APF Adding A Northern & Southern Region Teenage Nationals

Create: 04/07/2006 - 06:16
Kieran Kidder announces the addition of an APF Northern & Southern Regions Teenage Nationals:

In order to get more Teenagers in the APF/WPC we are having a Northern Region/Southern Region APF Teenage Nationals. This will be more cost effective for Teenagers with limited budgets to have the best chance to qualify for WPC Worlds. Russ Barlow will be hosting the Northern Region in Maine May 12th-14th along with the Master Nationals. Gary Pendergrass will be holding the Southern Region contest in San Antonio Texas July 22nd.

Would You Continue To Compete If...

Create: 04/07/2006 - 06:07
...you had to choose between either of the following:

There are a number of recurring themes on this forum. Tu use or not use performance enhancing drugs. The effect of various equipement (gear) on lifts. So would you continue to compete if: All meets were drug tested and no equipment allowed ? None of the meets were tested and all available equipment was allowed. This assumes that there was no middle ground. Obviously these are the two extremes and todays situation in most orgs is somewhere in between.

Kieran Kidder Makes Bench Bash Invite Only

Create: 04/06/2006 - 08:05
Kieran Kidder posts that the benchers ruined this years World Record Bench Bash held at the Arnold and that he is no longer going to allow qualifying for the event. He's decided to hand pick those who will participate, including going outside the WPO/APF to create a good show. Forum discussion: Go Heavy Ryan Kennelly's forum Outlaw Powerlifting North Georgia Barbell Kidder:

Mr. Lorimer was thrilled to death with the success of the 3lift/Squat meet!! But the bench meet was given a F- rating as the worst event that took place on the main expo stage. I couldn't agree more! From this day forward the AC WPO Bench Bash for Cash is invite only. I can't rely on the benchers to lift smart and give me the best show possible. I have gone above and beyond trying to get the majority of you to open up smart. But nobody listens!! Even just getting your opener isn't going to cut it anymore. Just because you bench the most doesn't mean you will be invited. I will invite lifters who consistently makes 2 or more benches. Your best bet to be invited is to lift in the APF/WPC, but if my choices are limited I will go outside the federation to invite other lifters who bench smart. I have no choice!! KK APF/WPO Prez.

Kieran Kidder Now Allowing Some WPO Lifters To Compete In APF Seniors

Create: 04/06/2006 - 07:35
Kieran Kidder announces a change to a WPO rule that was just added at the end of March. Initially, the rule stated that any lifter who had competed in the WPO Finals could not compete in the APF Seniors. That's been changed to only restrict those who've finished in the top 5 in the WPO Finals in the past two years. Here's the changed section of the rule:

If you have come in the Top 5 in the WPO Finals in the past 2 years, then you can only do the APF Seniors as a Guest Lifter.

The old rule just instituted March 30 with the pertinent line:

If you have lifted in the WPO Finals then you can only do the APF Seniors as a Guest Lifter.

Would These Rules Be Helpful?

Create: 04/06/2006 - 07:10
Zane McCaslin trots out a couple of rules from the early days of the WPO at Fortified Iron. He asks for others to give their input as to how they view the rules. The rules would promote faster run meets, might discourage bombing and perhaps make strategy an even more important factor. McCaslin:

I was reading an old article from a back issue of powerlifting USA. When the WPO was first organized there was a few interesting rules. The one that I thought was a good idea was. If you miss an attempt you are not aloud to raise the wieght until that attempt was good. This I think would really make you think about your opener. It would me anyway. Does anyone else have any thoughts or input on this rule? Could a rule like this be a good addition to local meets as well? They also had speed lifting. Your first attempt was taken on a platform in the warmup area with 3 judges. When you make a lift your next lift can be on the big stage in front of the huge crowd if you miss your first and second attempt...... you are out of the meet and no glory for you on the big stage. I suppose this would take care of the problem of all the bombing in front of the crowd because they just wouldn't see it. Any input on this also....

Is Squatting Below Parallel A Mental Barrier?

Create: 04/06/2006 - 06:50
A Bodybuilding.com poster is having some troubles getting his squats below parallel. In fact, he never goes that far and wonders if it's a mental thing:

When i do squats i never go below parallel or at parallel... feels like the weight will just crush me and all that will be left is a heap on the floor.. now i know this is paranoi... any tips.. or advice from people who used to this and changed there ways?

Gearing Up For New England Record Breakers

Create: 04/05/2006 - 10:51
I hope everyone has their tickets and travel plans lined up for New England Record Breakers meet!! As I type this we are now just weeks out from one of the best competition line-ups I have ever seen! I am fan of this sport and those huge numbers just like the rest of u, and I am telling u right now, there are gonna be some HUGE numbers at this meet! Sure there is no 1200 pound squat, or 900 pound benches... but I honestly foresee high 800 and 900 pound squats, and HUGE 600 plus raw benches!! " In the words of the cable guy, "Now that’s damn STRONG... I don’t cur who ya are!" I am just as excited to see these numbers as the rest of you are!

Can A Local Lifter Be Considered The Best?

Create: 04/05/2006 - 10:23
Brad Vargason, one of the best powerlifters competing at 181, has decided that he will lift mainly at local meets. On the one hand, he seems to want to distance himself from the politics that come with competing at the top level but on the other still wants to be considered the top 181 lifter. Can he expect other lifters to seek him out to compete? Shouldn't lifters have to compete at the sports top events, under the same judging standards as their rivals, and beat them to be considered the best?

Distinction Between WPO & WPC Championships

Create: 04/05/2006 - 06:30
Mike Sweeney offers his opinion on the distinction between the WPC and WPO Championship at the APF/WPC forum. Sweeney also comments on his apparent banning from Go Heavy.

To: The World Powerlifting Congress and Interested Individuals Subject: WPC vs. WPO I have been often asked the difference of one championship with the other. To me it is in the title. It is true that the WPO finals are held at the explosive Arnold every year and the amount of “total venue” causes sensory-implosion to most individuals. I don’t see the WPO finals anywhere else. The opportunity for exposure is tremendous. These showcase powerlifters mainly come through the semis, the WPC racks, and some selected outstanding individuals are given invitation, again I stress the word “outstanding”. All must be a certain proven caliber. The WPC championships are held in different countries and have a more involved selection process. Here in the states, we have local, regional, national meets that, from placement, lead to the world championships. The WPC championships have much more depth in terms of traditional weight/age/sex classes and lifters. To me both are GREAT and have their place! However when it comes right down to it, nothing takes the place of a WPC World Championship metal/trophy/certificate on the wall!


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