Update On Nica Miller

Create: 04/15/2006 - 10:23
Mike Miller updates on the progress of his daughter Nica.

The doctors just finished and she is off the heart and lung machine which means her heart is working on it's own, we don't know yet wether or not the fixed or replaced the valves........... Thank God They are going to watch her but everything loooks really good.... A hudge THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US, YOUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE SO APPRICIATED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mike Miller and Family

Matt McCase Puts Out A Call For Lifters

Create: 04/15/2006 - 10:04
Matt McCase calls for lifters for the Multi-Nationals and Strength Spectacular being held August 19 in West Virginia. The list of lifters includes many of the top in the game. If McCase can entice a number of them to participate this event may rise to the stature of the now defunct Mountaineer Cup.

Wanted to speak with you all concerning the Nationals and my interest in having you there. If your name is not on this list it does not mean you are not invited to lift. Most of these lifters I am mentioning have lifted in the Cup in the past.

$1,000 For A 1,000 Pound Deadlift

Create: 04/15/2006 - 09:37
Alex Campbell and At Large Nutrition are teaming up to offer $1,000 for anyone deadlifting 1,000 pounds at the Night of the Living Dead III in Johnson City, Tennessee on Saturday October 28. So far no committments by the worlds premier deadlifters.

I am teaming up with Chris Mason of At Large Nutrition to offer 1000$ cash to the person that can pull 1000 on the dl. Or if more than one do it the one that pulls the most, or if they tie in weight th eone that weighs the least. It will be offered at the nationals only professional dl only meet in the nation, the NIght of the Living Dead III, in Johnson City, TN on Sat. Oct. 28, 2006. We will also offer 300$ to the person that can break the masters dl record of 865 and the person with the best bodyweight pull by Schwartz formula will get 500$. If you have any questions about the validity of this offer you can contact mer personally at abcampbell69@hotmail.com or by phone at 1-423-725-2415. Chris Mason can be reached through the email on his website. If you are interested in trying to break these reocrds or just compete in the meet feel free to contact me. I will be looking for contact info for the guys capable of 1000 like Gary Frank, Savickas, and Konstantinovs. I already ahve the contacts for Benni and Bolton. If anyone wants to throw theri hat in the ring for the others, let me know. This Halloween, the DEAD will come alive!

Should Exhibition And Guest Lifts Count For Records?

Create: 04/15/2006 - 08:40
In a thread at Ryan Kennelly's forum about Scot Mendelson's recent all-time world record bench of 1,008 pounds is a discussion looking at whether exhibition or guest lifts should be considered for world records. Mendelson's record was an exhibition lift. Should that matter provided it's sanctioned? Check out the backyard meet article for more thoughts on what constitutes a "real meet". Mendelson:


Checking Squat Depth On Video

Create: 04/14/2006 - 07:43
Rob Sjoberg proposes a way to check squat depth on video at Go Heavy.

To all those having trouble determining squat depth on video of front view, check the following: 1)- Mark on screen top of knee to hip joint. 2)- Know that a standard 45 or 100 plate is 17 3/4" high, therefore center of bar is at 8-7/8" from bottom of plate. 3)- Measure plate on screen. 4)- You can now caliberate length between knee and hip joint regardless of how far the camera is or at general angles. 5)- Mark on screen start of squat bar height & end of squat bar height(for bar movement deviation). 6)- Hip joint must travel its length to top of knee down for it to reach parallel. 7)- This by no means replaces side judging, nor is a balls-on accurate statement, but rather a guideline.

Mike Miller On Squat Criticism

Create: 04/14/2006 - 07:13
Mike Miller's all-time world record squat of 1,220 pounds has received a fair share of criticism around the Internet. With his daughter facing imminent surgery some have suggested now is not the time for criticism. Mike himself comments that the criticism is okay. Whether it is or isn't, it's remarkable to see Miller handle it with such grace and professionalism. In most cases, the lifter and his/her supporters go on the attack and shout that the criticism is hating. Miller could have easily shut down all comments in this instance, but didn't. Which reaction is the proper one? Should lifters even acknowledge the criticism? Miller:

Please feel free to express yourself, this is America. I have no problem with critisism just leave my mom out of it this time....LOL

WPC Worlds / WPO Semis In NY

Create: 04/14/2006 - 06:58
Kieran Kidder posts on the WPO forum that the WPC Worlds/WPO Semi-Finals will be held in Lake George, New York. He also addresses payments that are due lifters from prior meets.

The WPC Worlds/WPO Semi's will be held in scenic Lake George NY. November 1st-5th, 2006. The meet sight will be at the Fort William Henry Resort. The FWHR overlooks Lake George rated a 4-Star Hotel/Dinning/Conference Center. Located 1 hour North of Albany NY. The FWHR has a shuttle service that runs back/forth to Albany International Airport.

Developing Starting Strength

Create: 04/14/2006 - 06:42
Jay Floyds writes an interesting article at Elite FTS about the need to develop starting strength even for equipped lifting. Is it counterintuitive to focus on the bottom end:

With new and stronger squat suits and bench shirts hitting the market, more attention has been given to training the lockout. It seems most experts believe that since the lifter is doing most of the work at the top, then range of motion should be trained the most. Although common sense tells us that the suits and shirts will get us out of the bottom of the lift, I have modified my belief somewhat.

Peaking As A Master

Create: 04/14/2006 - 06:27
Powerlifting, like most sports, is a younger man's sport. But it also allows those into their 70's and even 80's to continue competing. Does one have any hope of peaking once they become a Masters lifter? The orginal poster:

I will be 40 years old in a few weeks, but I still want to improve my total. For inspiration and encouragement I would like to hear any stories you have about lifters peaking for performance later in life. Go ahead - make an old man very happy.

Reaction To Dave Tate's Decision To Leave Powerlifting

Create: 04/14/2006 - 06:10
A thread at APF Outlaws discusses Dave Tate's recent decision to no longer compete in powerlifting. In the thread a poster calls Tate's reason for giving the sport up due to family a cop out. The original poster:

I'm just curious on what everyone thinks about giving up the sport because of your family? I have 2 kids and would do anything for them but I don't see why I would need to give up training and competing. IT just seems to be a common trend anymore. I spend 4 hours a week in the gym. That's it. 2 of those hours my kids and wife are with me. I know we all sacrifice for our goals, but isn't that the greatest lesson to teach your kids? What better way to teach them than by being a good example? Show them rather than tell them what you used to be. My parents were competitive athletes and watching them compete and get a little trophy was the greatest thrill as a kid.

What Qualifies As A Backyard Meet?

Create: 04/13/2006 - 07:45
That's what Gene Rychlak asks. In light of recent charges of lifters lifting in backyard meets to obtain favorable judging and set records (such as has been accused with Shannon Pole-Summers' record bench) it's a timely question. Are results from so-called backyard meets, if sanctioned, just as reliable as those from any other meet? Rychlak:

what differentiates a meet from backyard meet?? to me, meets held in a tent,your local bar&grill,and where the hat is passed around to help pay for the keg, and to a lesser extent-ymca meets. i know that's where i started, but usually the judging is very loose. i as a meet director, don't have the financial flexibility to rent a hotel/motel ballroom. most are unsuitable for meets. and the ones that are, are outrageous to rent. so high schools fit the bill. usually they have adequate weight rooms for warmups and usually will cut you a deal if you donate money to a program.

Women Of Power

Create: 04/13/2006 - 07:32

Women of Power is a compilation of women in powerlifting which includes biographies and photographs. The project is the work of Iron Asylum Gym co-owner and powerlifter, Sandi McCaslin. Her stated goal for the project is to "see how many women of power I could bring together in one place." If you would like to be included, contact Sandi.

Staying Tight While Deadlifting

Create: 04/13/2006 - 07:16
A Bodybuilding.com poster is looking for tips on how to stay tight while deadlifting. Advice:

Well first off look at your key muscles involved. Try to train heavy every other week light with Romanian deadlifts, lunges, and back extension machines. Also to stay tight try to focus on looking up as you pull. Concentrate on what you are doing and be careful not to "jerk" the weight up. One last thing keep a good tight at least 4'' in width belt. Your back will thank you later.

Tips For Your First Meet

Create: 04/13/2006 - 07:03
A number of good tips are offered to those about to compete in their first powerlifting meet in a thread at PowerliftingUK.

The best advice that I can give you is to make sure you pick sensible openers, these should be weights that you can comfortably lift, leave any egos in the gym. You don't want to end up bombing in your first comp if you can help it. The next thing is to just enjoy the day, don't get panicky and flustered and don't worry about what other people lift. Finally, make sure that you've got plenty of liquids to drink (i.e. water) and some energy drinks wouldn't go a miss either. I find that a can of red bull after the squat and after the bench press keeps me going!


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