More Shirt Wisdom From Big Gene

Create: 01/24/2006 - 07:24
If you frequent Gene Rychlak's Forum you'll occasionally get some shirted benching tips from the king of shirted benching. For instance, asked how often he benches without a shirt, Rychlak answers:

NEVER...only during warm up. i have been benching for over 20 years now and no longer need the raw training. all raw training will do is open me up for injuries. as i talked about in other posts, i use a terd shirt until about 30 days out from competition. the terd shirt gives me supprort but makes me handle the majority of the weight. then i switch to dial in the meet shirt. i don't recommend this to the beginner and mid level lifters becuase they need to build their core and tendon strength. i've already done that.

Getting Dumbells Into Position

Create: 01/24/2006 - 07:09
Over at a poster is having some troubles getting dumbells into position for certain exercises. He says:

I'm having trouble getting the dbs in position when doing incline db presses and seated db shoulder presses. Is there an easy way to get them into position? Once I get them up, I can easily do the weight. I just look like a retard trying to get it up. I think it is holding me back on how much I would actually do.

Freezing Bands

Create: 01/23/2006 - 09:08
A poster at Strength News asks if anyone freezes their bands to help them last longer. The replies suggest freezing them would probably be the wrong thing to do:

it will not work, the reason being as bands are going to be ruined from a phenomenon known as stress relaxation, this is where a force is applied to the band, over time, the band's tension decreases causing it to become less effective. Almost all polymers exhibit this charachteristic, as do some metallics and other materials. It is a form of creep.

Do Different Federations Require Different Squat Depths?

Create: 01/23/2006 - 07:47
It's impossible to read the forums and not frequently find posts discussing squatters reaching proper depth. Many times those posts are comparing depth in one federation to another. However, is that comparison a fair one according to the rule book? A poster at Go Heavy asks:

I have heard that different feds have varying rules on legal depth. Putting the debate about judges discretion aside for a moment, is this really true? IPF - Hip below top of knee APF - Hip in line with top of knee

Criticism Of New England Record Breakers Meet

Create: 01/23/2006 - 07:14
Dave Coz posted the Bruce Derosier announcement for the New England Record Breakers meet over at Diablo Barbell. The post and event were met with some criticism:

"We are not attempting to discredit any equipped lifters or lifts that they performed." Thats funny. Most of those envolved have openly bashed gear and current powerlifting.

Early Talk About New England Record Breakers Favorites

Create: 01/22/2006 - 14:18
The New England Record Breakers meet in May is already generating a lot of excitement. That makes sense as it will see many of the best in powerlifting across every federation, competing in full powerlifting as well as single lift competitions. Those lifters will all be competing raw, giving fans and fellow lifters the chance to see who the strongest lifters really are. A Monster Muscle thread is already looking at favorites.

The Ultimate Raw Meet

Create: 01/21/2006 - 08:33
The New England Record Breakers is a raw meet being held on May 6 at the University of Massachusetts' Mullins Center. The meet is being organized by the Atlantis Foundation. It will include both a full powerlifting meet and single lift competition. The meet is invite only with cash prizes awarded to top three in each weight class and anyone who breaks a record. The invite list reads like a who's who of powerlifting. Currently, a number of lifters have accepted their invitation. If a good deal of the others accept, this has the potential to be the meet of the year. And it will be all raw. Derosier mentions that if there's a lot of interest they may also include a female division.

Arnold Classic Judging

Create: 01/20/2006 - 08:08
With all the talk about juding in the WPO over the past year it'll be interesting to see how strict it is during the Arnold Classic. It could go a few different ways. One would be business as usual and ignore the comments and opinions from around the powerlifting world. Another would be to cave to public pressure and be super strict with the judging. With Kieran Kidder's trailblazer mentality and goals for the WPO, don't be surprised if the former is the case. Zane McCaslin at Fortified Iron makes some comments about potential issues with the AC judging as well as the inevitable second guessing of that judging that will occur:

Who will bitch first about the judging on the squats at the Arnold Classic. I bet it will be someone watching a video in front of their computer, eating fuckin cheese puffs. Here is another thing to think about. Will the judges at the WPO fall victim to peer pressure and OVER judge the squats? What I am saying is, will the judges be afraid of getting bashed, and make everyone squat below required depth, and throw alot of red lights to good lifts. If this happens will there be alot of bombouts in the meet. Which brings us back to that original bitch.

Bench Shirts For Women

Create: 01/20/2006 - 07:45
It's often one helluva task for a man to shoehorn into a tight bench shirt. It only makes sense that for women, their different proportions should be reflected in the design of a bench shirt. A shirt made for a man probably won't work as well for a women. A Monster Muscle poster offers up her dilemma:

Does anybody know if they make special shirts for women and if they do where I can get one? I cannot currently wear a shirt because if I can get it on over my chest it is too loose to do any good. Any help would be appreciated!


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