How Many Powerlifting Meets A Year Do You Compete In?

Create: 01/15/2006 - 07:19
The new year has started, most federations have updated there meet schedules for 2006 and powerlifters everywhere are planning there competition schedule. A timely thread at Monster Muscle asks how many meets powerlifters compete in during a year. From the replies, there's quite a range in the number of meets.

I think it kind of depends on your goals and training. If you are a bp only guy, I think you can do a few more meets. If you are WSB you can get ready for a meet a little quicker. If you are young and want experience you might do a few more. On the other hand if you are trying to build a lot of raw strength you might stay away from meets. Or if you are trying to add weight and fill out the next weight class you might take some time to adjust to your new weight and gear.

Is Westside An Idea Or A Place?

Create: 01/14/2006 - 07:47
Most powerlifters have heard of Westside Barbell Club. Most are also familiar with the Westside template. A poster at MassMuscleInc asks:

Every now and then I catch an article where the writer discusses WSB being a place, not an idea. Something like " I heard someone say to me the other day 'I am doing WSB' and was baffled by such a statement." Some even say that Simmons is annoyed that people are saying they train WSB, yet have never even seen the WSB gym. Broken down, WSB is simply a specialized conjugated program. So, what does this mean? Should we start refering to it as conjugated training or continue to say WSB? I certainly don't want to look silly by saying WSB if in fact I am not doing it justice. What do you guys think? Anyone talk to Simmons personally about this?

Was Kidder's Ban Of Lattimer A Good Move?

Create: 01/14/2006 - 07:14
A number of opinions are registered at Gibson Powerlifting over Shawn Lattimer's ban from lifting in the WPO/APF. Some think Kidder has made a mistake:

Can someone explain to me, WHY do full grown men buy into KK's bullshit? It seems that Shawn has been booted by KK and the funny thing is why would anyone put up with his shit. From the first time I ever saw this guy (I know I am not the only one)I knew what a blow hard he was. Geez was a fat spoiled brat and mix that with crack and money you have a NUT. For a few years I have been posting about this dumbass and over the years he posts and a few people seem to see the screw ball that he really is, yet they still seem to buy into it? At first I thought it was lifters were so money hungry, they would excuse KK's shit. Then I thought it was lifters just like getting bogus lifts passed and lied to themsleves how great they really are. Now we have a well know lifter who seems like a nice enough guy(no I never met him) being kicked out of "HIS" federation? (what happen "for the lifter"). I am surprised (sorta) that many lifters do not come to Shawns defense then again I guess they don't what to"get in trouble" too! Again full grown, tough, strong, bad asses ? Sure .... KK is nothing but a mama's boy who is so in need for attention, I guess it seems from his Bizar posts that he gets all jacked on crack and then can't sleep and bored so he posts(I know I do ?). I have seen him make deals with a few of the WPO top dogs for lifts and (yes they know who they are) then when they find out he made deals with others they get all pissy and mad. Like they been double crossed or back stabbed! Who KK?... Remember what happen to Shawn can happen to anyone of you! KK has done zero for powerlifting and he never will.

Moving From Intermediate Level Lifter To Elite

Create: 01/14/2006 - 06:54
Mike Robertson has an article out over at EliteFTS targeted at intermediate level lifters looking to get to elite. Robertson's definition of an intermediate lifter:

By powerlifting standards, a good cut-off to determine between intermediate and elite level lifters is the qualifying total (QT) for the Senior National meet, or achieving an Elite classification by the old USPF standards.

The Keys To Good Workouts

Create: 01/13/2006 - 07:31
T-Nation's Mike Robertson has an article out entitled, "6 Keys to Killer Workouts". His 6 keys are Visualization, Reviewing Your Goals, Stimulants, Warm-ups, Music and Making Workouts Routine. Here are a few excerpts:

Imagine the scene in the gym, what it's going to smell like, the music pumping in your ears. Feel the knurling on the bar and imagine how light it feels when you get as tight as possible. It sounds silly, but this kind of visualization can definitely improve your training! Next, make sure that you envision yourself succeeding. I've mentioned that point twice now and for a reason. Many people are so caught up on certain numbers or goals that they're actually beaten before they enter the gym! They simply can't imagine themselves being that strong or having the body they really want. You must do everything possible to eradicate this negative self-image and re-write it with a new, more positive one.

Do Women Bench Train Differently?

Create: 01/13/2006 - 07:19
A poster at Ryan Kennelley's forum wonders whether the training women do for bench is any different than the training men perform. He asks:

Do you train bench in any different ways from the guys just because you are women? The natural genetic predisposition to narrower shoulders, longer arms, etc., have you found routines or exercises that seem to make better progress or work better for the women?

WPC/APF's Sweeney Attacks IPF

Create: 01/13/2006 - 06:42
The public relations juggernaut over at the WPC continues to roll. This time it's a direct attack at the IPF by Mike Sweeney. Sweeney's words:

To: The World Powerlifting Congress and Interested Individuals Subject: SPORTS-FREEDOM In my opinion the IPF identify their governing organization as a patron and the lifter as a ward. This view is at direct odds of the vision of the World Powerlifting Congress which inspire the lifter to be in control and develop of his own destiny. The IPF statement, “you will be penalized if you lift somewhere else” implies lifters as servants. The WPC is a collection of individuals, (who happen to be the strongest powerlifters in the history of man), that share a common powerlifting heritage and are loyal to a shared powerlifting tradition with definite future evolving goals. The lifter should consider the Congress as a means of inspiration to achieve and improve. Not to blindly follow a self serving, minority-dictated, organizational goal. The lifter should ask what I can do “though” the WPC, which is to encourage and help achieve my goals and purposes. Not a Frankenstein-IPF to hinder and demean, always dangling the “Olympic”-carrot. To me the Olympics are a theatrical production. The world records greatly over-shadow the Olympic records. Sports-freedom is a foundation principle of the WPC. The Congress only has the concentrated power to insure your sports freedom and realize your trust. The Congress and I thank you for that trust. Newton, Curie, Einstein, Bohr, Shakespeare, Milton, Leibnitz, Da Vinci and all others of great accomplishment, produced in obvious genius or effort, through a climate that permitted variety, diversity, and inspiration, a climate that is continually strived for by the Congress. Side Note: When I read the biographies, I see the same personalities working in different “ways”. We as WPC- powerlifters are no different! WE DO NOT WANT TO BE THE BEST OF THE BEST! WE ARE TRULLY THE ONLY ORGANIZATION THAT CAN BE DEFINED...SPECIES=POWERLIFTER Mike Sweeney WPC Executive Chairman 6 X Arnold Classic Official APF National Board Member

Being Fat Equals A Big Bench

Create: 01/12/2006 - 08:35
Words that bring a smile to big people's faces everywhere. As well as to those thinking they need to get smaller. But are they true? A poster at Ryan Kennelley's forum quotes a buddy of his:

If 2 guys have the same lean body mass and have the same raw bench,,,, the one with the higher body fat % will do better in a bench shirt. He says that the fatter man will get a better "spring" of the botton because of the way the shirt compresses the upper torso when a person has a higher bf%

Anger Over Special Arnold Classic Invites

Create: 01/12/2006 - 08:03
A poster at the APF Outlaws forum feels that Kieran Kidder's special invites to non-APF lifters for the World Record Bench Bash event at the Arnold Classic is a slap in the face to those who lift in the APF/WPO. He remarks:

I thought that the road to the WPO was through the APF? Now K.K invites Jackson and Wong from the WABDL and fucks over the APF guys. There were 2 others who benched over #700 at Heavyweight and didn't make it at the Bench Bench bash but someone who chose to lift at Bench America insteed was picked over an APF person? SO Wong chooses to lift at Bench America.... And Bombs, and is chosen over those who went to the qualifier in Chicago are APF lifters and Bombed?

Slaying Dragons

Create: 01/12/2006 - 07:39
An interesting and entertaining T-Nation article called Vision Quest by TC. It's essentially an answer to two questions: "Why do you care how much weight you lifted?" and "Why don't you just train to stay in shape?" Here are some of the highlights:

Luigi, when you were a kid, didn't you dream about going off to slay dragons? Didn't you dream about being some kind of hero? And as you grew up and realized that you probably wouldn't be slaying any dragons, real or metaphorical, didn't you get tired of just watching others do physical things? Didn't you get tired of only being involved in surrogate achievement, you know, living vicariously through the basketball players, the soccer players, the Italian bocce ball players, or whoever it is you admire?.. But you gotta' understand, people like me never stop lifting weights. The part of us that wanted to slay the dragon? It didn't die. It won't.

Why Training To Failure Is Bad

Create: 01/12/2006 - 07:27
A lot of gym lifters train to failure. But powerlifters generally don't. Why not? A Dr. Squat thread tackles that question. Answers include:

Form gets sloppy. On exercises such as squats you don't want your stabilizer muscles getting too fatigued yet they'll fatigue long before the quads. Also, it's hard on the central nervous system. And the third stike against training to failure is it cuts into the body's recuperative energy. Excessive volume does too though. Training to failure is OK for bodyparts like forearms but even there it's just not necessary. You're not going to maximize gains by doing so.

How Strong Before Using Equipment?

Create: 01/11/2006 - 10:46
A poster at Dr. Squat asks how long one should wait before using a bench shirt or lifting suit. Mostly balanced suggestions are offered:

Will, if I could go back and do it all again I would wait till I had at least a raw triple bdywt squat & deadlift and a raw double bdywt bench and slap on the minimal single ply gear I use now. I would still only use the gear around 4 weeks out from a meet as I'd want to increase my raw foundation strength as much as possible because I strongly believe that gear contributes very little in terms of actual muscular strength gains. Too many lifters are now over-dependant on using their gear in training all year round, too early in their lifting career, and are missing out on real core foundational strength gains that can be made without it.

Big Trophy Or Smaller Entry Fee?

Create: 01/11/2006 - 10:14
If you have the choice between a large trophy and a higher entry fee or a smaller medal or plaque and lower entry fee which would you choose? That's the question posed at Monster Muscle. Replies:

I personally wish that meets were a lot cheaper to enter and gave away custom certificates that can be framed. I got so many trophies that I gave them away or tossed them.


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