Charlie Lyons' APA Performance

He hit PR'S on Squat, Deadlift and Total.
Charlie ended the day with a 1729 total @ 239.5 body weight!
Here's the video of Charlie's 705.2 deadlift at APA Raw Nationals.

Richard Ficca Hits 600 Bench and Totals 2061!

Richard Ficca is another one Josh Bryant's clients this weekend at the APA Raw Nationals

He went 738 Squat, 600 Bench Press, 722

for a 2061 total in the 308 pound weight class--he just cracked 1900 so this was huge improvement!

Here is a video of the 600 raw bench.

Shana Ratcliff Goes Over 700 at 97lbs!!

Shana Ratcliff did an amazing job at the Womens Pro/Am crossing a new frontier in the women's lightest category... 97 lbs! In doing so she broke her own mark in the squat with a monster 275 lb squat (at 97 and raw thats monster)! She came close to records on the other two as well ending with a 735 total breaking the 672 held by Kim Tran.

Understanding the judges

At a power contest in Erie, an older lifter who was no longer able to walk completely erect, repeatedly got turned down for not getting his shoulders back and not locking out his deadlifts. There were also young lifters with seeming ly no posture problems deadlifting in the same manner as the older lifter. Though their backs were straighter, they were still leaning forward, but their lifts were passed again and again. If adjustments can be made for young lifters lifting big weights; why is it so hard to make adjustments for older lifters with posture problems?

Brian Schwab Back On The Platform

Went 722-429-584 for 1735 @ 160 BW at the APF Single Ply Nationals at the Europa
to win Best Open Lifter for the first time competing single ply in about 15 years.
Thanks to everyone who came out to help and support me!

Tee Cummins 782 Squat!

Tee goes 3/3 on Squat today!!!
1st Attempt - 700
2nd Attempt - 755
3rd Attempt - 782!!!!
782 Squat (242) at APA Raw Nationals.
He also made a 435 bench press... Final total was 1922!.

Jeremy All-Time Raw Record Bench @ 275 Pound class weighed in 246.4 @672 on 2nd attempt

Jeremy just hit 672.4 at 246 for a new all-time bench WR at 275 at the APA meet in FL. He missed 701 on his final lift.
He finally got it though.
He owns 242 and 275 now!

Shawn Bellon Squat Training

Lots of Squats with Shawn Bellon,

IPL World Champion

BEAST: Relentless Minnesota 2014 Highlights

Please check it out and really see what the weekend from my lifts to the meaning of what relentless means to me.. It is a complete blessing to be involved in such a movement... A story that we aren't even close to being done with.. Its a family reunion over and over again.. Amazing, emotional, and exciting, all wrapped in one..

Rahman proves he is the world's strongest Paralympian at 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships

Iran's Siamand Rahman broke the world record three times on the final day of the IPC Powerlifting World Championships on Friday (11 April) to cement his position as the strongest athlete in para-sport.

An electric atmosphere greeted lifters for the men's +107kg, the final event of the seven day Championship, as London 2012 champion Rahmam went head-to-head with his teammate and world record holder Mansour Pourmirzaei.

Victory for Rahman never looked in doubt as he lifted 275kg in the first round - 1 kg less than the world record - whilst Pourmirzaei could only manage 255kg.

In the second round Pourmirzaei closed the gap slightly lifting 265kg. However, Rahman was unfazed as he lifted 281kg to put his name in the record books.

By the third round it was just a question of how much Rahman would lift, especially after Pourmirzaei failed with an attempt at 275kg.

With the crowd urging him on, Rahman appeared to break sweat for the first time as he lifted the bar to 285kg.

To underline his dominance, minutes later he returned to the bench for a fourth time with a big grin across his face to lift 285.5kg, 9.5kg more than the world record at the start of the day.

The bronze medal went to experienced Iraqi Faris Al-Ajeeli (240kg) with three good lifts.

Meysam Motaghian (175kg) showed the future is bright for Iranian powerlifting taking the junior world title.

The men's -107kg was also a thriller with Greece's Pavlos Mamalos breaking the world record twice to add the world title to the bronze medal he won at London 2012. His final round lift of 240kg was 6.5kg than the world record at the start of the day which had been set in January.

Iran's Ali Sadeghzadehsalmani (231kg) took silver just ahead of Azerbaijani Elshan Huseynov (230kg), who only needed one good lift to take the bronze.

The junior title went to 18-year-old Iranian Mahdi Sayadi (167kg) with the teenager breaking his own junior world record three times on his way to gold.

Paralympic champions toppled at 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships

Jordanian world record holder Mutaz Zakria Aljuneidi and Nigerian Ijeoma Iherobiem beat two reigning Paralympic champions to claim world titles on Wednesday (9 April) at the 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships in Dubai, UAE.

Aljuneidi (229kg) won the men's -88kg in an exciting climax to the first event of the day, beating Egypt's London 2012 gold medallist Hany Abdelhady, who could only manage fourth. Abdelhady's weight selections demonstrated his lack of confidence and he never featured in the medal positions.

Meanwhile, Aljuneidi took the lead with a first round lift of 225kg, 7kg more than the UAE's Mohammed Khamis Khalaf, who eventually finished fifth.

Dramatic finale sees Mahmoud take gold and world record in Dubai

Egypt's Randa Mahmoud broke the world record of Nigeria's Paralympic champion rival Loveline Obiji on Thursday (10 April) to claim the world title by the smallest of margins at the 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships in Dubai, UAE.

In a thrilling conclusion to the day's action, gold in the women's -86kg category looked to be going the way of the 23-year-old Nigerian who had lifted 139kg in the second round, 4kg more than Mahmoud.

Obiji extended her lead further with her final lift of 142.5kg, smashing her own 14 month old world record in the process, to lay down the gauntlet to her older rival who still had to lift.

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John Rivas goes 1791

John Rivas competed at the USAPL Georgia Spring Open, Sponsored by Bigger than Gods Apparel on Saturday. Rivas finished 9/9 in the raw 242 class (weighing only 237) with a 617 squat, 457 bench and 716 deadlift. All of those lifts were Open and Junior GA State Records. The deadlift was an unofficial open American Record and Rivas tied the American Record Total.