Mark Greenstein totals 1900 at 220 raw

Team Gaglione Strength's Mark Greenstein finally broke the 1900 barrier this past weekend at the RPS World Championships in Newark NJ. Mark squatted 730, Bench Pressed 475 (just missed 490) and deadlifted 695 to total 1900 at 220! He won Best lifter and this total puts him 10 ten in the national rankings! Mark will be now focusing on training for Raw Unity! Congrats on a great day!

Chris Duffin and Dr. Philip Snell discuss Powerlifting with lumbar spine issues

In this series of videos Chris Duffin and Dr. Philip Snell discuss what to focus on to mediate back pain issues and avoid further damage when powerlifting with lumbar disc issues. This information can also be of importance to all powerlifters as the advice will also help prevent disc issues from developing in the first place using these methodologies.

Team Unbreakable Gear Lifters are ready for Olympia

In 3 days 2 Unbreakable Gear Lifters will be taking the Platform at the 2014 Olympia Pro Powerlifting Competition brought to you by USPA~
Coming to the Olympia Stage for the 3rd time is 2x Lightweight Deadlift Chmapion Gracie V ~ This Pro powerlifter just came back from the WestSide Pro Invitational where she PRed all day!! Hitting a 1200lb total!! She has been putting in the hours to win her 3rd olympia championship! Gracie says "Its an honor to compete on this stage again, the competition will be tough but I'll bring my best! I want to thank Unbreakable Gear for being such an amazing sponsor. I will be Unbreakable!"

Unbreakable Gear comes out with their own line of Wraps!!!

Owner of Unbreakable Gear, Jon Marshall says for the past year lifters have been contacting him to make UG wraps. So after about 6 months of testing wraps he finally did! Introducing Unbreakable Gear's "Destroyers" Knee Wraps - Just like their name, "The Destroyers" wraps will destroy other wraps and you'll destroy the weights. These knee wraps will give you a cast-like feel, while still being comfortable & pliable. Be ready to break PR's all day long!! They are Recommended for Experienced Lifters. Available in 2M and 2.5M in Knee wraps and 24in and 36in for wrist wraps!

Henry Thomason - RAW & Single Ply Bench Press Training 9/14/14

Henry Thomason - Bench Press Training 9/14/14
Raw 405 lbs. for Reps & Single Ply Super Katana 800 lbs.


Here's some training footage of THE MACHINE getting ready for relentless Detroit in nov..
This was a heavy bench day at METROFLEX long beach. There's some raw footage of 600 lbs along with slingshot lifts of 675&700! more training footage to come soon!

Orlando Barbell APF/AAPF Southern States Championship

The Orlando Barbell APF/AAPF Southern States meet is almost full. Although the deadline prior to the late fee being added is on September 26th, the cut off for entries is when we have received 60 entry forms. We will most likely have that many by the end of this week. If you plan to compete please get your (entry form) in by then.

Andrey Malanichev - 380kg x 3 reps 10 weeks out

From Wayne Howlett with Slaughterhouse Gym-
Andrey Malanichev training footage (Andrey Malanichev training footage) - 380kg x 3 reps - 10 weeks out from GPA Worlds 2014 "Sydney" Live stream (pre-sales) available now and (Tickets) are on sale also.

Odell Manual squats 400kg ProRawSix

From PTC- First unequipped 400kg squat in Australia. Odell ended up with a 1030kg total, biggest total in Australia, equipped or unequipped.
Check out the footage.

Jordi Snijders WEC Powerlifting 2014 940 KG (2072 lbs)

Western European Championship Powerlifting Torino 2014.

Squat 352,5 kg
Bench Press 285 kg
Deadlift 302,5 kg


Hoornstra Squats

Jeremy Hoornstra well known for his benching prowess,shows he's got some legs too!

Watch his 645x2 Raw Squat, 495 Front Squat:

Chris Pappillion OlympiaTraining

Through the court battles Victoria Texas native Chris Pappillion continues to prepare dillegently for the upcoming Olympia. Inspite of the obvious obsticles Chris seems to be as focused as ever. View footage of his recent training:

The WABDL Announces New Iron Man Division

The WABDL is now offering Iron Man at all WABDL competitions beginning at Worlds 2014 at Bally's in Las Vegas in November. Historically the only WABDL competition throughout the year that offered Push-Pull for records was the WABDL National Push-Pull in Arizona so there are some State Push-Pull Records here: (State Records), and National and World Push Pull Records here: (World Records)

Pro Raw 6- Some results

From Ptc Headquarters-
So it happened, Joanne Greagen totalled 402.5kg at 66kg, and finished 6th. Billa Hamilton, who EVERYONE is in love with, finished 3rd with 430kg at 68kg. Second ever comp.
The top 6 girls in the 70kg class went over 400kg, with Heidi Stewart going 450kg……and finishing 2nd. Heidi had a chance to win, pulling 205kg to her knees, yep 205kg, in the womens, but couldn't complete the lift, allowing Annie Short to win with 455kg.

7 Weeks till the 5th Annual APA Ironfest Challenge

5th Annual APA Ironfest Challenge
Can you survive the challenge?

***$1000.00 CASH AWARD***