Brad Vargason Sets 181 IPA World Record

Create: 11/15/2005 - 10:11
Brad Vargason set the powerlifting World Record in the 181 pound class at the IPA Senior Nationals this weekend. Vargason squatted 830, benched 600 and deadlifted 690 for a 2,120 total. That was while only hitting five of his nine lifts. Apparently he was sick leading right up to the event. Vargason's goal is 2,250 as a 181 within a year. As often seems the case the achievement is questioned by others in the powerlifting community. Rick Kaminski calls into question Vargason's bench saying

it appeared fat miller helped you lock out 2 inches of your bench by placing his hands on the bar.

Ron Palmer Is Lionheart

Create: 11/14/2005 - 14:53
In light of Kutcher's recent performances, a few members at the APF forum are discussing Ron Palmer's accomplishments. The original poster, who has trained with Palmer says:

one of the greatest powerlifters of our day is lionheart


now as he begins to get stronger and conquer the middle weights , you to will see the true powerlifting freak

Bombing At A Meet

Create: 11/14/2005 - 09:45
Some interesting perspectives in a thread at Go Heavy about bombing out at a meet. The original poster asks

IF a lifter bombs at a meet say in the bp ,the lifter is out of it...Would it be better if the lifter was allowed to continue....Its a bit unlikely that the lifter will win anyway but it would be better for the lifter to complete all lifts...It seems wrong that a lifter could train real hard up to a meet ,fly a long distance then bomb and the meet is over for him.

IPF Worlds Results - Updated

Create: 11/14/2005 - 08:00

The 35th Annual IPF Men's World Powerlifting Championships in Miami, Florida is underway. You can follow the results at the IPF website.

Russia won the team competition with a perfect 72 points. Poland grabbed the second spot with 51 points. The US slipped a bit on day four to finish third with 49 points. The Ukraine and Sweden round out the top five. Canada finished eighth with 27 points.

Ed Coan's 220 Class IPF World Record Broken

Create: 11/13/2005 - 13:07
Ivan Freydun of Russia totalled 2,283 pounds or 1,037.5 kilograms in the 220 pound weight class at the IPF Worlds in Miami, Florida. The 2,283 total sets a new IPF world record and surpasses the former record held by Ed Coan. A poster at Gibson Powerlifting suggests that because of gear differences between when Coan lifted and today that surpassing the record isn't a big deal.

I don't care because the gear advances still put Coan 5-7% ahead of this lifter.

Uniting Powerlifting Federations

Create: 11/13/2005 - 12:02
Kieren Kidder has made a short post at Go Heavy about a meeting he had with IPF president Norbert Wallauch, with a title of "Potential progress". In it he says

After spending a couple of hours with Norbert it was obvious that we share many of the same points of view, and we both love powerlifting. We discussed many issues pro/con that concern us about the sports irecton.

Can Federation Rules Effect Deadlifting Records?

Create: 11/12/2005 - 08:12
An interesting thread going on over at Fortified Iron about why the IPF deadlifting records are so far behind some of the other federations. The current IPF record is 899 pounds while the new WPO record is 970 pounds. Many people believe that WPO and IPA numbers in the bench, squat and total come from those federations having more lenient rules for equipment and more lax judging. However, poster ZachG 85 notes that those two reasons shouldn't effect deadlifting so much.

Is it just the caliber of lifters (seems unlikely given that Coan/Siders/Karwoski are names they can claim), or is there more help from equipment than we realize?


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