Training In A Bench Shirt Without A Lifting Partner

Create: 12/21/2005 - 08:39
Many powerlifters either by choice or out of necessity don't train in commercial gyms. Sometimes that means a home gym. At times, that means lifting without anyone around. A poster at APF Outlaws wonders if it's possible to train in a bench shirt without a training partner. The answers are somewhat divided:

Just use an open back shirt that isn't your comp shirt. One that is a little too big so you can put it on yourself. Make sure you lift in a power rack and set the pins so you can hit your chest but if you miss, the bar can come forward and nott crush your throat

A Big Raw Bench Means A Big Shirted Bench, Right?

Create: 12/20/2005 - 14:58
According to a thread at Ryan Kennelly's forum that's not the way it works. The original poster asks:

Before my last contest I was benching 535-550 raw and at the meet I benched 575 but missed 600 with my single-ply Phenom... Is this all the carryover I should get with a single-ply?

The error in his thinking that raw strength relates to equipped poundage is corrected:


Can One Squat Heavy Twice A Week?

Create: 12/20/2005 - 10:16
That's the question asked by a poster at Dr. Squat. He specifically wants to know the answer as it applies to a somewhat experienced lifter who is not adding any supplementation. Some think that it's not a good idea:

Heavy is a relative term not only in actual weight but in percentage of weight. Even the most "gassed" up WPO lifter would not try to squat with heavy percentage weights 2 times per week and they recover faster than any of us here. You are running the risk of injury and over-training especially if you include assistance work.

Update On The Mountaineer Cup

Create: 12/20/2005 - 08:32
I reported at an earlier date on some details of Mounaineer Cup VIII. It seems some of those details have changed. Gibson Powerlifting has some of the newest information. According to Courtney Stanley, Bruce Derosier of the Atlantis Foundation will no longer be running the event. It sounds as though there may have been some philosophical differences between he and event founder Nick Busick. Additionally, Busick is back at the helm and trying to arrange for the event to be held at The Mountaineer Racetrack and Gaming Resort. There had been some reports of a New England or Las Vegas location.

Falling Forward While Squatting

Create: 12/19/2005 - 14:15
A poster at Dr. Squat is having a problem with his squat. When he worked up to heavy weight, he found himself falling forward on the ascent. He's wondering what his deficiency might be. Opinions on what the problem could be include:

Could be abs or lower back, not neccessarily a belt, also you may have been fatigued and your hips came up first and not your head

USAPL And Out Of Meet Drug Testing

Create: 12/19/2005 - 09:37
There are a number of threads at the APF Outlaws forum examining the USAPL's out of meet drug testing policy. They are here, here, here and here. The anti-USAPL and out of meet testing position:

in the USAPL this guy can come to your house and test you or at a meet that is not his.Get Fucking real you "Drug Free" guys are being ran like this guy is your dad.There seems to me to be more bullshit in that federation than in any other.You the lifters need to take a little control and tell him to relax.I'll be damned if I wanted to lift in the USAPL a person could come to my door or see me on the street and test me.What are you'll on fucking probation?

High Speed Bench Eccentric - Good Or Bad?

Create: 12/19/2005 - 06:10
There's a long thread over at Go Heavy which has evolved into a debate over whether a high speed lowering of the bar is beneficial or harmful to ones bench press. The original poster pointed out different techniques which have been used successfully by lifters:

What was unique about Tom [HARDMAN] was his style... He had the fastest descent or eccentric phase in the bench press that I ever saw. He would take the hand off, hold it for a second at full arms length, then almost let the bar free fall to his chest... I never saw any other record holder bench like that. He was the exact opposite of say Doug Young, who brought the bar down very, very slowly prior to the concentric phase. Mike MacDonald was more of a medium descent....controlled at a medium pace...then BANG!

Stop Complaining About Your Bench Shirt!

Create: 12/18/2005 - 12:25
So says Vinny Dizenzo over at Anabolex. Although, he does say it a little differently. Essentially his statements are in response to the large number of lifters who post about their shirts not working as expected. These posts can be found regularly at every powerlifting forum.

Guys, you have to stop complaining about your shirts. I have held my tongue on this subject too long already. Stop complaining about how this shirt does not fit right or this company sucks--just start accumulating shirts. My basement looks like a shirt factory and I did not always get my shirts for free... You all want to learn how to run before you can walk. It is an art to learn the shirt. You will never learn that art by starting with a shirt that you cannot touch shit in. You must do two things to get better. First, get stronger. Second, learn to use the shirt (that mainly means find someone who can teach you in person)... Now, stockpile some shirts. Learn how to work them or just lift fucking raw!

Increasing Lower Back Endurance

Create: 12/18/2005 - 07:48
A Power and Bulk poster is having some lower back issues:

I feel like my low back endurance, by which I guess I mean ability to hold a good strong arch, and good form, is keeping me from doing as many sets or as many exercises as I would like. I'm good for some high intensity sets, but just so much and then my back says no more and tightens up.

Reasons For Starting Powerlifting

Create: 12/18/2005 - 07:26
In a Monster Muscle thread a poster wonders how long others have been lifting and how or why they started. Some good stories in the thread:

I have been a gym rat for about 18yrs but never trained seriously... In 2000 I had a heart attack and wound up with triple bypass surgery, thought I would never lift again. But I got the bug about a yr later and I told myself I would do one more gym meet if I could just get 315, well at the gym meet I did 335 and I got it touch with Gene and he set me up with a program for full meets and I started to train for real. In my first full meet I did a 475 squat and a 365 bench and a 405 dead. Two years and five meets later I just became the IPA 60-64 Masters Champion 275 Weight Class with a 1620 Elite Total--Squat 620 Bench 485 and Dead 515. And I aint done yet. I love this sport.


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