Tipping Forward While Squatting

Create: 01/10/2006 - 08:01
A poster at Weight Trainers United is having some problems with his squat form. He describes the problem:

when going for 1RM squats, I seem to be raising my hips first coming out of the bottom of the squat and causing me to tip forward, thus not completing the lift.

He adds:

I'm a raw lifter so it isn't an equipment issue. Maybe at the 60, 80, 90 percent weights I am doing it but strong enough to still lock out. I've heard and am trying the mental tips "push back into the bar", "chest up and back", "elbows forward" but I'm still doing it. Maybe I'm pushing my butt too far back or leaning forward on the descent unnecessarily. No video but maybe I should record one.

When Is One Considered A Powerlifter?

Create: 01/09/2006 - 10:05
A poster at Bodybuilding.com asks what it takes to be considered a powerlifter. The responses suggest competiton is what defines one as a powerlifter:

Being a powerlifter has nothing to do with how much you lift. It's participating in meets that make you a powerlifter. You can train like a powerlifter all you want and you can lift a ton of weight in the gym, but until you actually step on the platform to see what it's all about, you are not a powerlifter.

Choosing Powerlifting Meet Openers

Create: 01/09/2006 - 09:12
Jim Wendler discusses how to choose meet openers at EliteFTS. The article is directed at lifters who are new to competing in powerlifting meets. Openers 101:

The first step in choosing your opener is to choose a goal that you would like to lift. This goal should be reasonable, but challenging. Please don’t be an idiot when choosing this. From this point (not the point of you being an idiot), you need to work backwards.

How Does Your Wife Feel About You Powerlifting?

Create: 01/09/2006 - 08:31
A poster at Iron Gladiators wonders how other powerlifter's wives or significant others feel about all the time spent at the gym. The responses show they seems to conditionally support the pursuit of powerlifting. However, it's clear that in some cases powerlifters must choose between the wife and the gym.

Mine is pretty cool about it most of the time, but sometimes when we are gearing up for meets and taking longer she gets aggrevated.

Kidder Lashes Out At His Lifters

Create: 01/09/2006 - 07:40
Kieran Kidder has posted the following message regarding the Arnold Classic WPO World Record Bench Bash in a number of forums:

The AC WRBB is full!! If you have not been contacted by mail or phone about competing in Columbus you have not been invited. Through me Pam has told several lifters who have asked about benching at the AC that the meet is full. Even though they have been told no by Pam they think by calling/bothering me that they I will say yes. Well I won't!! So stop calling me!! If you have a history of bombing out you will not be invited period!! Believe me I know who you are too. I'm sick busting my ass to trying get sponsorship when 40% of the benchers bomb out. It's embarrassing!! I have been watching the video of Chicago BB$Cash meet and it makes me want to puke!! If that contest happend at the AC it wouldn't suprise me if Mr. Lorimer asked the WPO to never come back to Columbus again. So when you see new lifters whoever they might be at the AC it's because I want the best lifters out there who are most likely to make 2 attempts, and not bomb. I'm sick of this, "I can't bench 500 without a shirt, but I'll open with 750 and maybe I'll get it mentality!!" If your not invited it's because that's the type of lifter I think you are. So stop calling me!! KK APF/WPO Prez.

Special Invites To Arnold Classic WRBB

Create: 01/08/2006 - 18:46
Kieran Kidder has sent special invites to some benchers who failed to qualify for the Arnold Classic WPO World Record Bench Bash. Apparently, the invites stem from the fact that the qualifiers yielded so many bombouts resulting in a small field for the WRBB. There's speculation in some of the forums about who may have been invited and why. Monster Muscle has a thread examining what factors should be used to determine who should be on that list of special invites. One side supports pulling the best benchers together for the meet and is led by Sgt. Rock:

Who did get an invite that didn't qualify the "conventional" way?.. I am sure the other competitors would want him[Tiny Meeker] there as well, to compete against the best makes a win much more satisfying.

Time For A New Bench Shirt?

Create: 01/08/2006 - 17:42
A poster at Ryan Kennelley's forum asks:

I was benching yesterday with my shirt, I worked up to 315 to try to triple or maybe even 5 reps. Well I bring down the bar and no pop what so ever from my shirt. I could not press it at all, so I don't know if my strength went down that much in a 2 week period when I didn't lift or if I need a tighter shirt? I got this Fury in the middle size I think it was competition fit. I've had it since August and hit 350 not over 2 months ago in it. I work with it every friday. Is it just too stretched and I should get a shirt that I use for just competition?

Enjoying Front Squats

Create: 01/07/2006 - 11:59
A Power and Bulk thread looks at an exercise many love to hate or just plain hate - the front squat. The thread includes some good advice on how to approach the exercise including rep ranges, techniques and stretching. The original poster:

Spend about a month doing them despite the fact that you hate every minute of it, and eventually, as your strength goes up, they actually become fun.

Rest Between Sets

Create: 01/07/2006 - 11:51
A Dr. Squat thread looks at rest breaks between sets. The thread has information about ideal timing for powerlifting and hypertophy gains.

Generally you rest longer if you are concentrating on strength and therefore greater training poundages, shorter rest for the hypertrophy gains where the emphasis is on a bit more number of reps and therefore somewhat less weight.


Create: 01/07/2006 - 11:44
If you're a powerlifter, you're probably injured or at least hurt right now. Actually, you probably have multiple injuries. Injuries are part of the game. Monster Muscle has an injury thread where you can meet up with other powerlifters for sort of a group therapy.

The Wilks Formula

Create: 01/06/2006 - 08:43
A poster at Go Heavy wants to get a copy of the actual Wilks Formula. A chart of coefficients is located here. A poster responds:

You can get the Wilks coefficients, but Wilks guards the actual formula like a fat man with a Twinkie. How do you feel being scored by a system when you don't know it works????

High Energy Workouts

Create: 01/06/2006 - 07:53
The best workouts are those when we enter the gym with lots of energy. How does one go about ensuring that that energy is there every workout, even when it's not naturally there? That's the question at Ryan Kennelley's forum. Lifters use many different ways to find that energy:

I have tried gatorade/powerade-type drinks, as well as some of the ABB Speed-Stack & Adrenaline-Stack types as well. For some reason, it seems that just a plain old can of Coke seems to give me more quick energy while training...

Your Gym

Create: 01/06/2006 - 07:46
The joys of a new year in a public gym has spawned the following rant at Go Heavy. Check it out for a few laughs.

New members must yield right of way and bow to more faithful members.

Weights left lying on the floor over 30 seconds will automatically hurl themselves back at whoever was responsible for leaving them there.


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