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Kevin Oak- The 3 lifts that got me the win

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 11:44 -- admin
oakstrong- The 3 lifts that got me the win today. 804 lbs squat and deadlift (the lightest man to do so in Comp raw with no knee wraps) and a 534 pound bench press (Comp PR) for a 2,144 total (972.5 kg) also a PR and number 2 all time in the 242 pound weight class. Shoutout to @chunkeecheese & @kigerstrength for keeping me together after a bad start on squats. And thanks to @pioneerpowerlifting for putting on a great meet.

Michigan APF Amy Kozle

Tue, 03/13/2018 - 10:01 -- Krich

Amy Kozle in her second full meet gets her Pro total!!!
Amy competed in the 132lb weight class. She set a new APF Michigan Open and Masters 2 State record squat with 474.0. In the Bench she set a APF Masters 2 National and State Masters record with 253.5. In the deadlift She pulled 446.5 for a new APF Open and Masters record. Her total of 1174 is a new APF Michigan open and Masters record. In only her second equipped meet she gets her Pro total!! Next is the NPC National Masters Bodybuilding Championships, in which she hopes to improve on her 5th place finish from last year.

Rich Kelly Working Through Injuries and Staying Mentally Strong

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 17:54 -- Richard Kelly

If my lifting in 2017 was a song it would be called “Rollercoaster”. Many ups and downs on the platform while making the choice not to freaking scream and give up but to enjoy the ride by staying mentally stronger than ever. Being a Master M-3 220 pound lifter this was my year of fighting through injuries. I started the year healthy but bombed on a 418 Single Ply bench at a UAPL meet in January, but finished the year strong and healthy with a 440 Single Ply bench at a USPF meet in November.

From Asthma To Athlete: Eddie Irvin

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 13:12 -- admin
powerliftingThe walls around me closing in, the room seems to lose its light as I struggle to fill my lungs with air, then the wheezing kicks in and alerts my mother that it's happening again. I was a mere 9 months old when “Dr Hunter” the pediatrician told my mother that I had asthma. I don't remember a time from my childhood when my mother was not thinking, adapting or preparing for my next asthma attack. From having an allegian specialist come in and clear the house of my common triggers, washing the curtains once a week in a special detergent, buying a allegian

Titan Raffle Announcement

Thu, 07/06/2017 - 21:46 -- admin
Titan is proud to announce a USA and Canada raffle for a FREE 384kg TITEX set, IPF Approved. Set includes a competition Titex Bar (220,000 psi), collars and calibrated TITEX multi-colored plates Email the appropriate address below and just state that you want a chance to win a 384 kg TITEX set! USA – titexraffle@gmail.com Canada - mike@ercanada.com

74 kg IPF Battle!

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 20:51 -- admin
Posted by Jason Manenkoff of World Powerlifting Now and Iron Arena: "And "Fightclub" has begun. At I sit here at 3:49am EST this is the most competitive 74kg/163lb weight class in the IPF EVER. The squats have now concluded. Taylor Atwood went 3/3 in the squat finishing with a 265.5kg/584lb IPF WR which lasted all of one minute before Japan's Yoshihiro Higa was successful with 270kg/595lbs. This is roughly 10kg over the previous IPF WR.


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