What Height For Rack Pulls?

Create: 04/21/2006 - 06:06
A Bodybuilding.com poster wonders how high the bar should be when doing rack pulls. Advice:

You can vary the height. The guys at my gym (competetive pl'ers) do 2, 3, and 4 pin pulls. Recently, someone built some blocks that the guys have been pulling from. They set the blocks under the weight. It's at about a 3 pin height. This is closer to an actual pull, as the bar is not hitting the pins and bending. The weight is htting the blocks, as it would hit the floor.

Training - An analysis by Rickey Dale Crain

Create: 04/20/2006 - 07:02
At the USPF forum, Rickey Dale Crain contemplates various training programs and approaches found on various web sites and message boards on the internet. He editorializes and makes some recommendations that some may find useful:

As I wander through all of the different weightlifting....powerlifting and strength training forums, one item seems to prevail.......the non-existence of a well thought out plan of attack on achieving the goals one has a desire for....but then it may be because there are no specific goals that have been set forth......

How To Get A 600 Pound Deadlift

Create: 04/20/2006 - 06:44
An Elite Fitness poster is looking for help getting his deadlift to 600. The ensuing thread gives solid advice on how to go about getting that deadlift. It also provies a good example of generally designing a training program for a more advanced lifter which analyzes weak points and prescribes a course of action to overcome them.

I'd like some help from the pull monkeys on this board. I have an idea of what I want to do, so I'll post a rough draft that is open to modification. As I see it, it's my lower back that's my weak point. I base this estimation on the fact that I get stuck at my shins when I fail, and the fact that I can box squat more than I can deadlift (which, to me, would indicate that my hips are plenty strong, relatively speaking)...

An Explanation For Bench Bombs

Create: 04/20/2006 - 06:15
At the CPU forum, posters are discussing possible reasons why there were so many bench bombouts at the recent CPU Nationals. A total of 43% of the powerlifting and 48% of the bench only benches were no good.

Besides the obvious, here is my analysis, there were many missed bench attempts with the bigger weights because of the Ivanko bar. It is a great bar to squat for a single on and to deadlift on because of its whip and flex, but it hurts the lifter performing the bench when there is big weight on the bar.

Nick Winters' Training For New England Record Breakers

Create: 04/19/2006 - 08:30
Nick Winters, who will be going head to head against Mike Wolfe at the New England Record Breakers on May 6 in Amherst, Massachusetts for the best bench, gives us a glimpse inside his training leading up to the event. Winters' training is peaking nicely, with a set of 4 at 625, a set of 3 at 625 and a close grip with a pause at 655.

My chest workout is pretty basic but it seems to work for me. Here is a short run down of what I have done to prepare for NERB.

The Greatest Lifts In Powerlifting History

Create: 04/19/2006 - 08:01
An old thread which has been revived at Get Big looks at the best lifts in powerlifting history. What qualifies a lift as a great one? Is it the amount of weight put up or the situation in which it's done or both? In other sports, the greatest moments often are from dramatic situations in playoffs or championships. Does that hold as true for powerlifting? Or does the format not lend itself much to the dramatic?

In my opinion, these are the greatest powerlifts of all time: Squat - Fred Hatfield's 1014 @ 255 lb. Very deep and almost totally unequipped. Bench Press - Mike MacDonald's 522 @ 181 lb. Totally unequipped. Deadlift - Vince Anello's 800 @ 198. TOTAL - Jon Cole's 2370 @ 283 lb. He almost benched 600 at the same meet. Totally RAW.

Is There An Upper Limit To The Squat Record?

Create: 04/19/2006 - 07:29
An Iron Addicts poster wonders aloud whether there's a theoretical limit to the amount of weight that can be squatted. If there is a limit, is it different for equipped and unequipped lifters? How soon will we arrive at that limit? Ultimately, what will be the limiting factor?

I was just thinking, what does everyone else think? Is going to be the biggest squat record ever? I asked Iron Addict what he thought over the phone. He says maybe 1500 but maybe less or more. Perhaps if the diet and training got alot better than we could see someone do more. I always felt like becasue the bible says anything we put our mind to we can do. I feel like anything is possible, so ofcourse in weight lifting its possible to throw around even bigger numbers.

Keeping A Bench Shirt Down In Front

Create: 04/19/2006 - 07:15
A Bodybuilding.com has just got his first bench shirt but is finding that when he benches the collar is riding up and choking him. He's looking for some advice on what he's doing wrong:

I just got my first bench shirt in the other day (titan fury) and I'm having some issues getting it on correctly. And yes i've used the liftinglarge picture diagram to help me lol, but still having a hard time. Anyway, chest is 39 inches so I decided to go with a size 42. The main problem I'm having is that I can't get the front of the shirt to go down. No matter what I do, it always rides back up and chokes me. A super tight belt isn't working to hold it in place either. I dunno if i've got the sleeves on wrong, or something's not lined up right, or what. There's also a bit of slack in the back around the shoulders that I can't seem to get rid of. Btw i'm not trying to do this alone lol, have a friend helping. Any help would be awesome.


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