New England Record Breakers Results

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Bench Nick Winters 350lb - 625/650/675m - 650 Jeremy Hoornstra 239lb - 585/605m/605/615m - 605 Mike Wolfe 404lb - 600m/600/625m - 600 Rock Lewis 242lb - 560/580/600m/610m - 580 Vince Bardine 52yo - 465/500m/500m - 465 Jason Fiori 204lb - 425/440/450m - 440 Bob Masello 180lb - 425/450m/450m - 425 Powerlifting Brian Siders 339lb - Total - 2,200     Squat 755/785m/785 - 785     Bench 605/635m/635m - 605     Deadlift 725/770/810/840 - 810 Donnie Thompson 374lb - Total - 2,170     Squat 805/855m/855m - 805     Bench 565/600m/- - 565     Deadlift 745/775/800 - 800

Jeremy Hoornstra Breaks Mike MacDonald's 242 Bench Record

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Jeremy Hoornstra broke the 242 class bench press unequipped World Record with a 605 pound press on Saturday at the New England Record Breakers in Amherst, Massachusetts. Hoornstra's effort surpasses the longstanding record of Mike Macdonald of 603 pounds set in 1977. Hoornstra made a 585 pound opener, missed his second at 605, then nailed his third at the same weight. He also missed a fourth at 615 pounds.

New England Record Breakers Winners

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Benching Pound For Pound 1. Jeremy Hoornstra 605 @ 239 2. Rock Lewis 580 @ 240 3. Bob Masello 425 @ 180 Overall 1. Nick Winters 650 @ 350 2. Jeremy Hoornstra 605 @ 239 3. Mike Wolfe 600 @ 404 Powerlifting Pound For Pound 1. Ryan Celli 1,710 @ 196 2. Sam Byrd 1,730 @ 210 3. Scott Smith 2,085 @ 266 Overall 1. Brian Siders 2,200 @ 339 2. Donnie Thompson 2,170 @ 374 3. Scott Smith 2,085 @ 266

The Ultimate Powerlifter

Create: 05/05/2006 - 07:18
Dave Coleman, owner of Gorilla Barbell, wants to build the ultimate powerlifter. Which three powerlifters would you choose to combine into one to make an unbeatable powerlifter? Coleman:

Who can build the best Frankenstein Power Lifter (the idea works for body builders too, and I'll start that thread later)? You can only use a lifter once for any given lift....meaning you can't have the same guy for both the squat and the bench, you need three different guys for the three different lifts to make your monster: Squat, Bench, and Deadlift.

If The Top Natural Lifters Used Steroids

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An Anabolic Minds poster questions whether a lifetime drug free lifter who had established an advanced strength base would respond better to using steroids than someone who hadn't already maximized their genetic potential. He asks:

If you took the strongest lifetime Natural powerlifters in the world and put them on steroids, GH, and any other drugs you can think of, how much stronger do you think they would get? Do you think that a person could go from Squatting 600 and benching 400 (raw w/o powerlifting gear) to squatting 1000 and benching 700 with powerlifting support gear and maximum drug use? I personally don't see why this wouldn't be entirly possible. Most people don't agree with me, and I can't figure out why. What is the deal with these people who are lifting 700+ and squatting 1000+? How strong do you think they would be had they never touched a drug in thier life?

When To Return To Training After A Meet

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JRN, who just participated in his first meet, now has questions about when to return to training after a meet. Again the members of Iron Trybe provide advice.

when do you guys get back into the gym? first meet ever was sunday, I still feel like hell... funny you guys say that..and I love hearing your opinions b/c I got totally crushed physically. I don't know if it was the adrenaline or the fact I gained a ton of weight in the month beforehand (on purpose) but it just totally kicked my ass..I don't feel depressed...more like okay, I had a goal to go 3-3 and do a meet, now I did fucking what?

Division Changes In The WABDL

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The WABDL had made a few changes to the division which they offer.

Division Changes/Additions: PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE HAVE BEEN CHANGES IN DIVISIONS 1. There is a new Elite Open bench division for men (see world entry for qualifications) 2. There are new divisions in Law/Fire for both men and women: Law/Fire Open, Law/Fire Submaster 33-39, Law/Fire Master 40-47, Law/Fire Master 48-55, and Law/Fire Master 56+. 3. The Submaster divisions will now be for the 33-39 age group.

The Great Brian Siders Debate

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A Monster Muscle poster wonders why Brian Siders gets as much credit as he does. Other posters offer their opinions on why he is one of the best, if not the best, superheavyweight lifting today. The original poster questions Siders' reputation:
I don't get it, Siders is a great SHW, but there are a bunch of great SHW: Thompson, Frank, Aiches, Childress, Bolton, and Lewis, not to mnetion the the great srongmen: Savickas, Virastuk, Marius Pud.,and Phil Pfister. When Kaz was on top in powerlifting he went over to the WSM and dominated, and Reinholdt dominated, Siders goes to the Arnold and get his butt handed to him, like I said I don't get it. Garry Frank is an awesome lifter, the only one over 2800 and he is fat, Lewis is fat, all the SWH are fat, but no one calls Siders fat and he looks just like the others, and he even weighs close to them, so what is the reason for so much love? Ed Coan out squats him, Goggins out squats him and there alot of people who out bench him, and his dead is not among the best either, shoot there are guys almost hundred lbs. lighter that out pull him, and I would not be surprized to see Josh Bryant beat him at the NERB. I don't want this to sound like I am against Brian, I am not! I just can't stand the double standard.

Teen Phenom Eddie Debus To Concentrate On Raw Lifting

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Teenage powerlifting phenom Eddie Debus has decided that in the future most of his lifting will be done unequipped. Debus:

Going over to the raw side.... whos coming with me? Ive decided that after nationals and possibly worlds this year I'll be competing raw from then on. I MIGHT put gear on once a year for a big meet but other than that its going to be about pure, unadulterated, raw strength.

Building A Better Conventional Deadlift

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The new Society of Strength forum has a good discussion on how to go about building a better conventional deadlift.

My conventional deadlift sucks balls, but for a few reason I have switched from sumo to conventional and am now trying to figure out the most efficient way to develop a decent pull. I've talked with EC about this, as well as my training partners and any other lifters who pullmore than I can who would talk to me. The general consensus is (for my weakpoints, some of this stuff may not be useful for everyone); -Starting strength: Snatch-grip deadlifts, for sets or 5, 4 or 3 (with or without straps). These put your body in a relatively shitty position to pull from the floor and set you up in a shitty position for the low/mid-ranges of a deadlift. These, coupled with deficit speed pulls, are going to be the way I get some speed and power off of the floor.

100% Raw Federation Continues To Expand

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The 100% Raw Federation continues to expand its presence across the states by naming four new State Chairman in eight states. They are D.J. Satterfield for Nebraska; Bruce Derosier for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island; Bret Kernoff for Vermont and New Hampshire; and Jeremy Wright for South Carolina. Lifters in those states can expect meets to follow.

NASA Forum Changes

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NASA has adopted a new set of rules for its forum. They read:

Welcome! Please enjoy our board while you are here. This forum is open for discussion on ALL current events in the world today. This is NOT a strictly Powerlifting Forum. If you are looking for our Powerlifting Forum please visit our Web Site for the link. If you are easily offended please do not visit this site. Many of our posts are satire in nature or meant as humorous posts. If you are thin skinned or overly sensitive, this site may offend you. Remember, no promotion of any organization other than NASA or NASA Meets and lifters. Any post may be deleted by the administrators for any reason at any time. Inzer Advanced Designs is our #1 Sponsor. Please do not promote or attempt to sell other brands of equipment on this site. All such posts will be deleted immediately.


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