chrissygainz- third deadlift attempt at 402! Lifetime Pr!

Mon, 10/02/2017 - 07:36 -- admin
chrissygainz- I’ll post the rest of my videos and a meet recap tomorrow, but this is the lift I came for and that I’ve been chasing for two years. My third attempt @ 402, for a 32lb meet PR and 12lb lifetime PR. powerlifting

Lonnie Dickinson Bumps up to 584 as a master!

Sun, 10/01/2017 - 12:26 -- admin
Currently ranked number 3 in the raw shw master rankings with a 567 bench press, Lonnie will be moving up to number 2 with this 584 lb attempt!! "At the IPL World Bench Press Championships I took first place in the Open division and Masters division and Best Lifter in the Open division and Masters division. New World Record Holder. 551 573 584 600 missed it after a 3 minute rest after 584 damn it."

Kristen Dunsmore- Squatting 172.5kg (381lbs)

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 07:06 -- admin
that_hugeasian_guy- And my girl Kristin does it again...nails 381lbs, twice! I've seen all her hard work this prep and I'm excited to see her kill it at USAPL Nationals, add to her American squat Record and compete for a spot on the world team. powerlifting


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