Jennica Baldridge - Collegiate National Headlines at Brigham Young University

Sun, 07/28/2019 - 19:33 -- admin
Jennica becomes her school's 1st ever female USA Powerlifting​ Collegiate National Champion AND 1st ever female national champion in ANY sport at Brigham Young University.

"What do a piano, a bear, and a motorcycle have in common? They all weigh around 410 pounds—the amount of weight junior Jennica B. Baldridge (’21) deadlifted in April at USA Powerlifting’s Collegiate Nationals in Ohio. With that lift, Baldridge broke the American collegiate record, took home gold, and became BYU’s first-ever female national powerlifting champion.


Sun, 07/28/2019 - 19:30 -- admin
Sohmer wins USPA Virginia Championship - Sets Squat Record Matt Sohmer won the USPA Virginia Championship that were held on June 8th in Vienna, Virginia. Sohmer set the USPA raw squat record on his final attempt with squat of 864 lbs. breaking the previous record of 848 lbs. He also set a personal best with a 402 bench. Matt’s next competition is scheduled to be in August at the USPA Tribute Meet in San Antonio, Texas. Matt would also like to thank his sponsors for their continued support; The RealStrength. Com, Sore No More, SBD Systems and Muscle Monster

The Mighty Gene Rychlak Moves On....

Fri, 07/26/2019 - 22:44 -- admin
The first time I heard of Gene was during the Bench America contests. I had never seen or heard of him 'till then, but he stood out with his shades and mohawk, looked like a jacked biker! He eventually became the first to bench a grand and also the first to lift a grand in both the squat and bench.. He made his mark on the powerlifitng world and did it with out question, his lifts were that solid! He started the RPS and held it to a high standard and to that we say thank you and he will be missed by us all.


Wed, 07/24/2019 - 22:59 -- admin
As raw lifting has become the new staple of powerlifting, can equipped lifting regain its former luster? Or at least increase in popularity, after all equipped lifting has always been a part of powerlifting in some shape or form since its inception. "Making Geared Lifting Great Again" "On Sunday November 24, 2XL will be hosting the first-ever "APF/AAPF Midwest Equipped Open." This will be an equipped only meet with single-ply and multi-ply categories and all divisions included. It will be a qualifier for 2020 APF or AAPF Nationals, as well as for the WPO series (just announced). -

Christian Kearney Takes USPA Drug Tested 148s

Tue, 07/16/2019 - 23:01 -- admin
Being sick and only weighing in at 140 pounds, Christian was still able to hit a solid performance with a DT IPL WR 468 squat (however it was short lived), State record 292 bench press and a DT IPL WR 611 for a new DT IPL WR total of 1,372! An amazing drug tested performance and almost 10x bw raw!

Andres Ramos Sensational Debut at 66kg

Sat, 07/06/2019 - 22:26 -- admin
2018 IPF Junior 59kg Classic powerlifting champion Andres Ramos debuts at 66kg with a great totaal of 1,361! He made a 540 pound squat, 292 bench press and a 529 deadlift to accomplish this total and missed a 562 pull to hit 1,399. That and much more will be there soon! He has handled up to 584 pounds in training in the squat, so expect big things from this young man!

Ashton "The Prophecy” Rouska 821 Deadlift at 208!

Sat, 07/06/2019 - 20:33 -- admin
Ashton weighed in over the 205 limit at 208 and posted notice to all 105kg/231lb lifters! He managed a 705 lb squat and 457 bench to set up his pet lift- the deadlift! He pulled a massive 821 to unofficially break the IPF world record total of 1,974 with a 1,984 total! Will he stay in the 105 class or go back to 205 and smash that record? Either way he's a major threat to the world records in each class and looks good to surpass 2 grand!


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