Can Good Lifts Only Happen In Contests?

Create: 02/27/2006 - 08:44
In a thread at Anabolex about Scot Mendelson's recent record setting bench press a discussion evolves looking at whether only competition lifts should be looked upon as good lifts. This post starts the ball rolling:

Its amazing that lifting has become a video sport.We didnt have vids of all the big lifts of the past.But now that technology has caught up and a video is expected and deemed more important than the competition lift.I agree with this 100%,as Baracus said the 900 wasnt legit to contest standards.A lot of people like to talk about do it in a contest or it doesnt count.I like to say do it on video FLAWLESS and let the strength world be the judge.

Arnold Squat Challenge May Not Happen

Create: 02/27/2006 - 08:06
Mike Sweeney's latest release is at the WPO forum. In it, he questions whether the Arnold squat challenge will take place.

The Arnold Classic is less than one week away! The energy level of the World Powerlifting Organization is at “I am giving her everything she got, Captian!”-level. (Famous quote from TV show Star Trek) This will be my seventh trip to the judge’s chair there! Not only is the WPO holding their finals in the three lift meet on both Friday and Saturday, and the MAIN stage Bench for Cash Finals on Saturday, Arnold’s primary partner, Mr. Lorimer requested Mr. Kidder to put together a squat demonstration, with cash prizes donated by the Classic-Organization on Sunday, MAIN STAGE! This was really last minute, a true logistics and individual athlete nightmare. I don’t know if it is going to happen. The MAIN point is that the right people are thinking about the right organization, ours! At the Classic, walking thru the main 1.7 million foot building, and knowing that this is not the only site of the event, I will have the opportunity to visit and look at the 30 plus sports. We know that powerlifting is the absolute core to any activity that defines itself as “athletic”. We are on the cutting edge of on training concepts, from peaking to diet, etc. This is a tremendous contribution! WPC/WPO powerlifting is based on the basic discipline of both mind and body, and always goal-setting. Our strength is our strength! Thank You for being WPC/WPO!

Gene Rychlak On Judging

Create: 02/27/2006 - 07:56
Gene Rychlak comments at his forum about the state of judging in powerlifting. He talks generally about judging standards but also takes the time to call out two of the judges, Gordon Santee and Maris Sternberg, who officiated for Scot Mendelson's recent record breaking bench which broke Rychlak's mark.

Using Equipment If Not Competing

Create: 02/26/2006 - 12:02
A T-Nation poster wonders whether there is any reason a non competitive lifter should integrate equipment into his lifting. The conclusions are mixed as to whether to add gear:

I don't really see the point, 'cept for maybe a loose suit or briefs if you squat wide. I don't think the argument for training variety can be made because there are lots of other exercises that aren't the huge pain in the ass that equipment is.

When Is A Bench Shirt Too Tight?

Create: 02/26/2006 - 11:39
That's what a poster at Ryan Kennelly's forum is wondering. He specifically wants to know how to tell if a Titan Fury is too tight. General responses as well as those specific to the Fury follow:

You already know whatI'm going to say, but here goes: Crazy tight gear is a big waste of time. I have crapped away months of training (never touching a weight) all the time believing my answer was a tighter shirt and more weight. I didn't see a single PR for 16 months. In frustration, I finally listened to what Bill Crawford and Sebastian Burns had to say on the subject, "YOU NEED TO GET STRONG IN LOOSE GEAR!" As you know, I hit an 85lb PR on 10 weeks of training in a shirt that allowed me to touch with as little as 225. Being the retard that I am, I then decided to have the shirt tightened (3 months ago) and I have not touched a single rep or set a PR since. I have seen you lift in the 56 and I do THINK you could wear a 54 but I also KNOW you aren't anywhere near your limit with the 56 (600 is there now). With bench shirts it is soo tempting to fall into the trap, "If tight is good, than really tight must be really good..." DEAD WRONG!! Some guys get monster carryover (250-400+)wearing snug gear. I hope Vinny D. jumps in here. I was amazed at how loose his shirt was when I watched him win Bench America. Learn from his example and my mistakes.

"The Old Rusty Bar"

Create: 02/26/2006 - 11:19
Check out this nice story written by Keith Wassung which he posts at Power and Bulk.

The old rusty bar lay across a blue tarp on the chilly October ground. Also occupying the space was a hockey stick, three pairs of roller skates and several miscellaneous golf clubs. The old rusty bar was just one of many items that were being sold at the 12th annual St Casmir’s Parish rummage sale. The bar was seven feet long, forty-five pounds and made of elevated temperature drawn alloy steel. Though covered with rust and corrosion, the bar was as strong as the day it was forged, which was sixty years earlier in a foundry in southeastern Pennsylvania. The men who crafted the bar were devoted to producing the finest lifting devices in the world. In an earlier life, these craftsman would have been making broadswords and battle shields for samurai warriors and elite gladiators.

Raw Benching And Pec Tears

Create: 02/25/2006 - 07:45
A Monster Muscle poster councils that raw benching above 90% of ones max is playing with fire and that it's just a matter of time before that lifter will tear or strain a pec. Are his thoughts valid or just a pro equipment argument? The ensuing thread also looks at whether shirts will actually prevent pec injuries and whether they add new injury risks.

Powerlifting With Physical Deformities

Create: 02/25/2006 - 07:05
A Monster Muscle thread takes a look at powerlifters who have physical deformities or other physical issues. It also looks at some of the things which they must deal with on the lifting platform.

I have seen guys lift with prostetic limbs and all but do any of you have a deformed limb or leg you lift with.I ask this because i have a left elbow that has been broken twice and has a preminate bend in it.My dumb ass fault for not going to a doctor when i needed to.I figured it would heal just fine.Well it did heal, but bent.Any lift i do involving the arms can be a challenge at times.Bench and DL,pull ups and such. I have to let the refs know on every attempt on the BP.I am lucky that i can still lift really hate that lockouts are not straight and look funky.Anyone else have a similar problem?

Flat Benching Is The Worst Lift!

Create: 02/25/2006 - 06:48
So says a frustrated poster at Anabolic Minds after he's just suffered another pec injury. The poster:

for me anyway. another pec injury tonight. with my good pec. i don't understand it at all. there was no warning sign, not even a hint. i had been climbing by 10lbs each week using progressive overload. nothing crazy, was supposed to hit 355 x 10, and at the bottom of 8, i could feel something separate in my upper right pec. i had a good arch, feet tucked, elbows tucked, etc. so fucking frustrating. this is the 3rd goddamn time that flat bench has screwed me over. it's the only exercise i've ever been injured on. i'm done with it. ain't worth it anymore. if i compete, it'll have to be in deads or squats and that's it. i think some guys just aren't made for flat bench, and i am one of them.

Cycling For A Meet

Create: 02/25/2006 - 06:30
Travis Mash offers some tips on how to cycle for a meet at Elite FTS. His advice is based on a 16 week cycle.

The first five weeks should be a time to increase speed, while increasing your workload to develop your GPP for the heavy workouts to come.

Benefits Of A Hook Grip For Deadlifting

Create: 02/24/2006 - 08:07
At Weight Trainers United they're discussing some of the benefits of using a hook grip. A poster questions why one would move to a hook grip:

My thing is if there is not injury or reason to work around it why do it? True some lifters do it and have had great success Brad Gillingham Travis Mash but so many more have had success over the years not doing it and the two biggest pullers now in the world do not use it.

Mendelson Bench Press Classic Results

Create: 02/24/2006 - 07:50
Monster Muscle has unofficial lift by lift results from Sundays Mendelson Bench Press Classic.

Mari Asp: ? (good) - 155K (good) - 162.5K (good) Kara Bohigian: 170K (good) - 182.5K (good) - 190K (good) - 195.5K (good) [world record] Greg Stephens: 295K (no lift) - 305K (good) - 320K (no lift) BJ: 297.5K (no lift) - 340K (no lift) - 340K (no lift) Jason Jackson: 330K (good) - 350K (no lift) - 365K (no lift) Mike De Laval: 340K (no lift) - 340K (no lift) - 340K (good) Mike Womack: 340K (good) - 365K (no lift) - 377.5K (no lift) Ryan Kennelly: 375K (good) - 405K (no lift) - 405K (no lift) Steve Wong: 377.5K (no lift) - 405K (no lift) - 405K (no lift) Tiny Meeker: 402.5K (good) - 415K (no lift) - 427.5K (good)[world record]

Comments On Mendelson's 1,031 And 1,049 Pound Attempts

Create: 02/24/2006 - 07:21
At Outlaw Powerlifting, in posts here and here, posters are discussing Scot Mendelson's recent attempts at 1,031 and 1,049 pounds. They're particularly looking at two elements. The first is the fact that he cannot get either weight to touch. The second is that the handoff man seems to keep his hands on the bar too long.


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