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Thoughts On ZMA

Create: 03/25/2006 - 10:41
Power and Bulk members are discussing zma (zinc, magnesium and B6) and potassium. They discuss results, effect on sleep, and look at how absorption can be effected by other substances like calcium.

I've been taking ZMA for a couple months now and the comments above about sleep are dead-on. If I take ZMA at night, it needs to be at a time where I'm able to commit to sleep in 30-45 minutes. The first week I took it, I was sleeping 10 hours a night, uninterrupted, and waking up completely refreshed. Sunday I was pretty fucked up from my event training so I took 3 ZMA and a Lunesta and slept HARD. Most people have zinc and magnesium deficiencies, especially those who work out regularly. Lifting also uses the body's testosterone. Since taking ZMA regularly, I've developed some mild back and face acne and been hornier than all hell. It's like being 17 again, except that now I have body hair. I don't know if ZMA does anything to increase test production directly or if the extended deep sleep is what does it, but mine has certainly increased a lot. I also get pretty lucid dreams. Most every night, I dream about fighting a ton of people, running from the cops, lifting stones and tires, or having sex.

Updated NERB Competitor List

Create: 03/25/2006 - 07:04
Dave Cosnotti updates the competitor list for the New England Record Breakers, which will take place on May 6th in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Full Powerlifting Mike Miller, Josh Bryant, Steve Goggins, Beau Moore, Brian Laudadio, Donnie Thompson, Captain Kirk Karwoski, Travis Mash, Bob Masello, Rich Deleon, Shawn Colbeth, Sam Byrd, Sean Culnan, Glenn Ross, Scott Smith, Dan Kovacks Bench Press Mike Wolfe, Nick Winters, Jeremy Hoornstra, Mike “Gunny” Green Deadlift Brent “SGT Rock” Howard Special Guest Lifter Eddie Debus

Official Gym Idiots Award

Create: 03/24/2006 - 10:10
Keeping it light on a Friday... If you workout at a public gym, you might want to print this out. It begins:

How many unconscious retards can you fit inside one equipment filled room? Don't try to answer that. At least not without your cutoff gloves, girlfriend, and a vulgar case of body odor. Why must idiots insist on constantly getting in my way when I'm trying to lift? Don't take this the wrong way. I'm not trying to pull the tough-guy card here and pretend I'm some ferocious power-lifter who's path cannot be crossed when he's "getting ripped." I am, however, going to end up assaulting someone with a plate before the end of the month if everyone doesn't suddenly show up with some gym etiquette.

Is It Possible To Increase Bench While Losing Weight?

Create: 03/24/2006 - 08:42
A poster at Monster Muscle plans on dropping from 208 pounds down to around 170-175 pounds by July and wants to know if there's any way that he can keep his bench about the same, or actually increase it, while doing so. Opinions suggest that it depends:

My training partner was weighing about 320 and cut almost 30 lbs. already doing the Anabolic diet by Mario DiPasquale. At the same time he was dieting his bench bench went up about 40lbs. Anyways you might want to check into it. It is good for losing weight and a good way to manipulate your hormones and testosterone naturally.

Eric Stone's Call For Judges

Create: 03/24/2006 - 08:17
Eric Stone posts a follow-up to his recent request for APF judges. If anyone is still interested, I'm sure Eric would love to hear from you. Stone:

Thanks goes out to Rob Luyando, Tywania Brewton, Roger Ryan, Dennis Schar and John Hudson for volunteering to become APF judges. I sent out their tests today, and hopefully they will all be successful, and will be able to help out the APF with their judging. Thanks to all of you for stepping up to the plate.

Overhead Pressing For Shirted Benchers?

Create: 03/24/2006 - 08:00
A Fortified Iron poster wonders how much overhead pressing other shirted benchers are doing and whether it might be something that will help his shirted bench. He asks:

Just curiouis how much shoulder pressing the shirted guys here do. I seem to burn out pretty bad when i do it. I have been doing incline dumbells on raw day just to get some more delt work in. I am curious if anyone here doesn't do much overhead pressing.

Resolution In The USAPL

Create: 03/24/2006 - 07:07
USAPL President Larry Maile has to be encouraged by a couple of threads in the USAPL forum. In the first, there's evidence that meet directors are allowing lifters that bomb to continue lifting. Recently, Maile and other struggled to have this rule interpreted from a lifter friendly perspective.

Last week during a high school powerlifting meet a lifter bombed out bench pressing. He was allowed to continue with his deadlifts. My question is why? What does this teach the lifter and his coach?

The Turnaround Of The USPF - An Interview With Matt McCase

Create: 03/23/2006 - 09:31
Following is an interview that Powerlifting Watch did with the USPF's Matt McCase.

Can you give Powerlifting Watch readers a bit of history about yourself and your involvement with powerlifting and the USPF? I have been involved with the USPF for a little over 10 years now and I have been promoting meets for 3 years. Just recently I've taken it to the next level. I am also a competitive powerlifter. My best lifts as a 198 are a 622 squat, 429 bench press, and 688 deadlift in a sanctioned meet. Can you give us a brief history of the USPF? The USPF is the original powerlifting federation and most respected organization out there. I know I am going to take some flack for this but this is a fact. The USPF was dominant for many years and I hope to help bring it back, one step at a time.

Why More Weights Are Being Moved Today

Create: 03/23/2006 - 09:02
Monster Muscle members are discussing the reason why bigger weights are being moved by powerlifters in todays game. The original poster wonders if it can be attributed to training programs or advances in equipment. He says:

What do you think the explanation is for the crazy poundages that have been lifted in the past few years? Is it westside training concept that includes bands, chains, etc? Or is it the new advances in equipment? Does anyone still feel western periodization works in a Coan style workout?

Good Morning Depth

Create: 03/23/2006 - 08:05
Ever wonder how low you should be taking your good mornings? Well check out this Fortified Iron thread for some opinions. The question:

was wondering what everyone's opinion is on these. lets say arched-back, slighlty bent knees: how far to come down? some people go all the way until their chest is parallel to the floor. i have heard others say only go as far over as you go in your deadlift and squat. i am trying to squat and deadlift with an arched/straight back, so i only go until my back mimics that position. i'd like to know what everyone else does.

Federation Meet Scheduling Conflicts

Create: 03/23/2006 - 07:21
One of the problems with multiple federations is the fact that when they hold meets in the same geographic region, there is often the case of each holding meets on the same day. That means that neither can realize their full number of potential lifters. It also hurts the lifters as the competition is lessened. They're discussing this issue at the IBP forum. What's especially interesting, and quite frankly heartening, in the thread is that APA and USAPL representatives join the discussion and all agree to work in the best interests of the lifter. The original post:

The date for the Iron Boy Event in Spartanburg, S.C. has been posted for months and has even been published in PLUSA. By changing their meet date from April 8th to May 13th, the same date as the Iron Boy, the USAPL in NC is placing a lot of lifters in the position of having to choose one meet over the other. There is a lot of lifters would want to compete at both meets. Our YMCA Team is at 12 Members strong and had planned to lift at both the USAPL meet on April 8th and again at the Iron Boy on May 13th. All of our team members have voted to lift at the Iron Boy, so our YMCA Easley Powerlifting Team will have to miss the USAPL meet.


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