Training By Jim Wendler

Create: 02/09/2006 - 08:31
Check out the Elite FTS Q&A section for Jim Wendler's take on training and all of the training advice being offered as authoritative. Wendler:

The problem that I have with some of the crap that I see being spewed is that it is simply retarded bullshit. End of story. I have spent my goddamn life trying to be stronger than a fucking ox and hanging out with people and training with people and work with a company that is 100% fucking dedicated to getting people strong. That is a fact. Then I hear story after story of these people who are telling people how to get strong and putting out articles on this subject. Well, I call bullshit. I am not going to apologize anymore for being strong. And neither is Dave. I'm putting an end to this right now. Just because some authors couldn't lift the shit that falls out of their ass doesn't mean they aren't good coaches. But if you really want to know how to get strong; and I'm not talking about bench pressing 315lbs. I'm talking about doing some sick-ass shit, then go seek out the freaks. Sure, they may not know the ins/out of Supertraining or whatever. But if you know what questions to ask, I guarantee they will have 10 times the information than any of these "coaches" do. If I have a question about training on getting strong, I'm asking Donnie, Marc, Chad, Dave, Todd, Lou, Chuck, etc. NOT someone that can barely lift a wiffle-ball bat. These critics like to use the fact that many of us are genetic freaks (what a crock of shit) or that we are all drugged to the gills. That's their excuse for being able to fit through a chain-link fence. Again, excuses. You want to know what it's like to feel 405 and 3 blue bands/side and how to set up for that? Don't ask the "coaches", ask the guys that know what the hell it's like to feel like your head is going to blow off, even on the warm-up sets. I have said this a 1000 times; getting strong hasn't changed in the last 100 years. Lift heavy shit Eat some food Recover Repeat as necessary More is not better, better is better. Whoever says differently is not better, just looking for a new way to get their name in print. So to answer your question; the only advice I have for you is DO IT...try it out and see what happens. Even if it sucks, you will at least have something to cross off your list. The theories being expounded by those "in the know" are full of theory and lack in practical education. Be different; actually do something. Before you know it, you will develop into a real lifter, not someone that sits at his desk like a waif-model.

Biceps For Benching

Create: 02/09/2006 - 08:22
As the saying goes, it's curls for the girls, right? Hold on a sec though, maybe curls and bicep work does have a place in a powerlifter's routine. A thread at Ryan Kennelley's forum looks at bicep work, specifically as it applies to the bench press. The original question:

I heard that it it is a good idea to do curls to build up the biceps so you have a muscular cushion when your arms are folded up at the begining of the bench. Does this amke sense does any one do curls/ or should i concnentrate on my sholders, lats, and tris? and forgert curls?

Why You Love Powerlifting

Create: 02/09/2006 - 08:16 is paying tribute to powerlifting by looking at why posters love powerlifting. Wonder if some of the responses would be understandable to those without the fever?:

Powerlifting lets me test myself and what I am made of. It lets me find out my strengths and my weaknesses. Powerlifting has taught me to improve in my everyday life.(Makes me work harder at other things exp. School work) It has given me something that I can give to others(By helping others to excel at powerlifting by coaching them or just giving them pointers) It teaches great disicpline and dedication. Basically it gives me a reason to wake up in the morning!

Deadlifting Rep Range

Create: 02/09/2006 - 07:59
There are simultaneous discussions going on at Wanna Be Big and Fortified Iron about what the ideal rep ranges for working deadlifts seem to be. The replies indicate that many different rep ranges are used although high reps aren't common:

I personally dont like deadling for lots of sets, but I really dont know how to answer your question besides saying trying different things week by week.

Best Grip Width For Raw Benching

Create: 02/08/2006 - 08:34
You'll often see it written and said that the ideal grip width for competition benching is the maximum legal grip. The reason is to shorten ones range of motion. But often that suggestion is directed towards shirted lifters. A Fortified Iron thread looks at what grip width has the potential to deliver the biggest raw bench. The opinions on ideal raw grip width vary more than equipped:

...basically what i'm saying is that it's going to be different for everybody

If You Could Only Do Two Lifts...

Create: 02/08/2006 - 08:12
What two lifts would they be? So what would it be, bench, squats or maybe leg presses? That's what they're discussing at Gorilla Barbell. Here are the lifts which have been chosen:

If i could only do 2 exercises ever i think they would be: 1. Deadlift 2. Push press If i could only do 4 exercises: 1. Deadlift 2. Push press 3. Squat 4. Bent over row If i could only do 6 exercises: 1. Deadlift 2. Push press 3. Squat 4. Bent over row 5. Bench 6. Power clean

A Steam Room For Making Weight

Create: 02/08/2006 - 07:59
Anyone who has to drop weight before weigh-ins knows that a sauna can be the difference between making weight or competing in the next class up. A poster at the CPU Forum wonders whether a steam room is a good alternative to a sauna for losing that last bit of weight before weighing in. He asks:

I would like some input into something for people that use saunas to make weight. If the only option was a steam room to make weight, would you consider this better, worse, about the same as a sauna? Are there people that have used both successfully?

Ron Palmer Looking For Respect

Create: 02/07/2006 - 08:59
At least partially in response to this thread Ron Palmer posts at Go Heavy that the lack of respect from one lifter for another is part of what is holding powerlifting back. He posts:

I truely love this sport and want nothing more than for Powerlifting to reach a ultimate level... Many things need to happen...Alot less seperation and alot more respect shown between fellow lifters..

Response To Ron Palmer Pulling Out Of The Arnold

Create: 02/07/2006 - 08:49
In response to Ron Palmer withdrawing from this year's Arnold is a thread at Go Heavy. It contains a few rather inflammatory remarks by poster Brett Rapp who initially posts anonymously:

palmer is to scared to stay in the lightweights for the aronld so he backs out 4 weeks to go that uk lifter will kick your butt stand up and put up a fight nick and conyers are not running your just sad man

New Homes For APF Outlaws & Powerlifting Uncensored

Create: 02/07/2006 - 08:10

Tommy Fannon and Jay Gibson have each moved their forums after the recent issues with board host

Fannon's APF Outlaws forum can now be found at He's still using a remote forum hosting service, but it's not onecenter.

Gibson's Powerlifting Uncensored can be found at It sounds like that's only a temporary solution as he's apparently registered another domain name and will be hosting it there.


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