Powerlifting Tools

Here on this page you will training cycles, contest tools, calculators and anything else we feel maybe useful.
Contest Tools
Kilos to Pounds Chart
Loading chart 30kg (bar + collars)
Loading Chart 25kg (bar + collars)
Nextlifter bar load software

Strength Training tools
Prilepin's Table
Sheiko Spread Sheets
Dr. Squat's 80 day program
Smolov Squat Program
12 wk deadlift program
Phillipi Coan deadlift program
Wave Loading
Westside Barbell basic template
8 Week Powerlifting Program

Please note that many of these documents are not written by Powerlifting Watch, and are copyrighted by their original authors. They have been placed on this site simply because we hate to track them down when we want to refer to them.