The Ideal Bar Path

Create: 03/04/2006 - 09:02
A poster at Weight Trainers United questions what the ideal bar path should look like on the squat, bench press and deadlift. He asks:

Would you say that the "bar path" on all the Big 3 lifts (with proper form) is perpendicular to the floor , or very close to perp. during a rep ? some friends and I were discussing this point, specifically, because one of them uses a Smith machine and some of us had heard that it doesn't allow the bar to "track" in line with the natural motion of a squat.... Any thoughts on any of this? It seems for my lifts the bar path on deads, squats and bench seem pretty much stright up and down..

Steroids And Powerlifting

Create: 03/03/2006 - 08:02
A Monster Muscle thread examines how far one can go in powerlifting without using steroids. The original question:

My question is, realistically how far could a guy with pretty decent athletic ability like myself go in this sport (minimun 220 weight class, I cant drop below that without losing a lot of strength) without the aid of performance enhancing drugs?

Should High Schoolers Wear Equipment?

Create: 03/03/2006 - 07:20
There have been plenty of threads that debate the use of gear and look at the issue from many different angles. A Go Heavy thread takes a different look. In it posters discuss whether it's wise to allow high school lifters to use gear. Think that gear usage should be restricted based on age or ability level:

Its sad to see a teenage youngster having to wear a B/P shirt just to bench 300 lbS. during competition!

Christians Wear Single Ply?

Create: 03/03/2006 - 07:02
The North Star Pride forum has an interesting thread looking at the relationship between equipment use, steroids and Christianity. The original poster:

Why is it that alot of single ply lifters are associated with or considered to be Christian powerlifters while we associate or consider double ply powerlifters as drug users and non Christians or dark siders so to speak. How many drug tested organizations allow double ply equipment? Are there any double ply Christian powerlifters? Why can't you be clean and be hardcore? Who says hardcore powerlifters have to be chemically enhanced? To me hardcore means earning it. You have paid your dues to the iron game. being in the gym night after night , week after week, month after month, making slow steady gains that are real.That is hardcore. taking drugs is the easy way out.

Periodization For Supplemental Lifts

Create: 03/03/2006 - 06:42
Using periodization for ones main lifts is common practice in powerlifting. But is it a wise practice to periodize supplemental lifts and how should one go about doing that. That's what's being discussed at T-Nation.

Do you think it's wise to set up a periodization plan on all supplemental movements (triceps, hams, shoulders etc..) ? Like: Coumpound: (setsxreps) week 1: 5x6 week 2: 6x5 week 3: 7x4 week 4: 8x3 and higher volume on isolation movements.. ? Or I should do it more movements\workout type specific ? My goal is neural efficiency but I also need UPPER BODY muscle mass gains. What do you think ? How do you guys work your supplemental lifts ?

Cellphones In The Gym

Create: 03/03/2006 - 06:16
Elite Fitness posters offer some thoughts on cell phone usage in the weight room. There are a number of rants as well as a few cell phone stories in the thread.

If I owned a gym you'd get banned for a week the first time you were caught on a cell phone, and I'd revoke your membership on the second occasion. If something is so important that you can't be without your phone for an hour then buy a fucking home gym and stay out of my area.

A Call For Judges

Create: 03/02/2006 - 08:22
Eric Stone puts out a call for new APF judges at the APF/WPC forum. He's even volunteering to pay the processing fee for those in the Chicago area. If you're sick of some of the judging going on in powerlifting, now is the time to make a difference. Become a judge in the APF or any other federation for that matter.

Jim Wendler Asks, "Did You Hear The One..."

Create: 03/02/2006 - 07:50
Jim Wendler tackles some of the often heard and repeated lines in the weightlifting world over at Elite FTS. Did you hear the one about the guy that gets 200lbs out of his bench shirt?

1. The bench shirt max is done at a meet. This is done with a heightened state of arousal, a lay off to ensure proper rest and some extreme adrenaline. 2. The raw max is done in training, with some arousal (but nowhere near how one gets at a meet), no peaking and less adrenaline. So we have one max which is trained for, and one that is done as a part of training. There is a big difference. So how accurate are these numbers? I think we can agree that the numbers are skewed quite a bit. This is not to say that people don’t get a large carryover, but let’s all put away our hammer, nails and cross before we start crucifying people.

Opening Without A Bench Shirt

Create: 03/02/2006 - 07:36
A poster at Ryan Kennelly's forum wonders about the practice of shirted benchers opening raw at meets. Some thoughts about opening raw:

Sometimes guys open raw because they cant get their shirt to touch with a weight that they know they can get. So they open raw with a weight they know they can get to get a number on the board. Then go to the shirt and get serious. Some people have multiple shirts; a different once to open with. My thoughts are to do whatever works. I like to be confident with each attempt.

An Anti "RAW" Rant

Create: 03/02/2006 - 07:18
There are a few people at Outlaw Powerlifting who are ranting about the use of "RAW" to signify powerlifting without gear. As is usual at Fannon's board, there's some good laughs in the thread as well.

Am I the only one who's sick of the word "RAW"? and this is coming from a lifter who preferes to lift that way. Can't we just say "gearless" instead. I don't even see how the word "raw" applies to lifting without gear anyway. and why does it always have to be capitalized? just had to rant

Looking Nostalgically At Past Powerlifting Championships

Create: 03/01/2006 - 09:27
A Go Heavy poster waxes nostalgic about powerlifting nationals from the past. It's probably too late to ever go back to those days. But is it possible that powerlifting can at least organize some sort of unified championships? The poster says:

I wish that ALL the younger powerlifters could have experienced what a true Senior Nationals meet was like in regards to seeing the best darn lifters the USA had to offer. During the mid to late 70's and the early 80's, one traveled to York,Pa. or Dayton,Ohio to see the best lifters America had to offer. There wasn't alot of arguing about meets and rules because we all were members of one organization. You could go to one meet and see your heroes, Pacifico, Anello, Waddington, Kazmier, Wrenn, Kenady, Reswich, Young, Gant, Crain, Bradley, Dunbar, McCormick, Jones, Kidney, Shaw, Estep, Thomas, Warman, Duke, McCarty, Scott Wilson, Luke Iams, Pharr, Jack Wilson, Heath, Coan, Dunn, Bridges, Gaugler, Ravenscroft, and the list goes on. It's to bad we have so many federations. There's no way possible that the Powerlifting world can now have a true national champion because we don't see the match-ups anymore as compared to the real poewerlifting that took place when only one united federation ruled. Winning the SR. Nationals had a special meaning to these past lifters. If they had the dedication and desire to win the SR.s, they would represent our wonderful country, THE UNITED STATES POWERLIFTING TEAM in the World Championships. Its all about big money now and the real head to head competition is over in most cases. All todays stars are all super strong but will never be in a league of the past lifters that went head to head in finding the TRUE CHAMPION. Wish you all could have enjoyed it, I know I sure did! Thanks for the memories my past brothers in the real powerlifting world.

Cleaning Lifting Gear

Create: 03/01/2006 - 08:48
Is that bench shirt or lifting suit of yours starting to smell... really bad? Well, it may be time to clean it. Monster Muscle has a thread giving advice on how to go about that so you don't effect the material in your equipment. The original poster asks:

What is a good way to wash or clean your squat and deadlift suits and bench shirts without them shrinking to much or getting messed up? I was thinking of maybe washing them in the kitchen sink and putting them on tumble dry in the clothes dryer.


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