A Legend Passes: Dr. Fred Hatfield

Sun, 05/14/2017 - 21:42 -- admin
A post from Josh Bryant: "This the hardest post I ever posted on facebook. My mentor in lifting and life, Dr. Fred Hatfield, has passed away unexpectedly. As you know Fred is one of the best of lifters of all-time, the best sports scientist of all-time but that means nothing compared to what a great person he was. Any success I have had I owe to Fred. Fred is one of my best friends. Fred lived life to the fullest everyday and was the happiest he had ever been with his true love Gloria.

RTS Project Momentum 17-1 Results

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 15:55 -- admin
Project Momentum 17-1 Results By Mike Tuchscherer Project Momentum 17-1 Post Project Analysis I’ve often heard people suggest that the number of reps you can do with 80% loads is indicative both of fiber type distribution and how you should train to see the most progress. The fiber type distribution claim wasn’t so interesting to me as a coach, but the training claim was. More specifically, the claim as I came across it was something like this:

Ernie Lilliebridge JR- Pulling again!

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 22:59 -- admin
Ernie Lilliebridge JR Last nights conventional deadlift session. It was a very monumental day for me. I've been going by Dr.'s orders and lifting by feel. I have not pulled this much weight in well over a year conventional. I actually wound up missing this on my first try, I had to regroup dig deep and stop letting my mind give me doubts. Glad I went for it again. Time to keep building get my core and lower back strong again.

Dave Smiley 470x1 & 330x14 bench press using SSP

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 22:53 -- admin
Dave Smiley- 470x1 & 330x14 bench press using SSP I started my final block on the bench (6 weeks out)...tonight I worked up to 470x1 then back down w 425x3, 400x5, 330x14...was happy w how everything moved, felt good to be back in the gym after being in Denver all week.

Eric Lilliebridge-My top sets 395kg/420kg/442.5kg (870lbs/925lbs/975lbs).

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 22:47 -- admin
Eric Lilliebridge- Second week back training heavy squats. Switched up the squat bars and started using a thicker/heavier one (35mm thickness/27.5kg-60lbs) and started training longer holds out of the rack with a squat command. Trying to practice with everything as close as possible to the platform. My top sets from tonight 395kg/420kg/442.5kg (870lbs/925lbs/975lbs). Body weight 138.5kg/305lbs. #TeamLilliebridge #Powerlifting #Squats #prorawbigdogs @teamlilliebridge @ernielilliebridgesr @ernielilliebridgejr @perriblain @redcon1official


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