Debbie Damminga's South Dakota APF Meet results

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Debbie Damminga APF South Dakota State Powerlifting Championships in Chamberlain, SD. She competed in the 165 lb weight class at 162 lbs in Multi-Ply gear at 56 years old. She squatted 272.5 kg, 600.5 lbs. This was a 38lb PR, an APF American Master IV record, put her on Michael Soong’s top 20 list and 600 lb squat list, benched 127.5 kg, 281 lbs. This was a 6 lb PR for Debbie and an APF American Master IV record. Debbie also deadlifted 237.5 kg, 523.5 lbs. This was a 8 lb PR and an APF American Master IV record. Her 1405lb total a 77 lb PR and an APF American Master IV record.

Arnold Sport's Festival Live Streaming- Bodybuilding

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Schedule: (all times in ET)
Friday, March 2
11:00am - 2:30pm: Fitness International, Men's 212, and Classic Physique prejudging stage feed
6:15pm - 7:00pm: Friday Night Preshow starring Shawn Ray & Kai Greene
7:00pm - 10:10pm: Figure International, Women's Physique, Fitness International, Men's 212, & Classic Physique finals
10:10pm - 10:30pm: Friday Night Post Show starring Shawn Ray & Kai Greene
Saturday, March 3
12:45pm - 1:00pm: Saturday Afternoon Preshow

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Stefanie Cohen- 4 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SUMO DEADLIFT sound on . 1. Starting position: shoulders in line with wrists 2. Hips: lock the hips in a position that works for you biomechanically, and make sure they move UP in synchrony with the upper body 3. Sit back: keep your weight on your heels, avoid letting your butt rise first, sit back and keep that bar close 4. Vertical shins (not in video): make sure to pick a stance width that allows your shins to remain perpendicular to the ground. This will improve your barpath and allow for a smoother pull.

Greg Johnson- pulling 821lb on his 3rd.

Wed, 02/28/2018 - 09:08 -- admin
sbddigest- Greg Johnson @maroonroo pulling 821lb on his 3rd. I had to beg him for this video. He will never be happy with his lifts. Great job buddy!! powerlifting


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