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Ab Strength For Deadlifting

Create: 03/17/2006 - 07:28
A Power and Bulk poster feels that because his deadlift is lagging behind his squat he may have some imbalances rearing themselves during the deadlift. He concludes that it may be his abs. He says:

I've always had good static ab strength, and poor flexion strength, and have been wondering if this could be an issue with my deadlift, as at the midpoint, I feel like I have trouble shifting gears between my start and my lockout. Any thoughts, experiences, anecdotes etc. are welcome and will be appreciated.

Chains Vesus Bands

Create: 03/17/2006 - 07:08
A young poster at Bodybuilding.com feels that there's a place for both chains and bands in a training routine but wonders if one is more effective than the other. Replies:

I wouldn't suggest to you to use either because you don't really need them, but if you are gonna use either/or, I'd say go with the chains first.

NASA Looking To Trim Divisions and Limit Record Setting Opportunities

Create: 03/16/2006 - 09:46
NASA president, Rich Peters announces at the NASA forum that because of poor attendance at national meets by its top lifters, American records will no longer be allowed to be set at local meets. His take is that this will encourage lifters to show up at national level meet. Peters:

Starting June 1st, 2006, ALL American Records MUST be broken at Official NASA Approved National Meets. All lifter that lift in these meet must qualify in a State, or Regional meet first. One meet will be certified as a Record Breaker meet in each Geographic area per year. Examples: Meets such as the Natural Nationals, BP Nationals, World Cup, PS Nationals, HS Nationals, etc...are Official NASA National meets so nothing will change with our official national meets. But no longerwill people simply be allowed to "drop by" NASA to beak a record to never be seen again... World Records will be narrowed down to just 5-6 meet per year where World Record will be allowed to be broken. This will draw our best lifters to the National Meets the way it should be. If lifters don't want to attend National Meets they can still set and break State Records in their own geographic area. This is being prompted by the fact that very few of our best lifters are attending National Meets and we never get to see lifters that are supposed to be American Record holders, yet they simply lift in their own backyard and never venture out.

Keep The Shoulders Strong For Benching

Create: 03/16/2006 - 08:40
A Testosterone Nation lifter describes a problem he's having while benching. Apparently, there's a weakness in his shoulder joint. He says:

... i have a little problem. i feel my shoulder "breack" i dont know how describe the feeling(english is not my 1st language...) but whem i push the barebell to lock out i feel like my shoulders would "breack down"... i think i need more specific training on sholuders... usually i do military press and then isolation exerecize.. how can i improve the stability and strenght of shoulder joints?

Chuck Taylors Aren't Allowed In The USAPL

Create: 03/16/2006 - 07:28
A USAPL Women's Nationals competitor's recent run-in with the USAPL's rulebook is recounted at the USAPL forum. Her Chuck Taylor shoes and shirt with sleeves less than 5 inches were not allowed at the equipment check. Is this incident indicative of why Larry Maile is pursuing more lifter friendliness in the USAPL?

Really really hate to bring this up but it is a current issue- at Women's Nat's the following concerns were brought at equip check: "Chuck Taylor" BASKETBALL SHOES(!!!!) were not considered 'athletic footwear'

Headache While Lifting

Create: 03/16/2006 - 07:28
A Power and Bulk poster is experiencing the recent onset of headaches while doing max effort lifting and wants to know what's causing them and whether he should be concerned. He asks:

Anybody out there ever experience a headache during max efforts and high intensity GPP stuff? If so, did you figure out what it was? Did it resolve on its own or did you seek a doc's advice? This is a new development for me (it began last week). I'm a little concerned... I have noticed this week that I can affect/decrease the severity by breathing more during the lift but I'll need more practice to get some kind of system down. I'm thinking it has to be related to blood pressure and I was thinking of seeing a Doc for it; thoughts of an about to burst aneurism have me a bit concerned. That's got to be just mild panic though (nervous LOL)... Fit, could be stronger, healthy diet, happily married, resting HR in the 40s, resting BP ~120/70. Sleep's fucked up and has been for years - I'm a fireman - but I take naps when I'm off duty when I need to.

Sumo Versus Traditional

Create: 03/16/2006 - 07:03
A younger Iron Trybe member has been deadlifting conventional but has people whispering in his ear about changing to sumo. He asks for help deciding which is better:

anyone who pulls alot of weight in the competitions ive seen only does sumo but im seeing videos of the people doing 900+ only using traditional. I do traditional and can only pull 470 and im told with sumo i could do close to 600 which is where my squat is. So whats better?

Should WPO Lifters Compete In The APF?

Create: 03/15/2006 - 08:55
Some interesting thoughts are offered at Outlaw Powerlifting about WPO lifters competing against APF lifters. Many are comparing WPO lifters to pro athletes and APF lifters to amateur athletes. They point out that the pros should not come back to the amateur level to compete. Others counter that lifters must re-qualify each year for the WPO so they have to compete in APF meets. The thread suggests some interesting implications regarding professionals versus amateur status in powerlifting. Should there be such a thing?

Bands - How Often And Which Lifts?

Create: 03/15/2006 - 07:46
A Power and Bulk poster wants to incorporate bands into his workouts and asks others what lifts they use them on and how often they use them. Replies indicate many uses for the bands:

I use bands on overhead pressing primarily, but the OL lifter I train uses them on drop snatches, rack jerks, overhead pressing, and pulls. Check out the Joe Average website, it's all about lifting with bands.

The USPF Is Alive And Lifter Friendly!

Create: 03/15/2006 - 07:29
USPF Executive Committee member and Rhode Island State Chair, Ted Isabella, remarks that the USPF isn't dead and that its lifter friendly meets are a great alternative for regular lifters who aren't competing for an IPF World's spot.

The USPF is not dead; we still have a pulse and some life. As Matt and other have said in previous post, as long as we still give the lifter a top quality meet with good solid judging, the lifter will always come. I have been running USPF meets here in RI for 16 years now and I have always been able to draw a good number of lifters with over 230 plus spectators each year at my little state meet. This year alone I have a number of lifter willing to travel from out of state to compete in my contest. We always have a lot of fun at my show and I have always tried to give my lifter a good safe place to lift with solid judging, but I am sure there are a few who would say otherwise. I have made a lot of friends and met a lot of nice people, through the years, and it is all because of USPF powerlifting. I know we will always have the debate about single vs. multi-ply gear, IPF affiliation or not, but we must never forgot, whatever our opinions are or the gear we want to use, it us the lifters that matter. Without all use little guys who would never have the ability to lift in the IPF Worlds or the WPO or squat 1200lbs or bench 1000 lbs, this sport would be very small or would not exist at all. There are thousands of lifters out there that will never reach those levels, but without them or us, there would not be enough people to even have a powerlifting federation. It is all the unknown lifter that makes our sport still live, and those are the one we must keep happy and work for. Back in 1997 the USPF lost it IPF affiliation, along with thousand of lifter, state chairman, regional chairman, etc. for what. To follow that infamous IPF World title, of which only a few dozen people, men and women combined, have the ability to compete at. All this happen for a few dozen people, when we have thousand of lifter who just want to lift and compete at quality meet. I still have not figured that one out yet.

If You Couldn't Squat...

Create: 03/15/2006 - 07:11
A Midwest Barbell lifter has some problems with her knees and hips and can't squat. She's afraid she's losing leg strength and wants to know what lifts may be acceptable substitutes. Advice:

I would just do leg presses. Can you deadlift? What about stiff legged DL? I could live without either squats or deadlifts. If I had to give up both, I would contemplate Sepuku. That or become a bench specialist. Not sure which.


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