Shoes And Deadlifting

Create: 01/18/2006 - 09:09
When lifters step on the deadlifting platform they often wear a wide variety of footwear: Chuck Taylor's, boots, Olympic shoes, sneakers, socks, wrestling shoes and deadlifting slippers. So which are the best? A poster at Power and Bulk specifically wants to know whether he would be better served to lift in his Chuck Taylor's or a pair of Olympic shoes. Most vote for dumping the Oly shoes:

Heels just make the pull longer and tip you forward. Neither of those are going to help your pull. Chucks are fine for pulling.

Rychlak's Bench Shirts

Create: 01/18/2006 - 08:07
The reigning master of shirted benching is Gene Rychlak. A poster Gene Rychlak's forum looks for a little insight into Rychlak's shirt mastery. He asks Rychlak:

Have you been using the same shirt for a long time? like when you did 875 till the time you did 1005 were you using the same shirt, at least with respect to design, or do you constantly modify and change it?

Retracting Shoulder Blades When Benching

Create: 01/17/2006 - 08:02
A poster at Fortified Iron is a bit confused with a part of his bench setup. He asks:

when you retract your shoulder blades, should you retract them upwards towards your upper traps? i think i did this yesterday and it made a huge difference. then after one of my teammates told me how good my arch looked, i totally lost it on the next couple sets. its only now that i think on that good set i might have been retracting upwards (towards the bench) instead of downwards (which what i thought was away from the bench.

Do You Train In A Garage Gym?

Create: 01/17/2006 - 07:47
For some, the New Year's rush to the gym is already subsiding. But there are still a number of issues for powerlifters who lift in commercial gyms. Because of these issues, a poster at Monster Muscle wonders how many lifter work out in garage or basement type gyms. From the responses, there seem to be a whole lot of lifters who at least spend some of their workouts away from a commercial gym:

I can honestly say I have never set foot in a commercial gym to workout. I have done a meet at a gym but that's it. I have everything I need in my basement. I don't have to worry about people curling in the squat cage. I don't have to worry about taking too long between sets and having people waiting. I don't have to deal with any jerks. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Knee Wraps 101

Create: 01/17/2006 - 07:19
A poster at has just started using knee wraps and is having some problems getting used to them. He asks:

When I first tried on my knee wraps to squat with them it was the most awkward thing I had done in lifting. I feel that the pounds I might have put on my squat are cancelled out in that I am not used to the wraps. Are there any ways that I can get used to the knee wraps outside of max attempts? Did you experience similar issues the first few times you used the wraps?

My "First" Time

Create: 01/16/2006 - 07:46
Check out this Deepsquatter post for a funny look at someone's 'first' time. EDIT: Apparently Deepsquatter requires registration, so I'll reprint the story here for those of you without an account. Posted by majorbody:

Remember your first time? Oh, I remember like it was yesterday. I have only shared this experience with my closest friends. Heck, my wife didn't even know until I wrote this article. Now she watches me very closely when I tell her I'm going "out"! This article is a very graphic description of a young adolescent coming to terms with the racing surge of testosterone that led to this momentous occasion. (I must caution readers, the following is for mature audiences only) I was only 14 (yes, many years ago), but oh, the memory of this blessed event will be forged in my brain forever. I had just returned from watching one of those "movies" that lead to this type of activity. I was desperately looking for something to try my hand at (no pun intended). As I searched around my bedroom, I realized I would have to do this thing solo. Then, there was an unexpected knock at the door. One of my older, high school buddies with wheels (actual wheels, not massive thighs from years of squatting) told me about a "secret" place that would fulfill all of my fleshly fantasies. We arrived at what appeared to be an old warehouse, but once inside, I realized we had entered the Temple of Pleasure. The bevy of beauties before my eyes caused me to step back in quick desperation as I considered what I was about to do. Several questions raced through my mind!! Would my mom approve of such activity? Could I be arrested for this? Will this do something weird to my young adolescent body? What if I catch something? All these questions were only for a fleeting moment. And, I do mean fleeting, because I could not take my eyes off the virtual playground before me. I was literally having a hard time breathing as I considered all the things I could do with these beautiful playthings. Oh, I forgot one other question! The ultimate question! How much will this cost$$$ (I mean, I had heard about these kind of places from more mature friends) Let’s face it, most 14 year olds do not have this type of discretionary income. Okay, I digress. I'm going to cut out the formalities that were required to get in this place and get right to it. I soon found myself experiencing the most incredible pleasure in my whole life (Yep, all 14 years of my brief life). I had never felt or "seen" this type of sensation. Oh boy, as my young body shook from this orgasmic experience, I felt euphoric, even heady. It was over way too quickly. I knew I was hooked, just like a junky; I wanted to do it again, and again, and again.. All my questions were answered in that one moment in time: 1. Mom would approve (hey, it's natural, right?) 2. It is legal, in most states 3. My body would never be the same (I never saw this part of my anatomy get so big in such a short time) 4. I didn't catch anything, at least not this time 5. Finally, how much was this experience going to cost? The "owner" of this establishment told me I could come back and do this as much as I wanted to for only $15 a month, to which he added: "You really enjoyed those squats, didn't you boy"

When To Use A Belt

Create: 01/16/2006 - 07:38
One piece of equipment which almost all powerlifters agree has a place on the lifting platform is a belt. But what role should a belt play in training. A poster at T-Nation asks:

Now I fully realise the importance of training the abs and lower back hard to improve the support muscles as much as possible, but is there a point at which a belt should be used for safety reasons? Also, should this point be relative to how large the load is compared to the lifter?.. So, as I am still "weak" on this lift, should I consider using a belt for lifts close to 1RM?

Nick Winters Raw 665 Gym Bench

Create: 01/16/2006 - 00:09
Nick Winters, who recently hit a 600 pound raw bench at Ron Palmer's meet last month, looks to be trying to move up the all-time list of raw benchers in a couple weeks. In this Iron Trybe thread is a link to his training benches of 655 and 665. Of those lifts, he says:

The 655 was easy enough that I think I could get it in a comp, and I will be trying in 2 weeks!

Boycott Kidder's Meets...

Create: 01/15/2006 - 07:46
That's what a poster in a thread at Go Heavy suggests. He calls for lifters to boycott Kieran Kidder's federations and his products. However, there's not a lot of support for that position in the thread:

You guys stating to boycott KK meets, are a joke. Oh no, he kicked 1 guy out and your all pissed. Well do something about. Instead of crying on the net. Start your own federation with your own money and lets see how far you can promote powerlifting the way KK does. Lets see you make it in the arnold classic. I'm sure there is more to the story to shawn lattimer then what we are all hearing. But I guess its easier for some of you to stay sucked to his nuts, then it is to say it was wrong to go headbutt a wall, that doesnt belong to him, make no intention to go tell someone what he did as soon as it happened. And yes, there was a hole not some dent as mentioned. Was it right to kick him out? Thats not up to us, that up to the WPO. So if you dont like what is happening, go somewhere else or start your own fed. There will be plenty of people willing to step up and compete in the WPO.


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