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Sleep And Training

Create: 03/20/2006 - 08:15
A Bodybuilding.com poster wonders how important sleep is to making strength gains. He asks:

Hey dudes, Id like to hear from you about your experiences with sleep and its effects on strength gains. Have there been times when youve consistently got slightly less than optimal sleep? What effect did it have? That kind of thing Im not sure that my sleep is awful enough to be the factor that keeps me on this eternal plateau (like, years) of no gains whatsoever - because 99.9% of people DO get stronger most of the time by training and I doubt all of them get perfect sleep. I know my sleep can be improved... Im asking about your experiences with sleep and its effects on training.

What's The Highest Ever Bench Over Age 60

Create: 03/20/2006 - 07:43
At Ryan Kennelly's forum, they're trying to find out who has the highest all time bench over 60 years of age. Take a trip over there if you can help out. A few possibilities are put forward:

  • Robert O. Smith, Canada, benches in the mid 500's. He lifts mainly in the WABDL.
  • Ron Hood of Oklahoma benches in the mid-upper 500's.
  • Randy Patterson has benched 672, but I don't know if Randy is 60 or not.

  • ok it's hard to tell exactly they have a n age group of 54-60 I saw a couple of lifters that have done in the low 600s in that age group.
  • Sean Finnegan 617.2
  • George Nelson 615@275

Anatomy Of An Injury

If one is a powerlifter for long enough, injury is an inevitable occurrence. Although, we all respond differently when injured, there are some common reactions as well as a number of typical steps to take to address the injury. Bencher Vincent Dizenzo has just suffered what he thinks may be a bicep tear while deadlifting. Check out how Dizenzo is dealing with it and the advice others offer. Dizenzo:

What should I do to treat a partially torn bicep. It just happened, it is not black and blue--yet. I think that is a good sign. The bad signs were that it felt like steak shredding in my arm and my training partner heard the tear. The lower part of the bicep on the injured arm is a little smaller and it hurts when I turn my wrist to face my palm up. Right now I am icing every twenty minutes. Taking 800 mgs of motrin (I'll do that three times a day). I have an appointment to see my chiro for ART on my shoulder so I will ask him if that would be helpful. I am also putting a call in to my sports Dr. (need a cortisone shot for my shoulder anyway). Just looking for whatever advice I can get. I have the Record Breakers in six weeks and Seniors in ten. Serves me right for deadlifting anyway. Bicep injury on that. Hernia a few weeks ago from log pressing for strongman. I am now embracing the term bench specialist. I have learned my lesson.

Shannon Pole-Summers Sets World Record Female Bench Press With 531 Pounds

Create: 03/19/2006 - 20:54

Shannon Pole-Summers has set the all time World Record female bench press with a 531 pound bench at the APA Southeast Regional Powerlifting Championships in Powdersville, South Carolina on Saturday. Summer's effort tops the former record of 530 pounds held by Becca Swanson. Summers, lifting as a superheavyweight, also made attempts at 475 and 500 pounds. She missed a fourth attempt at 550 pounds.

What Is Over-reaching?

Create: 03/19/2006 - 11:19
A Dr. Squat poster asks for help understanding over-reaching. The thread also contains some good information on overtraining and under-reaching. Thoughts on over-reaching:

over-reaching is the step before overtraining....lets say an individual is in a normal state, well recovered etc....so he then does a week of work WAY over what he normally does....for instance, lets say he started a Sheiko high volume program....I promise that at the end of that week he WILL be over reaching....but he wont be overtrained yet overtraining is more of a chronic long term thing....if you over reach for too long you will end up overtrained I think most of us use the term "overtrained" when we mean "overeached"...

Can Powerlifting Make It Mainstream?

Create: 03/19/2006 - 10:46
There's a roundtable type discussion going on at Anabolex on whether powerlifting can ever go mainstream. Many of the potential obstacles to it happening are debated and some potential solutions are examined.

If it is marketed right I think it can be done. A tape delay show would be pretty good if someone did behind the scene high lights. A live powerlifting show could be a disaster right now. I'm thinking on the scale of bodybuilding and not pro football. I don't think the IPF would be the federation that could do it. I like their strict rules and how organized they are but I think they are wasting too much time and energy getting into the Olympics. Which is no closer now then it was back in 1980. I think the WPO could do it and I like the way the market themselves as hardcore. They do have some problems right now. THE WPO earned points by having strict rules at the Arnold though. I heard they are having problems with getting sponsorship for winnings. The bench pressers really aren't helping much lately but then again the WPO really didn't help them either by having such a terrible warm-up area.

Are Wrist Wraps Needed?

Create: 03/19/2006 - 10:10
A thread at T-Nation looks at what the role of wrist wraps are and whether benchers should use them. The original poster asks which size wrap would be best:

I'm buying my first pair of wrist wraps to use for bench-press. I'm currently benching around 300 and am just wondering if I'd be better off with the 24-inch or the 32-inch wraps. Any advice would be appreciated.

Another poster wonders what there function are:

What exactly do these do? I've been having some wrist issues while benching. Since moving to very heavy dumbell work, my left writs is bending backwards and seeming to give out and become a limiting factor in my bench.

Dave Tate's Looking For Nutritional Advice!

Create: 03/19/2006 - 09:48
Nutrition guru, John Berardi, writes an article about Dave Tate approaching him for some nutritional help. Berardi's initial thoughts on Tate approaching him:

Dave Tate, infamous for his ridiculously bad eating habits, well-known for taking pride in eating the worst foods known to mankind, the king of relentlessly mocking those of his friends who opt for lean meat, low GI carbs, and vegetables. Dave Tate, who has publicly stated more times than I can count that "Nutrition is overrated."

Kara Bohigian Again Breaks 165 Class World Record With A 451 Pound Bench

Create: 03/19/2006 - 09:12
Kara Bohigian erased her own 165 pound weight class bench press World Record of 430 pounds, set just a few weeks ago. Bohigian pressed 451 pounds yesterday in the APF Alabama State Meet. She also successfully benched 407, 435 and 446 pounds before hitting 451. Bohigian's 451 pound bench is also the third highest female bench press of all time, regardless of weight class. It trails only Beccas Swanson's 530 as a superheavyweight and Svetlana Dedulia-Miklasevich's 462 as a 181.

USAPL Rules Interpretations

Create: 03/18/2006 - 13:00
Go Heavy posters comment on the recent USAPL ruling which prohibited a lifter from wearing Chuck Taylors. The importance of this thread is not the discussion of the mistake made regarding this incident but the perception in the powerlifting world that this is the norm rather than the exception in the USAPL. Fair perception or not?

Read some of the posts below and had to stop due to my head unable to get around the fact that people would worry so much about a pair of shoes.I mean what next the lifters socks?You cares what bloody shoes someone is wearing?Its not as if Chucks or whatever would give a huge carryover and allow someone to sq a grand.The chucks are used only because through Louie Simmons articlces in PL USA where he stated that they are the best shoe to sq in because of the flat soles that place all the stress on the muscles that sq.Thats all.In fact some companies have come up with shoes that are similar to chucks but give more support around the ankles at a far higher costs. A pair of shoes?Jesus i didnt think that PL in the US was gone that sad.Bloody madness.

Can Tall People Be Competitive Benchers?

Create: 03/18/2006 - 11:35
Ryan Kennelly's forum has a thread which examines whether taller people have a chance at being a competitive benchers. Specifically the original poster wonders whether being tall and competing in a lighter weight category is possible. The original poster:

Do tall people stand a chance for competitive bench press in LOW WEIGHT categories? I wanted to compete in the 181 lb class... but the problem is I'm 6'2. My chest is only 42', and I've got really long arms, meaning the bar travels a HUGE distance when I bench. My max right now is 300 lb RAW... and I figure if I work really hard I could get that up to 360 lb without gaining weight. Is a 360 lb bench for a 181 lb class competitive? Also, I don't take any supplements or anything (no creatine, protein, etc.)... and don't plan on taking them either. Be honest with me... do I stand a chance competing?

Lifting Without Spotters

Create: 03/17/2006 - 07:40
A NASA lifter has just returned from a workout where he didn't have a spotter but still went heavy. Did he make a good choice? The lifter:

I could not get a spotter worth bothering today so I did my shirted bench by myself. It was a loose shirt, put it on and took it off myself. Did 5x1 at 455. Unracked it myself and without a spot. I think if I would have had a spotter I might not have gotten the last one. Does anyone else feel that having a spotter sometimes is a crutch? It was not a weight that was going to crush me if I failed, I do weigh a lot...but enough to keep me motivated. Anyone else go sans spotters once in a while?


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