CPU Also Struggles With Lifter Friendly Rule Interpretation

Create: 03/11/2006 - 06:44
As was the case in the USAPL, CPU members are discussing an interpretation of an IPF rule which will allow lifters to continue in a meet even if they bomb. The discussion began here. On one side are the hardcore traditionalists who believe when you bomb you're out of the meet. On the other are those who feel allowing lifters to continue will hurt no one and will actually help the CPU and powerlifting retain members.


Create: 03/10/2006 - 09:03
Strength News has an excellent discussion going on about overtraining. What is it? How do you identify it? How do you prevent and recover from it? How prevalent is it? These are just some of the issues which are explored. The original poster gets the ball rolling:

When you are overtrained, what signs do you notice most often? Muscular fatigue? Lack of Motivation to train? Lethargy or low energy? Chronically tired? Achiness? What do you do when you feel you've overtrained yourself, do you do a 'deloading' week, or take time off completely, or just push through your given training program? What is the greatest culprit for overtraining for you? High volume, high intensity, overtraining certain movements, or what? How much does and can diet help with prevention or treating overtraining, is the answer to a certain extent just eat more? Or are certain foods such as fish oils essential to fighting inflammation and helping?

Are NASA Lifters Who Lift In Other Feds Disloyal?

Create: 03/10/2006 - 08:44
Over at the NASA forum there have been a number of recent threads related directly or indirectly to NASA lifter Joe Thompson. Thompson is planning to lift in an upcoming USAPL contest. In certain posts, he's all but assured of bombing at that meet. In this related thread a poster asks:

Has any lifter that lifted in a meet outside of NASA won the lifter of the year? And has any of the lifters of the year lifted outside of nasa after they won it?

NASA president Rich Peters responds:

Arnold World Record Bench Bash Video

Create: 03/10/2006 - 08:10
Sandi McCaslin posts more video from last weekends World Record Bench Bash at the Arnold. Included are Bill Crawford - 782 and 821, Clay Brandenburg - 804 miss, Fred Boldt - 628, James Burdette - 590, 611, and 628 miss, Kara Bohigian - 391, 402, Little Evil - 77, 88, 100, Mike Wolfley - 660, 705, Rob Luyando - 777, and Ryan Kennelly - 826 and 865 miss.

Protective Pads For Powerlifting

Create: 03/10/2006 - 07:29
A poster at Bodybuilding.com asks whether protective pads can be worn on the neck when squatting or on the shins while deadlifting. He also wants to know whether the lifter or the bar wears the pad. Let the fun begin!

APA/WPA allows shinguards and/or tape to be worn during the deadlift, but they must be covered by socks, and can't have any foreign substance on them. If you want a pad for squatting, you can find them in aisle 10, under the tampons.

Has The WPO Tightened Up The Judging?

Create: 03/09/2006 - 09:37
For a while now, many have complained about the lax judging in the WPO. Nowhere has this been more evident than in judging squat depth. Were the recent WPO Finals any different? An Outlaw Powerlifting is looking at just that.

With all the talk about high WPO squats...This was redlighted on depth: http://asp.elitefts.com/images/upload/qa/israeli-dude-1212attempt.jpg No idea if that's the bottom position or not, but he at least got that low with 1212 and it was not accepted. If you really look at where his thigh most likely inserts at his hip, you will see that it's pretty close. I don't think this WPO meet was the same kind of Christmas affair as some of the past ones.

The USAPL's Struggle To Become More Lifter Friendly

Create: 03/09/2006 - 09:30
The ongoing struggle Larry Maile, president of the USAPL, is having with some of his membership over allowing lifters to continue lifting if they bomb on the squat or bench is chronicled in a number of threads at the USAPL forum. Maile first touched on this subject in this thread where he suggests allowing lifters to continue as a means of becoming more lifter friendly. Maile is trying hard to temper negative feelings many in powerlifting have about the USAPL being anti-lifter. It seems he's up against many of his own that don't want to change. Here Maile expands on the USAPL becoming more lifter friendly:

The thread below is very interesting. There are a number of people jumping in, good for conversation, but maybe not getting the point. I did not mention a meet director, and in fact there have been three of them over the past ONE MONTH whose exclusion of a lifter generated a complaint. My post was general, and meant to address all meet promoters. But to address the issue of anarchy: I had a referee throw a red for a squat, gave the one card (depth). I protested (hard to believe, I know). When queried by the jury, the referee acknowledged that the lift did in fact break parallel, but responded, "I just like to see them deeper than that." How may a lifter prepare for a situation where a judge uses his her her own discretion in terms of interpreting the lift in the most unfavorable way to the lifter. Answer: They can't. There has to be a standard, and it has to be predictable and reasonable. Each person reading it may not interpret it at will. The confusion will legion. Someone with greater experience with a rule often guides the implementation of the rule. That way, standards can be made uniform. Feedback is given and adjustment made. So back to these three meet promoters, and the three bombed lifters. I completely agree that a lifter who bombs should not continue, at least as far as being able to get an individual lift medal. However, I have difficulty seeing where them getting to do another lift, and getting guidance on how to do it correctly hurts us. As an official I also feel obligated to follow the rule. Whether I believe it to be right, or in our best interests ultimately, I still follow. Because the lifters have to know, when they pay their money and enter one of our meets that I am going to. I was telling you the intent of the rule. It is one of those lifter friendly rules that are so difficult to get passed these days. I was there when it was discussed. That WAS the intent. So where does that leave us? The intent was to allow lifters to have the experience of lifting in the meet even though they were disqualified in an individual lift. What then if meet promoter refuses?

More On Bench Bombing

Create: 03/09/2006 - 08:14
The recent trend of high profile bench bombings is being discussed at Ryan Kennelly's forum. There are some general reasons given for bombing, but many deal with the particular situation at the Arnold.

it is very apparent that you have never pushed the envelope at all.. you must have never missed a weight either.. these gys are lifting on a world level, the best of the best, these guys are second to no one.. and they got there by pushing past limits they normally wouldnt get, that is why they are a class act !!!! true athelets if-you-will.. how did goerge halbert get to hold so many world records? by reaching for the sky and grabbing a peice... hard to find a guy like him !!!! i think I have said all that the big names wanted to say , but didnt want to waste the time on such an unthought question.

Tightening Your Belt

Create: 03/09/2006 - 07:30
A poster at Bodybuilding.com can't seem to get his new belt tight enough. He wonders whether it's too stiff and what to do about it. Advice on breaking the belt in and getting it tighter:

what i did was fold a tiny part of it over and stand on it then pull a little more out and stand on it, when i was done with that i flipped it over and repeated. I did that a few times and now my belt is definately wearable.

Worst Piece Of Gym Advice You've Received

Create: 03/09/2006 - 07:13
In a Dr. Squat thread, posters are offering up some of the worst gym advice they've received. You may see a couple you've been told.

  • I remember a guy telling me that deadlifting shrinks the pec muscles.
  • Use as much monetum as you can. ALMOST KILLED ME ONE!! Dumbell Curl, did it real fast, almost got me in the face.
  • A personal trainer of this gym once advised me to use balance board on leg press machine to use more stabilizers.
  • Go ahead and marry the girl.
  • There's no difference if you bench press 30 pounds 10 times or 300 pounds once.

Powerlifting Is A Freakshow

Create: 03/08/2006 - 08:48
A Go Heavy poster adds his observations on powerlifting at the Arnold. His conclusion is that drug use, equipment and lax judging are factors that may keep him from competing, causes him to question powerlifting's legitimacy and makes it a freak show. The original poster:

I was at the Arnold Classic this past weekend thinking about doing a powerlifting meet. Then I saw the WPO event. The music and the rock concert atmosphere was pretty cool. What wasn't cool was the fact I began to question a couple things about the validity of the judging. From what I saw many of the squats were sky high. I thought that in powerlifting squats were to go below parrallel instead many of them looked like quarter squats or half squats at best. Secondly there were a lot of massive weights being moved. From what I understand and correct me if I'm wrong is that the WPO doesn't test for drugs. That would explain why many of the women were squatting an excess of 700lbs or near that amount. Not to mention guys that wer squatting over 1000lbs. If there is no drug testing how do you expect me to believe that these guys are not juicing? I understand that there are drug free meets and organizations, however that is no excuse. Steroids are illegal in this country. If there was a drug raid at the meet like there was last month at the Olympics in Torino I could see people being yanked off the platform. I have heard that some guys get 200lbs on their lifts by using some of the squat suits and bench shirts they are wearing. I must question whether that is legit or not. Add the steroids in and the poor judging its a wonder why these lifts are so massive.This is why Iam questioning the legitimacy of the sport or if it is some stage freakshow.


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