Jen Thompson- Benching 272.5 lbs for five

Tue, 06/05/2018 - 14:32 -- admin
jenthompson132- 272.5 lbs for five. As I get towards the end of my training cycle I like to use the micro plates. It allows me to keep going up without getting stuck at a weight that is just slightly too heavy. I tend to do this more on upper body exercises since they are generally a smaller muscle group. I love hearing Big Jeff’s encouragement as I attempt this weight.

Sammie Johannes- CAPO States Recap

Mon, 06/04/2018 - 12:11 -- admin
sammiejohannes- CAPO States Recap - Squats Attempt 1: 117.5kg Attempt 2 (video): 125kg (Australian Record, Comp PR) Attempt 3: 130kg Bench- 65kg at 52.3kg bw Australian Record in Junior Women U56kg class Honestly don’t think I’d have made this lift without the support of @89amylouise and @grahamtovey & coach @thedeangbc shouting at me, they were all I could hear! • Attempt 1: 60kg Attempt 2: 65kg Attempt 3: 65kg Big thank you to coach. Deadlifts- Attempt 1: 125kg Attempt 2: 140kg (Australian Record at 52.3kg in U56kg Junior Women) Attempt 3: 150kg

Taylor Brizzee- Adds 106lbs to her total!

Sun, 06/03/2018 - 09:56 -- admin
doctor.deadlift- Very proud of my girl @tayybeezyy for her performance today. We added 106lbs to her total from her last meet 9 months ago! 319lb squat (44lb meet PR) 187lb Bench (14lb meet PR) 414lb deadlift (51lb meet PR) 920lb total!- 106lb PR Overall very good day! Only rough part was some questionable calls on the bench that got several girls red lighted. So we missed the opener, retook it on a 2nd and then went big for the 3rd bench and fell short. Squats and deadlifts went great! Awesome day. Very proud o her hard work over the last several months

C.C. Holcomb- with an easy 540lb squat Videos

Sun, 06/03/2018 - 09:39 -- admin
c.c_holcomb- Video #1 I broke the All Time Squat Record for the 181lbs raw division with a 540 squat.. Video #2 Another 540lb squat view. Video #3 - 622 ATWR deadlift at 179.5lbs giving me a 626 Wilks, which broke the ATWR wilks, for the Raw division!!!!!! Also, I totaled 1525, breaking the ATWR total for the 181lbs Thank you Coach @djclassic79; we did it!!! I went 9/9 today.

Chakera Holcomb New 181 All Time World Records Yet Again!

Sun, 06/03/2018 - 02:08 -- admin
Off her US Open performance, Chakera wasn't ready to rest! She competed at the USPA Gulf Coast at 181 raw no wraps this time, and blasted a 540 all time world record squat! She benched 364 and pulled a monstrous 622 pound deadlift to extend her record pull as well as her total to a whopping 1,526! Her wilks was 625 raw ...again the highest in that category! Sleeves, wraps whatever the raw genre of lifting....She's the current best in the world! Whats next?

Kristy Hawkins- Pulling 200kg/440lb for ten reps!

Sat, 06/02/2018 - 08:44 -- admin
kristy_hawkins- For some reason I had it in my head that I wanted to pull 200kg/440lb x10 so I did. The lockout on the last couple was harder than it should've been because the plates were sliding off the left side...or because I'm weak and out of shape. Followed this with block pulls @ 215kg x8 and deficits @ 185kg x8 and back accessories.

Squat University- Collapsed Squat

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 08:26 -- admin
squat_university- Today I want to share with you a great squat technique transformation. As you can see in this first video this athlete shows a collapse of the knee and foot as she descends into the bottom of the squat. . This collapse when seen on the descent was due to a restriction in ankle mobility. When the tissues in the back of the ankle are stiff and the knee can’t move forward in the bottom of the squat it leads to the foot collapsing or pronating and the knee caving in as a compensation. .

Vincent Pachuta- Pulling 685 for 5!

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 07:44 -- admin
vincentpachuta- Deadlifts feeling strong again 685x5. This may be an all time pr and was not too hard.


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