Meet ‘Supergirl,’ the World’s Strongest Teenager

Sun, 12/03/2017 - 21:38 -- admin

Most days, Naomi Kutin, a high school junior from New Jersey, is a mere teenage mortal. “Normally, my mind is on school, friends, my phone, social media, stuff like that,” she said. “But when I lift, I put it all to the side, and all I care about is that bar in front of me.” During weekend powerlifting competitions, when the crowd is revved up and that bar is loaded with hundreds of pounds — Naomi squats 321 pounds and dead lifts 365 pounds — she turns into Supergirl.

Dennis Cornelius- 903 squat @ 275 bw

Sun, 12/03/2017 - 09:56 -- admin
denniscornelius500- 903 squat @ 275 bw for all time drug tested and open unofficial world record. powerlifting video 2 bench 573. video 3 760 dead 2nd attempt for a 2236 total which ups my current drug tested unofficial world record total all time at 275. video 4 This is how close I came to breaking the all time world record total. 799 dead

BOSS DAN GREEN- back into some sumo deads..

Sun, 12/03/2017 - 09:48 -- admin
dangreenpowerlifter- 672 x 5 Deadlifts (305 kg) Turned 35 yesterday and jumped back into some sumo deads. Pretty smooth first sumo session since surgery in October and only the 4th all this year. Still need to build back my quad strength but I've been improving my back strength all year... powerlifting

Chris Della Fave Back On the Ranks!

Thu, 11/30/2017 - 20:26 -- admin
Chris Della Fave (@mr__dfave / @bergencountybarbell) made his return to the platform after a year an a half due to multiple surgeries from complications from pec reattachment. He took 6 attempts going 6-6 and finished the day with a 1010 squat (5lb PR) 705 bench (in single ply) and a 850 pull (5lb PR) His 2565 total was not a PR but gets him back into the 275lb multiply rankings

CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who made the "All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!"

From Michael Soong "All Time Historical Powerlifting World Records/Rankings" Statistician: CONGRATULATIONS on your recent performance! Check out your actual listing below!


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