Responses To Scott Tusic's Proposed Federation

Create: 04/30/2006 - 14:19
Scott Tusic's proposal for a new powerlifting federation, the NPL, has been met with less than a warm reception around the Internet. Concerns include Tusic's inexperience, the existing wealth of federations, the money required, and the expected resistance from the current powerlifting infrastructure. From Go Heavy:

Scott, I like the others on this forum want to see this sport move forward. I admire your energy and I'm sure you have good intentions. Powerlifting here in the US is growing fast and the internet is not the place to get the facts or to be more specific these forums are not the right place. The fact is you will never unify the existing federations under one banner. They are all businesses that make money by people like you that love the sport and instead of talking about it they actually did something to build our sport.

What Will Change If Powerlifting Makes The Olympics?

Create: 04/30/2006 - 14:09
Many people hold out hope that powerlifting will one day make the Olympics. But if it does, will that enable powerlifting to become a less niche sport? Alone, will it effectively expand the number of lifters, fans, and sponsors which are drawn to the sport? The IBP forum looks at whether Olympic acceptance would change anything. Opinions:

nothing, I don't see it ever happening

John Inzer is Wrong!!!

Create: 04/30/2006 - 14:01
Ted J. Isabella writes at the USPF Forum:

This coming Saturday, May 6, Bruce Derosier will be running the New England Record Breakers meet, which is an all-RAW Powerlifting competition along with other scheduled events and competitions. He has gone to great lengths to make this a huge event with some big name lifters. That is why I find it very disheartening, in this age of powerlifting, that a certain equipment company, not to mention any names…. Inzer Advance Designs…would find it necessary to call lifters scheduled to compete in this meet and tell them not to compete over wise they would pull their equipment sponsorship. Does John Inzer not have better things to worry about than whether a lifter, that his company sponsors, competes in an raw meet or not. What is John worried about? I also understand that Mike Lambert, owner and editor of PLUSA, was told not to appear at this meet or do any write ups on this meet, otherwise John Inzer would pull all his advertising from Mike’s magazine. Again, John what are you worried about? John Inzer is now trying to control what competitions a lifter can compete in or not. Lifters should have the free right to compete in any competition, raw, single-ply, double-ply, whatever they chose, no matter whether they are sponsored or not. This smell a lot like an old lawsuit made by Ernie Franz against the IPF. Ernie suited the IPF basically because they suspended some IPF female lifter who competing in another federation that the IPF did not approve of. The funny part about this is John Inzer took over that lawsuit, from Ernie, years ago and settled it. How ironic that John Inzer is now doing to lifters what the IPF did to lifters years ago. Have we not progress beyond this yet. Inzer Advance Design is not the only equipment company around that sponsor lifters. I am sure Titan or Metal or any of the other equipment makers out there would be more than happy to sponsor lifters like Andy Bolton, who had to back out of this meet thanks to John Inzer’s phone call. An to say you are going to pull all your advertisement from the only real powerlifting magazine out there is just shear stupidity. That would harm Inzer more than it would PLUSA. I hope Mike Lambert does come to this meet and does a complete write up on it. John may have stop some lifters from competing in this competition, but he will not stop this type of competition, RAW or not, from growing and progressing in this sport. I am probable going to stir up a little sh_t with this, but I want to make one thing clear, this is not a personal attack against John Inzer, his company or his equipment. I have used Inzer’s equipment for years. This is just one lifter; voicing his opinion on a situation regarding any competitor’s ability to freely chose any and all competitions he or she wishes to compete in. I just think he is wrong in what he has done. No that person or company should have the right to dictate what a lifter can or cannot do, no matter whether they are sponsored or not. We need to support all aspects of our sport and not try, in any means, to halt our sports ability to progress in any direction.

Mike Sweeney Claims The Powerlifting World Is "Under Siege"

Create: 04/30/2006 - 13:52
Mike Sweeney, of the WPO/WPC/APF, posts his latest press release which includes a not so subtle attack on the upcoming New England Record Breakers meet, Sean Katterle's newest endeavor, and the momentum that the current discussion that unequipped powerlifting is the future of powerlifting is gaining. Sweeney:

To: The World Powerlifting Congress and Interested Individuals Dispatches from the New World of Powerlifting: “People want to be part of something larger than themselves. They want to be part of something they’re proud of, that they’ll fight for, sacrifice for, and trust!” H. Schultz, Starbucks Topic: In the states we have been under siege with meet promoters (not meet directors) claiming a sense of urgency/despair is needed to SAVE us all! They are going to save us with ONE meet! I am not going into this…just not worth it and truly boring. All organization competition date announcements are on the home page web sights for WPC and WPO. Yes there is MORE than one meet listed!

Wrist Pain From Benching

Create: 04/30/2006 - 13:29
A Fortified Iron poster is experiencing wrist pain when benching and is looking for some answers. He asks:

Lately when I've been benching with my normal grip, I've been getting a lot of pain in my left wrist below the thumb, right where the hand joins the forearm. Bringing my grip in seems to be okay, and dumbbells are fine. Do you guys know of any exercises I can do to strengthen it or anything I can do apart from wrapping my wrists up to avoid the pain?

Brad Vargason Breaks 181 Class World Record

Create: 04/30/2006 - 11:43

Brad Vargason totaled 2,230 pounds on Saturday at the APF Delaware Power Classic to obliterate the existing all-time World Record total of 2,120 pounds in the 181 pound weight class. Vargason squatted 855 pounds, benched 625 and deadlifted 750 on his way to the record total. Vargason also held the previous record total of 2,120 pounds.

Powerlifting Was Never Raw

Create: 04/29/2006 - 08:40
A Monster Muscle poster makes the case that powerlifting has never been about raw lifting. He says:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but powerlifting was never "raw". I started in 1981. Back then, my supersuit and wraps were good for about 100 lbs. I had a marathon suit and it was good for about 40 lbs on my dead. These were average carry-overs. Guys were tweaking the crap out of what was available in gear back then to get the most out of it. Some guys cheated and wore jean shorts under their suits (much like denim briefs now). We would buy the smallest size suits we could fit into and spend the better part of an hour trying to put them on.

Double Rage X Help

Create: 04/29/2006 - 08:01
If you want some help with your bench or bench shirt, a great place to turn is Ryan Kennelly's forum. That's where a lifter who has just purchased a Double Rage X has gone to ask for help from the knowledgable crew. He posts:

But here are my issues. I can't arch my back as high as I'm capable of because when I do the front of the collar is pushing up against my chin. With the collar being so high up, I don't feel that I'm getting all that I should be out of the shirt. No "POP" out of the bottom. When I put the shirt on I am pulling the seams in the sleeves back to my arm pits. ( but this is tough to get it back that far.) I think this may be part of my problem-pulling the sleeves up to far. I also turn the sleeves inward to try to help keep the chest plate down. Any suggestions on how to properly wear the shirt and get that front collar down would be greatly appreciated.

Rest Between Maximum Effort Sets

Create: 04/29/2006 - 07:43
A Fortified Iron poster wonders what length rest breaks others who are doing maximum effort (ME) lifts are taking. Responses:

In all honesty, it depends on how many people are training. If it is just a few of us, I will take an extra few minutes, making it probably about 5-7 minutes I suppose. Hell, if we have a big group it can sometimes be 15 or 20. As the weight gets heavier, those extra few minutes are nice.

Marty Gallagher On Equipment In 1996

Create: 04/28/2006 - 06:41
A poster at Go Heavy dusts of the August 1996 issue of Powerlifting USA which featured an article about banning equipment by Marty Gallagher. Gallagher made many of the same indictments against equipment 10 years ago as are being made today. Were Gallagher's concerns realized? Will we always see these same issues about equipment and judging in powerlifting?

Just looking through some old issues and found an article by Marty Gallagher entitled Ban All Equipment.In it Marty speaks of a guy who would be hard pressed to legally squat 700 but with the the double ply ,monolift and loose judging and three inches above parallel he just surpassed Doug Furnas record of 986. To qoute further."Equipment manufacturers pander to and exploit this mass psychosis,this psychological delusion,this faulty logic that allows our egos to proclaim that heavier is better,even if heavier is artificial. It is not" "Lets be honest ,we like equipment because it allows us to handle more more and more poundage. There is appartently far more ego satisfaction to be derived from handling 600 with equipment then 500 without. We need to turn our back on such reasoning."

Picking Your Meet Attempts

Create: 04/28/2006 - 06:20
Iron Trybe has a good thread where a lifter who is about to compete for the first time and other members work through selecting his meet attempts.

I have my first meet ever on April 30 and I want to set my PR of 420. My opener will be 315. now, how do I do the other two lifts. I am allowed a 4th lift if I go 3 for 3. so do I go lighter to ensure the 4th lift or try to do the 420 on the third? forgive the simple question but I am looking for strategy tips for my first meet. any and all help is appreciated.

Giving Back To Powerlifting

Create: 04/28/2006 - 06:10
Rising powerlifting star, Mike Pelosi asks what can we do for powerlifting, what have we done for powerlifting and what do we plan to do for powerlifting. Pelosi:

Every forum I have seen has been plagued with negativity lately. So, I am asking two questions: 1. What can we do for the sport of powerlifting to make it a better place for lifters and spectators. And, lets KEEP IT POSITIVE!!!! 2. What have you done to make the sport a better place? 3. What do you plan to do to make the sport a better place? Here are my answers: 1. We, as a community, can put our differences aside and unite. I dont care if its for the WPO, NERB, WNPF world championships...We need to unite as one and just lift and be a big source of positive energy.


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