Powerlifting Watch Lifter Ranking Rules

The following are rules that must be followed in order to be considered for Powerlifitng Watch American ranking lists.
  • Lifts ranked are American lifters or American contests only. Foreigners can make the lists as long as they compete in an American contest. This excludes international events that happen to be in the US. It must be an American contest. The International rankings are for lifts done outside the USA.

  • Guest lifters can be included in the rankings so long as they weigh in and are judged by 3 judges.

  • Three judges must be present during the execution of the lifts.

  • Raw lifts are to be ranked as long as a singlet is worn with out any undergarments showing. In other words only standard length underwear may be worn. Spandex or the like of any kind, and groove briefs may not be worn under the singlet. Denim or the like is not allowed. Warm ups or long pants may not be worn. Only one undergarment of nonsupportive material maybe worn under singlet i.e. one tee shirt and one sport brief (male or female underwear of nonsupportive material)
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  • Raw squat classification. Squats done with Approved knee sleeves will be ranked Raw. All other squats will be ranked Raw (with wraps), including sleeves made of wrap material. Wraps must NOT be of double ply material.

  • 4th attempts are allowed and considered for ranking. However, 4th attempts do not count towards the total. This is due to the simple fact that not all federations allow 4th attempts to count towards record totals and would give lifters in certain federations an advantage in the rankings over lifters who do not have that option.

  • Lifts done in sanctioned events and special unification contests are ranked. For Example: RUM and NOTLD. Lifts done in non-sanctioned local events that are done for fun are not ranked.

  • Lifts will be ranked when official meet results are sent or found. Excel works best for us. Lifts will be excepted with video if results are not available.

  • Rankings are based on the division a lifter lifts in. If you lift in a multiply division you will be ranked in multiply even if you wore no supportive gear at all. Each ranking division is based on what is allowed. Exceptions will be if specified otherwise on the results or video is provided.

  • When sending a ranking correction please send: Name, Weight Class, Meet, Federation, Date and full result even if some of your lifts did not make or change your ranking.

  • Equipment specs will be standard specs used universally and historically in the bench press. Length - not less than 1.22 m and shall be flat and level. 2. Width - not less than 29 cm and not exceeding 32 cm. 3. Height - not less than 42 cm and not exceeding 45 cm measured from the floor to the top of the padded surface of the bench without it being depressed or compacted. Squat stands can be either standard racks or mono lifts as mono lifts are legal in most feds. Specialty bars such as deadlift and squat bars are also legal.

  • Standard plates are fine for the ranking lists. However for "ALL TIME" World/American records, plates shall be calibrated plates. If your plates have been weighed by your state's weights and measures with paperwork stating correct weight, they will only be accepted if they were done in 2016 (or sooner). Those plates are grandfathered in, but from 2017 and on only calibrated and the before mentioned will be accepted.