Equipment And Records

Create: 04/03/2006 - 09:25
At Josh Bryant's forum posters are questioning the role of records in an ever-evolving equipped lifting environment. Some questions to ponder are what meaning or historical significance do records have when they are constantly being broken? How do you attempt to compare lifters from generation to generation? Does equipment create a condition where tradition is eliminated? How do these effect the sport of powerlifting?

Meet Conflicts And Lifter Turnout

Create: 04/03/2006 - 09:00
Sometimes competing federations in the same area have meets that will battle for the same lifters. The USAPL has a more unique situation where two of its meets are close enough in time and in the same area that they may battle for the same lifters. That's being discussed at the USAPL forum. For the federation and lifters sake these conflicts obviously should be minimized. Brad Madvig initiates discussion on this specific occurrence as well as looks for a more general solution to this problem Madvig:

With MN and WI having two big meets within an hour driving distance of each other it presents the challenge of having both meets go off well without effecting turnout. I was wondering what other states facing similar situations have done to deal with it?

The APF Isn't For WPO Lifters

Create: 04/03/2006 - 08:43
Posters at APF Outlaws are examining Kieran Kidder's recent move to keep WPO lifters from competing in the APF.

this topic has been reported on in a few places. it seems there are a lot of strong opinions on it. thought i'd post it here for some discussion as most of you guys are apf-ers. Here is the post I think sums up all the bad reasons for a decision like this most eloquently: Post by Rick Hussey I don’t know what to think of it. I have a hard time with the approach, “This is how it is going to be, or else.” The communication between the APF/WPO “committee” and lifter is non-existent. Lifters that build a federation need to be treated with the respect they have earned. This new rule has not given lifters a choice; some of my current lifters would have chosen to stay in the APF a bit longer. A lifter should have the choice before the rule goes into effect. I feel like the lifter has to jump through hoops these days.

Tiny Meeker Hits 914, Misses 1,069 pounds

Create: 04/03/2006 - 08:06

Tiny Meeker benched 914 pounds yesterday at the APF House of Pain Texas Championships. Meeker who was competing as a 308, recently secured the all time highest bench in the 308's with a 942 pound press. Yesterday's 914 pounds was the third highest mark in history.

Meeker then apparently asked for 970 pounds to be loaded. Instead of 970 pounds, 1,069 pounds was put on the bar. Side judge Joe Dalton says Meeker got that to within 6 inches of his chest, but couldn't touch the weight. However, he was able to press the weight back up from there.

UPDATED: Reports now indicate that the correct weight of 970 pounds was used. Here Mark Harris issues an apology.

Burst Blood Vessels, Bloody Noses & Bloodshot Eyes!

Create: 04/02/2006 - 15:04
A poster at Ryan Kennelley's forum has been getting blood dots on his face when straining on max effort benches. He wonders if he should be concerned:

My question is do a lot of you get blood dots on your face when you max out? I get them everytime I Max with my shirt. they don't bother me but my Wife freaks every time I come home with them. is there a real concern with this? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Getting Kids Involved In Powerlifting

Create: 04/02/2006 - 13:01
To keep powerlifting growing it's essential to reach out to kids. Powerlifting is uniquely disadvantaged as there isn't a universal feeder program throughout the states. That means lifters often must reach out one by one to the next generation. Sam Byrd posts on his experiences reaching out to kids.

Hey guys, i know there are a few coaches and teachers on this board, and of course parents as well. Todays youth is the future of the sport, the country, and paying our social security [Smile] Whether we ar RAW Dogs or Gear Gangstas (i hate that tem), we all have one thing in common... we all love to lift weight. It has been a long time goal of mine to get kids more active in weight training and making it a fun, exciting and social event along with a competition. Its a good way for kids to make friends at other schools, and keep them out of trouble and doing other things kids could be doing.

Knee Cracks After Squatting

Create: 04/02/2006 - 12:38
Over at Monster Muscle a poster writes that sometimes his knee starts cracking and hurting a day after squatting. Then for long periods of time this won't occur. He says:

well i squated yesterday and today my right knee is bothering me. when i walk it cracks every like 20 steps or so and kind of hurts when it cracks. it was doing this like a month and a half ago but stopped and now is doing it again and it was a little worse today. i squat with a pretty wide stance with just a belt. any help on what this might be?? ok a little more info to add if itll help. it dosent hurt if im rest sitting down. then when i get up itll be ok but then after walking a little while itll start to crack and hurt again, then the more i walk the more it will crack

Foods For Weight Gain

Create: 04/02/2006 - 11:58
Wanna Be Big member Drew offers his list of foods to eat to pack on the weight for you hardgainers. If you follow his advice you're almost sure to put on weight. Drew's food groups:

OK, first off, this isn't in the diet/nutrition section for one good reason, it's not much of a "healthy" diet. But it will make you pack on the lbs. And if you're a powerlifter, I know you want to pack on some quality poundage. So anyway, these are the basic foodgroups that got me from a measly 177 up to 212 in just 7 months: #1 MEAT: I'm not talking chicken and fish. THose are great foods, and you should be eating them, but without a bunch of bloody red meat, you just won't be maximizing your poundage potential. Cow and bison and anything large and furry is key here. If you can get a hold of some bear meat, I would highly recommend it (make sure to marinate that sucker, it can be tough to chew otherwise).

Monster Muscle Magazine To End Subscriptions?

Create: 04/01/2006 - 09:46
Monster Muscle magazine is one of the most popular sources of powerlifting information. Recently, there's been some talk that they may no longer be mailing out their magazine. The online subsription page is still up, but there's an error if you actually attempt to subscribe. John Crone Jr.:

Just talked to the Monster Muscle office about my subscription and they informed me that they will no longer be sending out issues. They are going to turn it into a free publication, doubt it will be the same length of publication. They are getting ready to send out fliers to all subscription holders notifying of this. They will be giving back issues or store credit for subscription balance. This is what I was told by the office.

Can Squat Hand Placement Collapse You Forward?

Create: 04/01/2006 - 09:21
A TeamSniffy member wants to know if moving his hands out will cause him to collapse forward during squats. He asks:

Squats take a toll on my shoulders, lol. I have the bar rest on the high rear deltoids, and in order to be stable, I have to chicken wing the bar. What if I move my hands out? Will this fold me over?

Is Lifting In Multiple Divisions For Trophy Hunters?

Create: 04/01/2006 - 08:37
Most of us love the hardware we can win come meet time. In many meets, there's an opportunity to bring home multiple trophies. A Fortified Iron poster wonders if entering multiple divisions in a meet is trophy hunting. Opinions:

I figure if you're doing this sport purely for trophies you're pretty much a fucked up individual to begin with. If you're doing it just to compete open and maybe set a record in submaster, then that would be valid to me. If you're doing it just cause with no other reason than you can? That'd be fine to.

Neglected Muscles And Exercises

Create: 04/01/2006 - 08:09
A Gorilla Barbell thread is looking at what some of the exercises are that people neglect to do and muscles they neglect to work. The original question:

What muscles or exercises are you neglecting that you know would help you if you started mixing them in? Is there one or the other that you know you should be working that you just don't enjoy? Is there one or the other that you know you should be working that you don't enjoy so you just don't work them much or at all? Why?


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