How Do You Structure Deload Weeks?

Create: 11/25/2005 - 08:43
Most powerlifters have to, at least occassionally, put a deload week into their training schedule. However unwanted these are, they do serve an important purpose. Power and Bulk examines deloading. A good general summary by John Henry Brown:

This can be pretty open ended depending on the person. Some might do this very structured. I tend to take a deload week or two before a meet and any other time I think I need one... sometimes your body or your results just tell you it's time for a week off or at least a light week. For me a deload week can mean a lot of things. Sometimes it can be just a whole week off doing no lifting. It might just mean skipping one or two sessions that week. It might mean just doing an easier verison of an exercise. I usually just jump right back in after a deload week.

What Are You Thankful For?

Create: 11/23/2005 - 11:42
On this Thanksgiving eve that's the question being asked at Nazareth Barbell. Some serious and not so serious replies:

Yes, I'm half black (from the waist down).

That I didnt get the irish curse.

I am just thankful to live in the Us and have the freedoms we have.. I am thankful that today i got up and didnt have pain

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday and gets to spend it with their loved ones.

100% Raw World Bench Press Championship Results

Create: 11/22/2005 - 20:00

Here are the results(pdf) for the 100% Raw Federation's World Bench Press Championship.

Some of the highlights. Will "the Chill" Lynch benched 450 at 181. Paul Bossi pushed up a 500 pound bench in the 220's. Michael Belk had a 570 bench in the 275's. John Self had a 360 push as a 165. A 405 by James Savage took the 198's. David Wilson captured the 148's with a 315 bench. The 132's was won by Melvin Perry. The largest coefficient for a man was taken by Lynch with a 2.49. La

Goggins Calls Out Big Iron Gym

Create: 11/22/2005 - 14:44
Steve Goggins calls out Big Iron Gym lifters in this Go Heavy thread. As you may know, Goggins is a North Georgia Barbell guy. It looks as though at least part of the issue Goggins has with Big Iron Gym is the lifts at the APF meet they just hosted where Jim Grandick set a new record total at 275. In the thread, he references holding his own meet:

Hey we can call it the Westside/NGBB open. Count me in, then we can become joke lifters also.


Can any of you squat below parallel? Do you really think I care what you or any of you think.

Publicity For Powerlifting

Create: 11/22/2005 - 10:40

A bit of publicity for the sport of powerlifting this weekend. Granted it wasn't national but neither was it bad. Television station KSDK in St. Louis broadcast Jeff Lewis working up to and squatting 1,000 pounds at a local sports bar. Jeff was then interviewed by the sports anchor.

Picture and camera phone video.

Thanks to the APF Outlaws forum.

So Are You Strong?

Create: 11/22/2005 - 10:06
A poster at Bolex asks when someone is considered strong. Answers include:

i would say double body weight bench and triple bdywgt squat and Dl all raw. works for up to about 250lbs

The truth is strength is what a person themself thinks it is.

If you are stronger than me, then I consider you strong.

Battle Of The Giants Competitors

Create: 11/21/2005 - 14:54

The USAPL forum has a list of the competitors invited to compete at this weeks Battle of the Giants competition in Orebro, Sweden. The competition is an IPF sanctioned, invite only event, with only 10 of the best lifters in the world competing.

Americans Brian Siders, Brad Gillingham and Randall Harris were chosen to participate. Although it looks as though Siders won't be competing. There's still no official news of what is wrong with Siders.

Of Course I Return My Plates To The Racks

Create: 11/21/2005 - 13:55
An Elite Fitness poll asks whether lifters return their weights to the racks after they're done with them. Some of the responses:

I workout at home so I would only screw myself if I did not clean up afterward.

If you are strong enough to take them off the rack, then you are definately strong enough to put them back!

Meeker Wins WABDL Worlds

Create: 11/19/2005 - 22:47

Tiny Meeker has taken the 308 pound weight class in the WABDL Worlds being held in Reno, Nevada. Meeker ended up with an 870 pound bench. He then gave a couple attempts at 900 with no luck. Steve Wong hit his 815 opener but missed his next two attemps at 870 and 881.

The 242 class saw Jason Jackson nail a 793 bench.

In the 220's, Gunny Green broke the submaster World Record, first benching 606 pounds then 618 pounds.

More to follow.

Thanks to the folks at Iron Gladiator and

Will Money Corrupt Powerlifting?

Create: 11/19/2005 - 07:53
As some money has started flowing into powerlifting it's natural to think that the future will bring more. The state of the sport right now doesn't guarantee that. However, that doesn't stop speculation over at Monster Muscle about the influence money may have on the sport. Vinny Dizenzo says:

I have won money in this sport and I can say it definitely makes it better. Anyone who says money is no good for the sport probably has no shot at earning it.

The New Face Of Powerlifting

Create: 11/18/2005 - 16:56
Gibson Powerlifting and APF Outlaws are discussing the same posting about powerlifting not evolving but rather changing into a new sport altogether. The original poster points out that world records in a number of Olympic events have increased up to 4% over the past 25 years. Olympic lifting records have increased an average of 5%. However, powerlifting records have increased much more dramatically:

Squat: Coan (1020) '99 to Lewis (1201) '05 - 18% - 6 YEARS Bench: Mendelson (825) '03 to Rychlak (1005) - 22% - 1 YEAR!!!!!! Total - Coan (2463) '98 to Frank (2805) '04 - 13% - 7 years


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