Benedikt Magnusson´s Deadlift Routine

Create: 12/06/2005 - 11:28

A member over at Power and Bulk has taken the time to translate Benni Magnusson's deadlifting routine from a German forum. Benni performs deadlifts every week.

An interesting part of his training are what are referred to as Jeff Jet Method deadlifts. This movement starts as a high rack pull, then the pins are removed from the cage and the weight is put down and picked back up. This allows the lifter to lift more weight than he might be able to if initially pulling from the ground.

600 Pound Raw Benchers

Create: 12/06/2005 - 06:56

Thanks to Ryan Kennelley's Bench Monster forum for pointing to Irongame's list of of all the men who have benched over 600 pounds raw. So far this has been accomplished 38 times in competition by 33 different lifters. Eight men have gone over 650 and two (Scot Mendelson and James Henderson) over 700.

Here are the 33 lifters who've accomplished this:

  • Scot Mendelson
  • James Henderson

Rotating Max Singles Work

Create: 12/05/2005 - 12:16
Power and Bulk examines Westside Barbell's use of rotating max effort exercises. Specifically, the original poster wants to know about rotating 90%+ singles exercises. A point is made about how the original poster's plan isn't exactly the classic Westside approach:

Going in and doing a few singles with 90% is not the same thing as classic WSB ME work. On ME work you go to 100%. They even advocate going to a miss.

Some poster's doubt there's a time limit to doing an exercise at or above 90%, instead there are other reasons why Westside's template of switching up ME exercises works:

I think the reason WSB works (if used properly) is more down to exercise slection hitting one's weak points rather than the CNS being spared.

Mountaineer Cup VIII Is a Go

Create: 12/05/2005 - 08:23

Steve Denison has been posting at a number of the forums that Mountaineer Cup VIII will be taking place in 2006. There was some concern that meet organizer Nick Busick would be unable to hold the event.

The format looks to again be teams of two made up of a heavyweight and light heavyweight. There will be up to 20 teams and the pairings will be determined by putting the number 1 ranked heavyweight with the number 20 ranked light heavyweight. The number 2 heavyweight will be paired with the number 19 light heavyweight, and so on.

Steve mentions that the event may be held in the New England area in 2006. The meet director is Bruce Derosier of the Atlantis Foundation. More information about qualifying meets can be found over at Gibson Powerlifting.

Powerlifting And GPP

Create: 12/04/2005 - 15:55
A thread over at looks at what sort of GPP (general physical preparedness) exercises powerlifters use. Deepsquatter is discussing the same thing. Some of the serious responses include sled pulling, farmers walks, tire flipping, kettlebell and sandbag work, sprints and plyometrics. Less serious responses include:

  • rock skipping
  • Shoveling snow in upstate NY winters!
  • Getting out of my chair to take a leak during commercial breaks while watching the football game.
  • my favorite GPP is pelvic thrusts
  • A couple times a week I walk the 50 yards up to the mailbox instead of stopping the car at it. I also walk to the refrigerator during commercials.

Are These Guys Really Powerlifters?

Create: 12/04/2005 - 12:57
Like me, Tim Bruner over at Gibson Powerlifting has been watching the IPF Bench Worlds. He remarks:

do these guys look like a guy who lifts weights?? The lighter classes look like human coathangers and then when it starts to get into the heavier classes the guys look like fat slobs and NO ONE and I mean NO ONE looked like they lift weights! Geeeezzzz I am all for Big Macs and Wendy's but damn its not like the old days when a guy like Doug Young not only could bench 600 but looked it too!

IPF Bench Worlds Results

Create: 12/04/2005 - 11:52

Final results from the IPF Bench Worlds in Stockholm, Sweden can be found for the women and men.

On the women's side, Russia captured first with 59 points followed by Sweden with 43 and the US and Finland with 39 points. Canada captured 12th with 13 points. Anna Olsson of Sweden was the female lifter of the meet.

For the men, Russia again dominated the competition with 69 points, followed by Japan with 57 and Poland with 55. The US was sixth with 41 points. Ayrat Zakiev of Russia was lifter of the meet on the men's side.

Origin Of The Maximum Bench Press Grip Width

Create: 12/02/2005 - 14:36
A poster at Go Heavy wonders where the current rule for maximum width of a bench press grip of 32 inches/ 81 cm comes from. Rickey Dale Crain offers up the only answer to this point, even though it's far from definitive. I'm sure others will follow.

i have checked with people who were around when the rules were written in the 60's and this number was just decided one seems to know why though..

If you can add any more information, be sure to head on over there.

How Long Is Too Long For A Workout?

Create: 12/02/2005 - 12:11
That's what a thread at Power and Bulk is examining. Members proceed to list the amount of time their typical workout lasts. Answers range from 30 minutes to 5 hours. Essentially the members suggest there is no magic amount of time a workout should or shouldn't take. A few posters debunk the 45 minute rule:

The whole idea that workouts have to be an hour or less (I've seen 40 minutes) seems to come from the assertion by Ivan Abadjaeve that testosterone drops in that time period... I've seen little in US research on the topic to supoprt the idea. The small acute hormonal effects seen during training (either direction) are probably pretty irrelevant which is what Shaf is getting at...sort of... The cortisol issue can more than be dealt with by sipping a carb and/or carb/protein drink throughout training.


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