Do Powerlifers Have To Juice?

Create: 01/25/2006 - 09:22
A poster at Anabolic Review wonders whether powerlifters have to use juice in order to be successful. He also asks:

can you still get good numbers after years of hard work without juicing?

Some answers:

with good genetics, good diet, smart training, yes you can get very strong and be very competitive in powerlifting w/o steriods. Will you make the freaky gains as fast, NO. Will you get as strong w/o the steriods, NO. But you can be a successful powerlifter w/o steriods. You will need to compete in the right organizations though. You will have to compete in actual drug tested organizations. Sad to say there really aren't many out there...

Forum Bashing

Create: 01/25/2006 - 08:58
A few APF Outlaw threads here, here and here touch on the so called negativity and bashing which occurs on the web and in forums. However, is it bashing to offer your opinion? Should powerlifters shut up if they don't agree with something going on in their sport? Are people being way to sensitive? Is it all just a red herring?

Why Face Plates In?

Create: 01/25/2006 - 08:30
A Fortified Iron poster wants to know why people load the bar with the plates facing inward. It becomes apparent from the responses that actually there is not one standard method nor any standard reason why:

Personal preference. I always loaded the bar that way as well but after I started training with a crew that competed I was instructed to load the first plate face in and the rest face out as per the rules of the APF Federation that we lift in. As far as a technical reason, I don't know of one.

Interview With Dave Tate

Create: 01/25/2006 - 07:31
Elite FTS (PDF) has an interview Diesel Crew did with Dave Tate. How he got into strength and conditioning:

I have always been in it. There was no getting into it. I remember getting a weight set for Christmas in 1981. That was the gif and day that changed my life forever. As I was going through my education I had an advisor and he would tell me there would be no money or success to come from lifting weights and I had to focus on other things. What they did not see was that my focus and passion was set and I knew there would be a way to get what I truly wanted. So while they are still working in their crappy offices trying to destroy childhood dreams - I am fucking living mine!

The Future Of Powerlifting

Create: 01/24/2006 - 08:44
Kieran Kidder, the head of the WPO/WPC/APF, made a thought provoking post last week entitled "Prize $$$.Sponsorship/Image. Future of the WPO." In that post, he examines the image of powerlifting, how he feels it ties to sponsor dollars all within the context of advancing powerlifting. I generally try to stay away from putting my opinions forward here at Powerlifting Watch, but I've decided to offer them up on this subject. This post will look at some of Kidder's thoughts as well as others from around powerlifting, as they apply to growing powerlifting so that it gains a broader appeal. Is there a reason why powerlifting must broaden its appeal? Absolutely not. For those wishing it to remain solely a grassroots sport, this editorial isn't for you. Rather, it's for those who would like to watch powerlifting on television and see bigger pay outs to top lifters.

Sponsorship Dollars Will Change Powerlifting

Create: 01/24/2006 - 08:35
There's been a lot of talk recently about securing sponsor dollars for powerlifting events. A poster at Go Heavy comments that adding those dollars will change powerlifting, probably in a negative way:

Powerlifting like all sports ceases to be about true sport and athletics the moment $MONEY$ is introduced! The very nature of sports is changed and it becomes a matter of "ENTERTAINING" the crowd. The wrestling establishment was the first and only sport (if you call it that) that realized this and reinvented itself to become the $BILLION DOLLAR industry it has become. In order for powerlifting to thrive it must adapt to its audience and decide if it wants to be a grassroots "fan" based sport or a "MASS-APPEAL" sport for a larger audience! You cant have it both ways. If its all about $$$ then go for the mainstream audience and entertainment value. "BUT" if its about the real power-fans then stick to pure lifting and forget about the sponsorship game! Sponsors give you money and then you become their "whore" doing what your told and taking away your rights to make your own decisions. THERE ARE ENOUGH PEOPLE AT THE ARNOLD WATCHING THE "BENCH MEET" ALONE TO PAY FOR THE PRIZE $$$ AND KEEP THE MEET ABOUT THE FANS AND LIFTERS AND NOT COMPANIES!... There are enough spectators (3000)? to make up the difference instead of crybaby sponsors!

Do Gear Companies Support Powerlifting?

Create: 01/24/2006 - 07:43
There's clearly a shortage of sponsor dollars for powerlifting's premier events. The recent WPO and Bench America troubles illustrate this point. A poster at APF Outlaws observes that Kieran Kidder is unable to bring sponsors even from within the powerlifting world to the WPO. He says:

Over the years i have been involved in many differet sports at many different levels and one thing they all had in common was support from the companies within the sport itself. When was the last time Inzer, Titan, Crains, or Metal put up some $$ for the WPO? After all this event is there biggest advertisment as everyone wants to know what the biggest lifter was wearing. If gear companies want to survie i suggest they start giving a little more back!

Squatting Barefoot

Create: 01/24/2006 - 07:34
A poster is new to squatting barefoot and asks for some advice on whether he should continue doing so. He says:

i shake going down and i feel like my knees and ankles are going to fold over. i was telling my freind about this and he said that he squats barefoot all the time and it made him stronger, anyone have an opinion or help they could offer me.

More Shirt Wisdom From Big Gene

Create: 01/24/2006 - 07:24
If you frequent Gene Rychlak's Forum you'll occasionally get some shirted benching tips from the king of shirted benching. For instance, asked how often he benches without a shirt, Rychlak answers:

NEVER...only during warm up. i have been benching for over 20 years now and no longer need the raw training. all raw training will do is open me up for injuries. as i talked about in other posts, i use a terd shirt until about 30 days out from competition. the terd shirt gives me supprort but makes me handle the majority of the weight. then i switch to dial in the meet shirt. i don't recommend this to the beginner and mid level lifters becuase they need to build their core and tendon strength. i've already done that.

Getting Dumbells Into Position

Create: 01/24/2006 - 07:09
Over at a poster is having some troubles getting dumbells into position for certain exercises. He says:

I'm having trouble getting the dbs in position when doing incline db presses and seated db shoulder presses. Is there an easy way to get them into position? Once I get them up, I can easily do the weight. I just look like a retard trying to get it up. I think it is holding me back on how much I would actually do.

Freezing Bands

Create: 01/23/2006 - 09:08
A poster at Strength News asks if anyone freezes their bands to help them last longer. The replies suggest freezing them would probably be the wrong thing to do:

it will not work, the reason being as bands are going to be ruined from a phenomenon known as stress relaxation, this is where a force is applied to the band, over time, the band's tension decreases causing it to become less effective. Almost all polymers exhibit this charachteristic, as do some metallics and other materials. It is a form of creep.

Do Different Federations Require Different Squat Depths?

Create: 01/23/2006 - 07:47
It's impossible to read the forums and not frequently find posts discussing squatters reaching proper depth. Many times those posts are comparing depth in one federation to another. However, is that comparison a fair one according to the rule book? A poster at Go Heavy asks:

I have heard that different feds have varying rules on legal depth. Putting the debate about judges discretion aside for a moment, is this really true? IPF - Hip below top of knee APF - Hip in line with top of knee

Criticism Of New England Record Breakers Meet

Create: 01/23/2006 - 07:14
Dave Coz posted the Bruce Derosier announcement for the New England Record Breakers meet over at Diablo Barbell. The post and event were met with some criticism:

"We are not attempting to discredit any equipped lifters or lifts that they performed." Thats funny. Most of those envolved have openly bashed gear and current powerlifting.


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