Giving Back To Powerlifting

Create: 04/28/2006 - 06:10
Rising powerlifting star, Mike Pelosi asks what can we do for powerlifting, what have we done for powerlifting and what do we plan to do for powerlifting. Pelosi:

Every forum I have seen has been plagued with negativity lately. So, I am asking two questions: 1. What can we do for the sport of powerlifting to make it a better place for lifters and spectators. And, lets KEEP IT POSITIVE!!!! 2. What have you done to make the sport a better place? 3. What do you plan to do to make the sport a better place? Here are my answers: 1. We, as a community, can put our differences aside and unite. I dont care if its for the WPO, NERB, WNPF world championships...We need to unite as one and just lift and be a big source of positive energy.

Is Belly Benching Cheating?

Create: 04/28/2006 - 05:55 has a thread discussing whether benching to the stomach is cheating. No one actually cites any federation rulebook in the thread, but rather give their personal opinions.

Do you feel that you should be allowed to touch your stomach in the bench press comps, i feel that it is bullshit, because most of them intentially try to get a fat stomach so they only have to move the bar half way down, than they would if they pressed it off Their chest, How do u guys fell about it?

Responses To Bill Kazmaier's Statements

Create: 04/27/2006 - 06:56
Bill Kazmaier's recent comments have stirred up a lot of discussion at the various forums. A couple of good threads looking at Kazmaier's statements are at Go Heavy and Monster Muscle. Tommy Fannon at Go Heavy:

a few things come to mind: 1) a very large amount of people like to lift in gear. they are happy, the apf (and other geared feds) are doing very well, and the wpo has decent exposure. we bicker and bemoan shady lifts, but by in large, we are a happy crowd that loves the sport. if geared lifting were so bad, everyone would be lifting raw. the lifters dictate the sport the direction goes, not the gear manufacturers. 2) gear manufacturers sponsor a lot of athletes, both experienced (through individual endorsements), and novice through donations. in addition, as a meet promoter and gym owner, Inzer has been invaluable to me. 3) when did anyone really give a shit about powerlifting anyway. who cares if it is on the wide world of sports? i thought last years apf seniors was good enough. lots of strong people, decent crowd. it had truly progressed since the time i had seen it last (8 years previous) since when do we judge the integrity sometehing by whether its ont tv? that would make hotdog eating contests and spelling bees more legitimate if this were true.

In Defense Of Inzer

Create: 04/27/2006 - 06:43
Tim Bruner defends Inzer in a post at Powerlifting Uncensored. In that post Bruner says, "Just for the record, INZER has done more for the sport than anyone else period. Yes PLUSA has done a great deal too. INZER has a right to do what ever he wants..." There's no doubt that Inzer has been intimately involved in and tied to powerlifting. Has Inzer moved the sport forward in all of those years of involvement? Even if he has, does he have the right to "do whatever he wants" in regards to the sport? Bruner:

To start with INZER is the KING of pwoerlifting and 90% of all lifters use INZER and the other 10% more than likely owe himmoney for not paying the bill or did not get sponsored and so went ot the other guys! WOW Anyway think about it...30 years agowho was the man..INZER, today who is the man...INZER in 30 years who will be the man...INZER.

Home Or Commercial Gym?

Create: 04/27/2006 - 06:14
If money were no object would you train at a home gym or a commercial gym? That's the question posed at Elite Fitness. Responses:

If money was not an object, I would buy a commercial gym just for myself, and stick it into my back yard. But seriously, home gym. I can go into specifics why, but let me just say 3 years of commercial gym crap really halted my gains.

To Discuss Performance Enhancing Drugs Or Not

Create: 04/26/2006 - 09:03
Prompted by a thread which has since been deleted at the IBP forum posters discuss the IBP core values and consider whether it's appropriate to discuss perfomance enhancing drugs on the forum.

This post is in reference to a post that has been deleted. Also, I wanted to make it extra clear to people where we stand and where I stand. Hopefully this will be clear enough. “Commitment to Values” is not just a trendy slogan at the North Star Pride; it is our attitude and perspective regarding athletics and life. The NSP is committed to promoting genuine unadulterated fair competition within sports by bringing together individuals and organizations with similar values.

Reaction To IAD's Statement

Create: 04/26/2006 - 08:29
Go Heavy and Powerlifting Uncensored have reaction to Inzer Advance Designs statement regarding Bill Kazmaier's recent comments. Dave Cosnotti:

Dear John, Peter, Amanda, Russ, and IAD Staff. I called IAD today and asked for “Amanda” and the girl who answered wasn’t aware of an “Amanda” working there. Lets just say for the sake of argument that this was a post by John Inzer, much like the ones under names like “Russ Tevers”. I’m interested in why IAD chose to respond to Bill, even though he didn’t name any specific company or individuals. Bill has chosen to reenter the sport after 25 years because he sees a future and wants to be a part of it. We have yet to here from John Inzer personally on this subject, but the lifters who I spoke to relayed his feelings. John Inzer and Peter Thorne did in fact advise or threaten some of the competitors that were on the list. A few of them even posted on this forum that they couldn’t compete because they had conflicting agreements with one of their sponsors.

Inzer Responds To Kazmaier

Create: 04/26/2006 - 08:14
Inzer has issued a statement which addresses the recent comments made by Bill Kazmaier. IAD representative Amanda C.:

Mr. Kazmaier, IAD representatives are aware of your post. Powerlifting is a great sport and IAD is obliged to defend it and its supporters. IAD is also aware of the recent factual communications with the IPF Executives and that these communicated facts upset you. Your public post contains your opinions as well as inaccurate statements. That lack could be explained by your own admission that you have ignored the great sport of powerlifting for over two decades. One might ask, if the sport was so great “25 years ago” why did you walk away from it and stay away for “25 years”.

Training Alone Or With A Partner

Create: 04/26/2006 - 07:14
An old Elite Fitness thread has been revived which asks whether posters train with or without a partner, why one works better and how does that effects motivation. Responses:

I workout alone, I like the challenge of mentally psyching myself up and having the pleasure of inflicting maximal effort without help. Its good to be able to motivate yourself. I hate people who talk to me, infact I dont talk to anyone, if they try and talk to me I give them a one word answer then ignore them. I AM THERE TO TRAIN, NOT TO FUCK ABOUT. Most people dont talk to me now, they think I am ignorant, I am not I am just focused. In the gym I am in control of my destiny and my world, there is no fat shit telling me what to do like at work, I am my own god, I think this moment should be relished. I dont need a workout partner or want one.

Losing Grip Strength

Create: 04/26/2006 - 06:58
A poster at Wanna Be Big has tried to address his limited grip strength by upping the amount of grip work he does. The result is that he's lost even more grip strength. Now he wants to know what's going on:

I looking for some advice.. or maybe some experience with the following... Since around the first of the year, I have been having problems with my grip strength... as in loosing what limited strength I had before. I am now having problem with my grip and doing pullups, Shrups and especially Deadlifts.

Is Soreness A Sign Of A Good Workout?

Create: 04/25/2006 - 09:12
A Power and Bulk poster has noticed that he never seems to get sore from doing shoulder presses even with heavy weights or high volume. Replies suggest soreness shouldn't be used as an indicator for a successful workout:

not going heavy enough, or not doing enough reps. Soreness doesn't always mean productive either. You can be really sore and get nothing out of it, and the opposite is sometimes very true.


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