Wayne Van Nostrand chasing his own records at 46 yrs old

Wayne is "chasing his own records" after finally overcoming health issues.
"Getting stronger daily", says the lifter.
This is a 510 5x5 560 3x3 and a paused 585lbs. Bodyweight at 293lbs.

Adam Tanner: " few months from now and things will get heavy again"

Combination of assistance strategies: chains and height variation: 5 X 5 with 605lbs plates+bar with 50-60lbs of chain off of 2 mats.

"Nothing overly heavy/strenuous, but I always continue training the "big three" even as I focus on hypertrophy", says Tanner. Interesting for those who have a limited view on hypertrophy work.

David LaMartina's squat session

* by David LaMartina

High bar, no belt 495 x 6. Heaviest day of the hypertrophy block. Full squat session:

High bar:
455 x 6
475 x 6
495 x 6
515 x 6
475 x 6

PARALYMPIC LIFTING: Sergey Sychev 216kg/476lbs lift

Paralympic lifter Sergey Sychev, with a bodyweight of only 71kg/157lbs,
benched 216kg/476lbs.
Check out the footage of his lift:

Linda K: finally, the long awaited for 140kg bench press

Norwegian lifter Linda K finally hit the number she pursued for some time:
the 140kg bench press.
A very high weight for a female lifter.

Gracie V performing a 485lbs deadlift at the gym

On her first day back from the 2016 USPA American Cup (LA Fit Expo), Gracie V hit a PR deadlift on canvas with a 485lbs deadlift. "Used a canvas with only undies under for the first time since 2012 in that combo", wrote the champion. Sounds like 2016 is going to be a great year for Gracie V.

Kyle Keough on a powerlifting athlete's long term development

* by Kyle Keough, from his facebook wall

It has been a while since I have gone on a FB powerlifting-inspired rant. If I wanted to be as inflammatory as possible, I would call this my attack on the recent trend towards volume and frequency in powerlifting. As someone who trains with a lot of volume and frequency, I obviously don't want that to be the case, but I will be frank here and say that an alarming number of lifters and coaches are pulling the cart WAY before the horse.
I see more and more problems get "solved" with volume and frequency. We now have an army of natural powerlifters who train using a sport-specific, high-volume, and high-frequency approach, and they don't even look like they lift.

Tee Cummins 600lbs X 7 deadlift workout

Sounds like today the theme is high volume training: here is Tee Cummins on a 600lbs X 7 deadlift workout. " Can't wait to compete here in April... Did explosive squats & some reps on deadlift afterward.. Focus was just technique & clean reps..", wrote the champion. Check it out:

Jordan Moffitt (very high) volume squat workout

Years ago, the saying was that powerlifters' counting was one, two, three, up to five and warmup. Things have changed and now there is all a lot of controversy about the role of high volume, high frequency X high intensity. Whatever is your stand, here is a nice high volume workout from a top powerlifter:

Rogue follows Kim Walford preparing for the Arnold Pro Deadlift

Check out this outstanding mini-documentary following Kim Walford.
Get to know more about Kim, her background, and what drives her as she prepares for the Pro Deadlift challenge on March 6th!

2015 Male and Female Lifters of the Year

Numbers have been compiled and the results for the 2015 lifters of the year are in! The Male lifter of the year goes to Jeremy Hamilton! He had a close battle with the former reigning 220 lb record holder Dan Green when Jeremy took the record for himself! He scored 610 votes to Jesse Norris's 459 votes. The Female lifter of the year went to Crystal Tate! In a closer battle of votes, Crystal took 668 votes to Kimberly Walford's 631 votes! Crystal burst upon the 2015 198 pound scene with massive lifts including world records with 573 pounds in the squat and deadlift! She also finished the year with a 1405 pound total! I will be contacting both lifters by this evening! Next week we will have the Gym and forum of the year polls.

CONTINUED EDUCATION: Women's Only Training day with Shawna Mendelson

When: Sunday, April 3, at 10 AM - 3 PM
Where: Lightning Fitness - 259 Sullivan Ave, Ste E, South Windsor, Connecticut 06074
How much: $50/person

This powerlifting clinic is geared towards women and their needs. The three "big lifts" (squat, bench press and deadlift) will be covered and a morning workout will be put together and done in the morning.

Self-Image While Bulking

* by Janis Finkelman

Published on Feb 7, 2016
Here's one way to approach negative self-image for people who struggle with having to put on weight for strength sports. Sorry there are so many "ums" here, I need to vlog more often or something.

Caitlin Martinez deadlifts 409lbs at USPA meet: new American Record

Sargent Caitlin Martinez with a new
American Record Deadlift of 409 lbs.
She went 340-205-409lbs for a 954 lb total in classic raw (with knee sleeves).

Derek Kendall's 415 kg. (915 lb.) Squat

Iron Rebel's Derek Kendall

squats 415kg/915lbs in training: