Poll Results

2014 Female Lifter Of The Year

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 13:04 -- admin
Anna McCloskey- European Champion, WPC World Champion- Best LIfter 21yrs Old
8% (223 votes)
Jill Mills- All Time World Record Holder, Out of Retirement Breaks Own 15yr old Record
6% (160 votes)
Susan Salazar- All Time World Record Holder- Tops Two Class Rankings, Highest Formula Ranking in Raw/wraps
15% (406 votes)
Ellen Stein- All Time World Record Holder, 3rd Open Rankings @ 61 yrs old
7% (189 votes)
Larysa Soloviova- IPF World Record Holder, Biggest Wilks In IPF History
16% (438 votes)
Tara Green- GPC & CPL Canadian National Champ, LA Expo Champ Raw, Mr O Pro Inv Champ, WPC Bench Champ
17% (471 votes)
Rheta West- Becomes lightest woman to squat 500 Lbs Raw, All Time World Record Holder Multiply
5% (143 votes)
Kim Walford- IPF World Record Holder, IPF World Champion, All Time World Record Holder Open and Tested
20% (568 votes)
April Shumaker- All Time World Record Holder, RUM VII Champion
1% (32 votes)
April Mathis- All Time World Record Holder, Biggest lifts in All three events, Highest Raw record Total in History
6% (167 votes)
Total votes: 2797

2014 Male Lifter Of The Year

Sat, 01/17/2015 - 17:11 -- admin
Dennis Cornelius- All Time Amercian Record Holder- Drug Tested
1% (61 votes)
Dan Green- All Time World Record Holder- Won All Major Contests Entered
7% (428 votes)
Jesse Norris- All Time World Record Holder-Open and Drug Tested
11% (621 votes)
Eric Lilliebridge- All Time World Record Holder In Two Classes
5% (313 votes)
Carl Yngvar Christensen- IPF World Champion- IPF World Record Holder, Highest Singleply Total In History
12% (720 votes)
Chris Duffin- All Time World Record Holder, Heaviest 4 x BW Raw/ wraps Squat
11% (636 votes)
Brandon Lilly- Return to platform in less than one year from severe injury
3% (160 votes)
Andrey Malanichev - Sets the largest Raw/ wraps total in history @ 2469
44% (2566 votes)
John Haack- All Time Drug Tested World Record Holder, Held Open All Time World Record Mid 2014
3% (183 votes)
Matt Minuth- WPC World champion, XPC Champion, Number 1 Ranked Multiply @ 220 w/ 2,557
2% (125 votes)
Total votes: 5813