TUESDAY – Assistance work of the week #1: Matt Wichlinski, David Douglas, James Strickland and Silent Mike

Assistance work includes all the exercises in a routine that are not the specific powerlift in full range of motion and done in competitive setting (just the rack or bench, no bands, chains, etc). Assistance work “assists” the lift’s improvement according to the coach/athlete’s goals.

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CONGRATULATIONS to Kalle Rasanen!!!

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performance! You made the "All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!! Check out your actual listing below!

Thomas TD Davis 622.8lbs. RAW BENCH AT IPF BENCH WORLD'S

Video of 23 year old Thomas TD Davis 622.8lbs.
Thomas won the gold medal in the heavy-weight division with this lift.

Meet results from the weekend: Travis Cadenhead and Cory Faz

More meet results from the Weekend. Check them out.

Travis Cadenhead, 1819 Total Raw at 220 BW

His words: "Thanks to everybody who came out to support and help! Finished the meet with a 705lb squat, 440lb bench, and a 672lb deadlift. Gassed out on the deadlift. 1817lb total raw with wraps which is around number 30 in the nation!"

USPA Florida State Chair Richard Ficca’s official acknowledgements about the Ocala Power Bash

Congratulations to all the lifters who competed yesterday at the Ocala Power Bash. It was awesome to see Central Florida pack out a meet and confirm that we will get tremendous support as we bring lifters meets around our state. Thank you to our entire team including spotters & loaders, Rachel Hurd on table, Dustin Piatkowski for rocking the mic, (as well as judging) andDonnie, Victor, and Scott for judging. Thank you to Atlas Marketing & Mediafor handling logistics. Thank you to Willis Bryan and the Ocala Powerlifting Institute LLC for hosting the event. A huge thank you Savage Villoch Law, PLLC, NFE, American Barbell Club, Bodybuilding.com and GBTC for sponsoring this meet and so many others.

More meet results from the weekend: 15 year old Michael McNulty squats 470@165!

Some of the results of this weekend’s meets.
Check them out!

Michael McNulty
450 and 470 lbs raw with knee wraps at 15 yrs old @ 165

Dr. Deadlift, Payal Ghosh, pulls 385lbs at the 105lbs class

Payal Ghosh, from American Barbell Club in Gainesville,FL
just dead-lifted an amazing 385lb at a meet this weekend
equaling Wei-Ling Chen's 105lb class all time record regardless of federation.

SUNDAY – Weekly training featuring Steven Lee, Steffen Smith and David Isenberg

Sounds like Friday was not enough to cover the best of what's happening in powerlifting gyms.
Keep lifting - we'll keep watching!

Steven Lee bench #726 new EVIL TWIN

Vincent Pachuta WNPF Worlds Prep

Watch video footage of Vincent in his recent training as he prepares for the WNPF world championships in Novemeber. Here he works up to a 540 squat and a 390 touch and go bench.
Vincent will be competing in the 181 class raw with sleeves.
Body weight was 187 on this day.

SATURDAY – Weekly Reading

May Issue of UPA Power Magazine…
Power Magazine May issue goes to print this week.
Featuring Rachel Allbaugh
Relentless Hope Kids
Articles with Janis Finkelman, Matt Wenning, Matt Claussen and others.

SATURDAY – Interviews, chats and talks on video

Interviews, chats and talks on video -
that's one of Saturday's themes.
Check them out!

Panttila Power Talk : April Schumaker

FRIDAY – awesomeness of the week #2: Luigi Fagiani, Luiz Bermejo, Gary Hunter Jr. and David Ricks

Luigi M Fagiani

705x8 wanted 9 tho

Deadlifting Through Time

by Trey Isom

“There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do deadlift!” Jon Pall Sigmarsson shouted out this proclamation while holding a 1005lb axle in his hands at Pure Strength 1987. The deadlift has been called the ultimate test of strength by many. Fitness industry terms like “functional” don’t even begin to encompass the full benefits of this pull. As basic an act of bending over and picking a weight up, the deadlift is a movement so primal that is seems almost silly to try and trace its history.

FRIDAY – awesomeness of the week: Kirill Sarychev, David Douglas, Vladislav Dluzhnevskaya and Ernie Lilliebridge JR

Awesome lifts happening at gyms all over the world:
this is what today is all about.

Kirill Sarychev, 290kg/638lbs x 4, bench press, raw

Matt Magnavita 19 teen benches 740lbs

Matt Magnavita training out of South Jersey Barbell competed at the
SPF Northeast Showdown in the Multiply teenage SHW bench only division
hitting 700 and 740lbs.