Will Money Corrupt Powerlifting?

Create: 11/19/2005 - 07:53
As some money has started flowing into powerlifting it's natural to think that the future will bring more. The state of the sport right now doesn't guarantee that. However, that doesn't stop speculation over at Monster Muscle about the influence money may have on the sport. Vinny Dizenzo says:

I have won money in this sport and I can say it definitely makes it better. Anyone who says money is no good for the sport probably has no shot at earning it.

The New Face Of Powerlifting

Create: 11/18/2005 - 16:56
Gibson Powerlifting and APF Outlaws are discussing the same posting about powerlifting not evolving but rather changing into a new sport altogether. The original poster points out that world records in a number of Olympic events have increased up to 4% over the past 25 years. Olympic lifting records have increased an average of 5%. However, powerlifting records have increased much more dramatically:

Squat: Coan (1020) '99 to Lewis (1201) '05 - 18% - 6 YEARS Bench: Mendelson (825) '03 to Rychlak (1005) - 22% - 1 YEAR!!!!!! Total - Coan (2463) '98 to Frank (2805) '04 - 13% - 7 years

Deadlifting And Rounding Your Back

Create: 11/18/2005 - 16:16
From the first days of deadlifting and squatting we're constantly told not to round our backs. A thread at Bodybuilding.com examines the truth in that statement as it relates to rounding the upper back during deadlifting. Rounding of the lower back is unanimously viewed as a no-no. One poster asks:

So its not a requirement to keep your lower back and upper back in a straight line with your shoulders pushed back?

Pulling Sumo Or Conventional - Which One

Create: 11/18/2005 - 09:39
Those new to powerlifting and deadlifting in particular, often wonder which style of deadlifting they should use, sumo or traditional. There's a thread at Iron Trybe which tries to help one decide which is better for them. The posters lay out some great guidelines to tell which you might be better suited for. They also point out that conventional puts greater demands on the back and sumo more on the hips. edoggpower offers up some good insights:

A lot depends on height, arm length, belly size, and back strength compared to hip strength... Go with the feel and see how you do. You can train to be strong at both, but this is something you will figure out in time.

Are Powerlifting Judges Always Correct?

Create: 11/17/2005 - 16:43
Lately, we've heard a lot of negative talk about judging at powerlifting meets. Much of that was spurred by the recent WPO meets. In fact, Marc Bartley who bombed out at the Semis in Finland, had a few choice words for the judging. Of course the negativity certainly is not confined to that federation nor those meets. Iron Trybe is currently discussing powerlifting judging. Asked if judges are always correct, NickW responds:

NO, not at all. They are human and can make mistakes too, but they seem make a few more for the big name lifters.

Shannon Hartnett And Losing Idealism

Create: 11/16/2005 - 16:28
The drug suspension of Shannon Hartnett prompted a thread at Power and Bulk about letdowns members have felt from icons in the sporting world. Some of these moments center around the uncovering of performance enhancing drug usage. Other times it's a case of discovering the reality of the icons actions differs significantly from their public image. Cayvmann waxes philosophical in responding:

You put people up on pedestals and they tend to fall.

The thread takes a detour though and addresses the question of when and why powerlifting has lost its innocence.

Why Did The Russians Dominate IPF Worlds?

Create: 11/16/2005 - 10:13
The United States has some of the strongest lifters in the world. So how did the Russians destroy the American team at the recent IPF Worlds in Miami Florida? Monster Muscle is discussing that question. RedneckPL provides quite a few possible answers:

- Siders wasn't there. That's one first place finish we lost. - The USAPL seems much more strict than other nations on drug testing. - The powerlifting base is much more diluted here. .

What Do You Want For Christmas?

Create: 11/16/2005 - 09:56
That's what they're asking at Fortified Iron. Of course, the answers reflect a powerlifting twist. Have you thought about what new powerlifting 'stuff' you want yet? The Titan Fury F6 is an extremely popular request. Lots of arched benchers out there. Other wants include:

i want a brand new body that doesnt ache all the time lol!!!


Where Is Brian Siders?

Create: 11/15/2005 - 12:27
There's talk around the forums about Brian Siders missing the IPF Worlds this last weekend. The US finished in third place behind a powerful Russian team and Poland. Siders presence probably would have meant a second place finish for the American team. Vladimir Bondarenko ended up taking the superheavyweight class with a 2,434 pound total. There's lots of speculation why Siders missed the Worlds, but from what I can determine, no firm answer. His website doesn't offer any clues either. The last update there was in May. Forum chatter includes:

Brad Vargason Sets 181 IPA World Record

Create: 11/15/2005 - 10:11
Brad Vargason set the powerlifting World Record in the 181 pound class at the IPA Senior Nationals this weekend. Vargason squatted 830, benched 600 and deadlifted 690 for a 2,120 total. That was while only hitting five of his nine lifts. Apparently he was sick leading right up to the event. Vargason's goal is 2,250 as a 181 within a year. As often seems the case the achievement is questioned by others in the powerlifting community. Rick Kaminski calls into question Vargason's bench saying

it appeared fat miller helped you lock out 2 inches of your bench by placing his hands on the bar.


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