Matt McCase Announces Multiple Nationals Event

Create: 04/09/2006 - 11:40
Matt McCase announces that the USPF will hold a combined Junior, Master's, Women's, and Senior Nationals this year in addition to the Strength Challenge. The meet will be held August 12 in Parkersburg, West Virginia. McCase:

The USPF has decided to allow me to hold a multi national event this year. For one time only the best Master lifters in the Nation, the best Junior lifters in the nation, and the best Women lifters will be lifting along side of the best in the OPEN division as well. Thats right you have: Junior Nationals Womens Nationals Master NAtionals Senior Nationals and the Strength Challenge where I am giving away 5,000 cash on the spot to the person who pulls the most over 750 and bench presses over 550 will receive 2500 a piece. Entry will be available very soon. Make sure you are a part of this event. We have a few guest lifters who will be named on June 1st. If anyone has any questions please contact me at 304 376 2432 or email me at

Is It Possible To Do A Local Deload?

Create: 04/09/2006 - 11:34
A Fortified Iron poster asks an interesting question about deloading a particular lift rather than doing a complete deload. He wonders if it's even possible:

as i've said above im just recovering from a back injury and sq's and dl's have only been back on the menu for a few weeks, so far progress is good and lower body training feels great. Benching has been consistent for a while as it wasnt really affected by my back problem. However the last couple of ME bench workouts have gone downhill somewhat and it feels to me at the moment like I really need a deload but only on my upper sessions. My point is this, is it possible to do a 'local deload' ? All my deloads in the past have been global and a chance for my CNS to recover from 6 weeks (or whatever) of heavy lifting. At the minute im following a modified WSB program for bench and a simple 5x5ish type thing for lower. How do the WSB guys deload, with respect to sets/reps/%'ages on the DE/ME days? Do they ever split their deloads or are they all about global recovery?

Ron Palmer Versus Brad Vargason

Create: 04/08/2006 - 12:03
Ron Palmer responds to some of Brad Vargason's recent claims that he's the best lifter at 181 and that other top sub-200 pound lifters are ducking him. Palmer:

First off, I think you should slow you roll... I've spoken with you a few times, but I fail to remember ANYTHING that would lead you to believe I'm ducking you. And I'm pretty confident the same goes with Phil and Arnold. Obvioulsy you have put together a HUGE total and congrads on that. Yet alot of these guys you are calling out have put up SEVERAL huge totals over the past few years. And Kutchner does not lift like us. He is single ply (no briefs), same suit for squat/deads (looked loose to me). You wear double canvas and I assume briefs under (like me, phil). You think you are stonger than Kutchner???? Nothing against you, but facts are...You are NOT the strongest under 200lbs. Before you make such claims, BEAT SOMEBODY. Me, Phil, Arnold or whoever. You can't live off of ONE meet. Good luck to you... Lastly, I will say this ONE MORE TIME...I can give you your medicine at 181 or By the way, was nice meeting you at the Arnold...

Forearm Pain While Pushing And Pulling

Create: 04/08/2006 - 11:25
A Monster Muscle poster is experiencing some forearm pain while doing pressing or pulling exercises and is looking for help. He says:

hey guys i need some help. Everytime i bench or do any kind of press movement or pull, my forearm always starts to hurt. Its been bothering me pretty bad for awhile now and im hoping someone can give me some idea as to what it might be and what i should do about it.

Final Call For NERB Competitors

Create: 04/08/2006 - 11:00
Dave Cosnotti makes a final call for competitors for the upcoming New England Record Breakers contest on May 6 in Amherst Massachusetts.

Brand33 Sports and the Atlantis Foundation teamed up to pump some life into the sport of Powerlifting. Since we officially released the New England Record Breakers, we’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest and support from many of you. The fact that we have such a great list of competitors and people interested in witnessing this event shows that there is hope for this sport. We’ve also had to endure a lot of criticism, negative opinions, and threats for wanting to put on this extreme show of strength. It is a fact that Jon Inzer and Peter Thorne have contacted numerous lifters that were scheduled to compete in this event and threatened to terminate their sponsorship if they attend. 80% of these lifters originally contacted us for an invitation and later declined. We’ve already lost quite a few lifters because of this.

Why Don't They Look Strong?

Create: 04/07/2006 - 07:15
Tim Bruner remarks that most powerlifters today don't look strong like the powerlifters of old. He argues that it's because of lax rules enforcement. He touches on, but then dismisses, equipment as a possible primary cause.

Where have all the "POWER" lifters gone? For example, Gamble,Cash, Ausby, Coan, Kaz, Wilson, Young, Reinhart,Thomas, Bradley, and so on? What have all these guys have in common? MUSCLE! Todays lifter with the exception of a few and I mean very few have the "look" and muscle that the true giants of yester year have.

APF Adding A Northern & Southern Region Teenage Nationals

Create: 04/07/2006 - 06:16
Kieran Kidder announces the addition of an APF Northern & Southern Regions Teenage Nationals:

In order to get more Teenagers in the APF/WPC we are having a Northern Region/Southern Region APF Teenage Nationals. This will be more cost effective for Teenagers with limited budgets to have the best chance to qualify for WPC Worlds. Russ Barlow will be hosting the Northern Region in Maine May 12th-14th along with the Master Nationals. Gary Pendergrass will be holding the Southern Region contest in San Antonio Texas July 22nd.

Would You Continue To Compete If...

Create: 04/07/2006 - 06:07 had to choose between either of the following:

There are a number of recurring themes on this forum. Tu use or not use performance enhancing drugs. The effect of various equipement (gear) on lifts. So would you continue to compete if: All meets were drug tested and no equipment allowed ? None of the meets were tested and all available equipment was allowed. This assumes that there was no middle ground. Obviously these are the two extremes and todays situation in most orgs is somewhere in between.

Kieran Kidder Makes Bench Bash Invite Only

Create: 04/06/2006 - 08:05
Kieran Kidder posts that the benchers ruined this years World Record Bench Bash held at the Arnold and that he is no longer going to allow qualifying for the event. He's decided to hand pick those who will participate, including going outside the WPO/APF to create a good show. Forum discussion: Go Heavy Ryan Kennelly's forum Outlaw Powerlifting North Georgia Barbell Kidder:

Mr. Lorimer was thrilled to death with the success of the 3lift/Squat meet!! But the bench meet was given a F- rating as the worst event that took place on the main expo stage. I couldn't agree more! From this day forward the AC WPO Bench Bash for Cash is invite only. I can't rely on the benchers to lift smart and give me the best show possible. I have gone above and beyond trying to get the majority of you to open up smart. But nobody listens!! Even just getting your opener isn't going to cut it anymore. Just because you bench the most doesn't mean you will be invited. I will invite lifters who consistently makes 2 or more benches. Your best bet to be invited is to lift in the APF/WPC, but if my choices are limited I will go outside the federation to invite other lifters who bench smart. I have no choice!! KK APF/WPO Prez.


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