All Andy Bolton

Create: 11/11/2005 - 12:09
Andy Bolton has a few comments in a thread at PowerliftingUK. At one point a poster questions Andy's ability to lift with a regular bar. Andy responds

who is this guy who says i cannot d.lift on a reg bar how the fuck does he think i train i use a reg bar and have pulled over 420 on it in training he needs to keep his mouth shut

What's With All The World Records Falling Lately?

Create: 11/10/2005 - 20:07
That's asked over at Fortified Iron. Some of the new World Records which have recently been set include:
  • Oleksandr Kutcher's squat, deadlift and total at 165
  • Benni Magnusson's deadlift
  • Jeff Lewis' squat
  • Becca Swanson's total
In all, Diesel Lifter counts at least 15 records which have recently fallen. Now what is the reason for all those new records?

Jim Wendler's Favorites

Create: 11/10/2005 - 19:24

Jim Wendler has created a list of his favorites over at EliteFTS. You might want to check it out for a good laugh as well as some good recommendations.

Jim votes the APF Outlaws the best forum. The Arnold Classic is given the nod as best powerlifing meet. And the best deadlift hitch... Diesel Wiesel of Internet posting fame.

Is This Squat Deep Enough?

Create: 11/09/2005 - 15:52
This is a followup to my "Squat Depths questioned from WPO Semis" post. They're still discussing the WPO judging over at the APF Outlaws forum. A piece of video has been posted as an example of the depth of squats that were being passed. Take a look at the video of this squat. No, it's not a great angle. But it seems quite clear that Bolton does not get even close to parallel. Added: Andy Bolton himself says the squat was high at the Go Heavy forums in a discussion about Jeff Lewis' 1202 pound squat.

bullshit both sqts are high

Oleksander Kutcher Sets World Records at 165

Create: 11/09/2005 - 12:09

Oleksandr Kutcher totalled 2,167 in the 165 pound weight class to set a new world record at the WPO Semis in Finland. The 2,167 total would have been a world record for the 181 pound weight class as well. Kutcher hit an 849 pound squat, 536 pound bench and a 783 pound deadlift. The squat and deadlift are also 165 world records.

Kutcher broke his own world record total of 2,121 which he had just set the week prior at the WPO Semis in Chicago.

He's on one heck of a roll, to say the least.

Added: M

Squat Depths Questioned from WPO Semis

Create: 11/08/2005 - 14:34
There's a lot of talk around the forums about the depth of the squats which were getting white lights at the recent WPO Semis in Chicago. It seems famed powerlifter Ed Coan is right in the center of all the action. He was at the meet and apparently has issues with the judging of the depth of the squats, especially on Sunday.

The Sunday lifting had very, very, lax judging. Don't put words in my mouth. IPF depth? No way.

Big Iron Gym

Create: 11/08/2005 - 11:57

You've heard of Westside Barbell and the Metal Militia coalition. How about Big Iron Gym? Big Iron Gym is located in Omaha, Nebraska. It's home to female powerlifter extraordinaire, Becca Swanson and young powerlifter Nick Hatch. It's also home to about 50 other lifters and coach Rick Hussey. Check out the discussion about the gym over at the APF Outlaws board.


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