Nick Winters' Training For New England Record Breakers

Create: 04/19/2006 - 08:30
Nick Winters, who will be going head to head against Mike Wolfe at the New England Record Breakers on May 6 in Amherst, Massachusetts for the best bench, gives us a glimpse inside his training leading up to the event. Winters' training is peaking nicely, with a set of 4 at 625, a set of 3 at 625 and a close grip with a pause at 655.

My chest workout is pretty basic but it seems to work for me. Here is a short run down of what I have done to prepare for NERB.

The Greatest Lifts In Powerlifting History

Create: 04/19/2006 - 08:01
An old thread which has been revived at Get Big looks at the best lifts in powerlifting history. What qualifies a lift as a great one? Is it the amount of weight put up or the situation in which it's done or both? In other sports, the greatest moments often are from dramatic situations in playoffs or championships. Does that hold as true for powerlifting? Or does the format not lend itself much to the dramatic?

In my opinion, these are the greatest powerlifts of all time: Squat - Fred Hatfield's 1014 @ 255 lb. Very deep and almost totally unequipped. Bench Press - Mike MacDonald's 522 @ 181 lb. Totally unequipped. Deadlift - Vince Anello's 800 @ 198. TOTAL - Jon Cole's 2370 @ 283 lb. He almost benched 600 at the same meet. Totally RAW.

Is There An Upper Limit To The Squat Record?

Create: 04/19/2006 - 07:29
An Iron Addicts poster wonders aloud whether there's a theoretical limit to the amount of weight that can be squatted. If there is a limit, is it different for equipped and unequipped lifters? How soon will we arrive at that limit? Ultimately, what will be the limiting factor?

I was just thinking, what does everyone else think? Is going to be the biggest squat record ever? I asked Iron Addict what he thought over the phone. He says maybe 1500 but maybe less or more. Perhaps if the diet and training got alot better than we could see someone do more. I always felt like becasue the bible says anything we put our mind to we can do. I feel like anything is possible, so ofcourse in weight lifting its possible to throw around even bigger numbers.

Keeping A Bench Shirt Down In Front

Create: 04/19/2006 - 07:15
A has just got his first bench shirt but is finding that when he benches the collar is riding up and choking him. He's looking for some advice on what he's doing wrong:

I just got my first bench shirt in the other day (titan fury) and I'm having some issues getting it on correctly. And yes i've used the liftinglarge picture diagram to help me lol, but still having a hard time. Anyway, chest is 39 inches so I decided to go with a size 42. The main problem I'm having is that I can't get the front of the shirt to go down. No matter what I do, it always rides back up and chokes me. A super tight belt isn't working to hold it in place either. I dunno if i've got the sleeves on wrong, or something's not lined up right, or what. There's also a bit of slack in the back around the shoulders that I can't seem to get rid of. Btw i'm not trying to do this alone lol, have a friend helping. Any help would be awesome.

Does Powerlifting Need New Weight Classes?

Create: 04/18/2006 - 09:15
With today's new breed of superheavyweight tipping the scales well over 300 pounds, many approaching 400 pounds and in some cases well over that, is it time to reorganize and add weight classes. That's an idea explored at Fortified Iron. Will another class in the 350-370 range really encourage heavier lifters to diet down? Is there any chance of adding a weight cap? UPDATED 4/18 The original poster's thoughts:

We've got weight classes in PL now that are separated by at most 30 pounds, with short hops between the lower classes up to 33 pounds between the 275s and 308s. Now, once you get into the superheavies, it's all-out right? You've got 400 pounders and that's a midline, plus King Louie hitting over 500. I realize that there's a big difference in fat with these fellas, with Lewis not being as lean a 550 as a 367 Mike Miller (no shit, huh?), but the fact remains that deviations in weights are FAR bigger in the SHWs than anywhere else, where for the most part everyone's coming in within a few pounds of each other. Now, my first idea was simply tack on another weight class. Slap one up around 350, but that still doesn't help quite as much, not to mention it would make the meet longer if we just kept adding classes. So what's the alternative? Might a reorganization of the classes help instead? Instead of doing such small hops, spread them out so we go from 114 to a 370 class or so? I also think a completely unrestricted SHW class leads itself to unhealthiness because the competitors know they can't do well at 320, so the only choice is to bulk the fuck up or diet back down into the 308s. Maybe put a weight cap on? I know that sounds like an awful idea, but you can't tell me Lewis couldn't lose about a hundred pounds without sacrificing any noticeable muscle.

Why Box Squats Are So Popular

Create: 04/18/2006 - 08:54
A poster at the former Strength News forum now moved to SOS wonders why box squats have become so popular. He asks:

There is a group of powerlifters out of my gym, the University of Alberta and they train hardcore all the time, big groups of them. A bunch are really strong mofos, squatting 7 bills and such.. But they NEVER do goodmornings, NEVER do box squats, they just do squats 3x a week. Why do so many stress the importance of the box squat? Are they cheating themselves not using the box? I love box squats myself btw... So do most advanced powerlifters use the box? Or is it mainly westside powerlifting circles which use it?

Raw Top 50 Rankings

Create: 04/18/2006 - 08:32
For all of you raw lifters, Paul Bossi, the president of the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation is developing a top 50 ranking list. Discussion can be found at the 100% Raw Federation forum. Bossi plans on using results from unequipped federations or federations with unequipped divisions and which also drug test. His plans are currently to use results from 100% RAW, USAPL, AAU, and ADAU to populate the results. He won't be using NASA or WNPF results because of equipment concerns. He hasn't addressed whether he'll use ADFPF, IPA or IBP results but since they allow knee and wrist wraps, they'll likely be excluded.

The Shakes While Benching

Create: 04/18/2006 - 08:18
A Dr. Squat poster has noticed that his arms shake when he's bench pressing above 75% of his 1rm and wonders what the problem might be. He asks:

When I'm benching at 75%+ of 1RM, my arms shake pretty bad. The barbell bench press is really the only movement that triggers this. The shake is probably as bad as you can imagine, with still being able to complete the press. My bench has always been lagging. Has anyone ever had this issue, or seen it before? Maybe it's normal, but I've never noticed it with anyone else. It's uncontrolable, but I've always just worked with it. Any idea what might wrong with me?

A Unified Powerlifting League Proposed

Create: 04/18/2006 - 07:54
Scott Tusic puts forth an idea to start a new unified powerlifting league at Go Heavy. The league would sit atop the current federation structure with each federation represented in the executive committee. The EC would decide on gear standards, but there would be no drug testing. Additionally, the winners at nationals would receive monetary compensation. Tusic hints that a more spectator friendly format change would also occur, but offers no details. Finally, Tusic claims that with such a league, sponsorship dollars would flow in. How is the executive committee, with such diverse viewpoints, ever going to come to an agreement on anything? Would the federation heads even allow representation? Why will sponsor dollars now come rolling in? Is this plan workable? Tusic's proposal:

Here is my opinion which means absoluetly zilch, all lifters will be registered to one single league, with certain limits on equipment. The winner of the seniors represents America in the Worlds. A top #100 listing in each class would be posted. NO drug testing involved, lifters who want to compete will lift against users and non-users. The way it was during the 70-80's. Every federation votes for a delegate to start an executive committee. The committee sets up a lifters gear standard as to ply and what type of suits allowed. It is the lifters choice to use or not to use performance enhancing compounds. If you don't want to be recognized as a league lifter in the National Powerlifting League, then compete at your local YMCA. Each State champion would lift in a region, for instance WV,VA,MD,KY,PA,OH,and IND. would have a regional champion in each class. TX,LA,OK,NEB,MISS,GA,FLA would be another region. A total of seven regions with seven regional class champions vie for the senior nationals. If a 2nd place lifter who totals more than another regional champion, may lift and replaces the regional champion. Regions would be set up and the process would start with a state meet, regional, and the seniors, followed by the worlds, with each national champion receiving 10,000 dollars and if an American lifter wins the worlds, he would recieve 25,000 dollars. This is only a rough draft but would be comprable to the NFL Playoffs. UNITE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN, WE CAN GET ALONG. I have a complete plan but will post at a later date. It is time for unification and then we can get our respect with national coverage. People will watch this event but has to be put into a different format. Scott, 30+ years in the irongame. Sponsers would be no problem.

Nica Miller Coming Home

Create: 04/18/2006 - 07:39
Mike Miller posts that his daughter Nica is coming home.

For your thoughts and prayers..Nica is coming home today for a slow but steady recovery. Deb and I cannot thank you enough for your cards and e-mails of concern. How wonderful that we can all put our diffrences aside and for a few days consentrate on the well being of a little girl. This week really made me think about people and what is and is not important and let me tell you what it's not setting records or living for glory, it's making breakfast with your daughter or going for a motorcycle ride with your son washing the car's the little moments the ones that seem insignificant those are remembered forever... Again from the bottom of my heart thank you for taking time out of your day to think and pray for my Nica.... Mike,Deb Miller and family

USAPL Elections

Create: 04/18/2006 - 07:09

The USAPL has announced elections for Executive Committee (EC) positions at its upcoming NGB meeting which is to be held in Miami this July. Positions up for election include President and two EC Committee members. Up for President is Larry Maile. Running for the two EC positions are Ray Benemertio (Incumbent), Steve Howard (Incumbent) and Tod Miller. Other honorary awards are to be given as well during the NGB meeting.


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