floor Press with 570 lb on the bar + 120 in chains, 525 lb 4x3 Spoto Press.

Sarychev Kirill bench press RAW 335kg/ 738lbs - NEW All Time Record

Kirill benched 310, 330 and 335 kg RAW! That is a monster press of 738 pounds!! An amazing feat that many have speculated was well on its way. Kirill seems destined for more and with is frame there is no telling just far he may go!


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