Brad Vargason Announces His Retirement

Create: 06/04/2006 - 19:43
Brad Vargason announced his retirement from powerlifting today. Vargason was one of the best equipped 181's in the country and holds the all-time World Record total of 2,230 pounds in that class. He plans to return to MMA fighting.

I've decided to retire maybe not forever but at least 3-4 years. I've decided to go back into MMA. My first true love was wrestling and fighting which Is stopped when I got married. But I need to go back. It's just that there doesn't seem to be enough to motivate me in powerlifting right now. No money, nobody on my heels and no respect or recognition for what I've done except from my closest friends. So I bust my fricking balls and at the end of the day I have nothing but pain to show for it. Wish me luck, I'll still be here talking it up and all, I'll still be training for strength of course.

How Much Weight Can Be Dropped Before A Meet?

Create: 06/04/2006 - 14:04
In the spirit of the thread questioning whether weigh-ins should be held near meet times comes a couple threads at Go Heavy and Fortified Iron which look at how much weight a lifter can actually drop before a competition.

At first you would think the answer is obvious, but how much weight can a person really cut and how much can you really put back on that a day would make a difference? Example: If a lifter drops from 255 to 242 and properly rehydrates in 24 hrs he should be back around 255. Is it reasonable to think this person will put on an additional 5-10lbs in one day? I just don't see how one day will help someone cut more weight, you can only fast and dehydrate for so long and 24 hours should be plenty of time to rehydrate.

Should Weigh-Ins Be Close To The Meet?

Create: 06/04/2006 - 13:21
Both Go Heavy and Powerlifting Uncensored have threads which are looking at whether 24 and 48 hours weigh-ins make any sense. Should all weigh-ins be on the day of the meet?

With all the controversy surrounding powerlifting's legitimacy, why don't they just weigh competitors an hour or so before their lifts...or even right before, making an allowance for clothing? Some guys can dehydrate and starve themselves to lose as much as 15 to 20 pounds before a weigh in to make a given weight class. It seems ridiculous to have someone register a lift in a certain class when they could weigh as much as 10 or 15 pounds more at the time of the lift.

Kara Bohigian Interview

Create: 06/04/2006 - 12:33
Gorilla Barbell has an interview with Kara Bohigian.
On her training:

My training is radically different than any well known styles. I've fused together what I feel are the most valuable exercises from various strength sports, schools of thought, and eras in lifting. I'm constantly learning and revising my programs. For squat and deadlift I do predominantly Olympic lifting training with added technical days to adapt to the powerlifting equipment. My bench press training is even more unorthodox. My main strength exercise is the strict standing overhead press. I also do a lot of high volume wide grip raw benching. My equipped training is almost exclusively full range reps with chains. Thanks to Vincent Dizenzo sharing the wisdom of Sebastian Burns and Bill Crawford, I no longer wear multiple bench shirts. I have just one perfect shirt and I have learned to use it well. Training consistently in the same shirt has been one of the most instrumental factors in my recent bench PRs.

Butt Up Or Down When Deadlifting?

Create: 06/04/2006 - 12:03
A Fortified Iron poster has noticed that his butt is up fairly high when he deadlifts and after watching video of other lifters notices many of them also start with their butts up high. He wonders which method is right. The original poster:

So i taped some of my deads today and i noticed my butt is alot higher in the air that i thought. I know my hams and glutes are still in play though, i can feel it. i have been watching a lot of videos, conventional style, and about half of the videos the ass is pretty high through the begining to the end of the lift, (resembling a stiff leg dead, the only difference is the starting position where the ass is down but rises immediately after the lift begins), where the other half the ass starts out low and then about halfway it is at its normal height. im just wondering how your guys form is, becuase when i try to keep my ass down low and use way mroe leg power, it just doesnt feel right. I just want to make sure i will keep making progress pulling like i do.

Does The Term "World Record" Mean Anything?

Create: 06/04/2006 - 11:35
Jay Gibson remarks that using the term World Record or all-time World Record are meaningless in today's powerlifting. Wouldn't that also mean Soong's record lists and PLUSA's top lists are also meaningless? Don't all sports have benchmarks to compare performances to? If they are meaningless does it hurt the sport? Gibson:

Do we all agree- for the millionth time- that that term means absolutely nothing in the powerlifting world that we inhabit? I still see it thrown around...

Kara Bohigian Sets 148 Pound Class World Record With A 407 Pound Bench

Create: 06/03/2006 - 11:55

Kara Bohigian has broken her own all-time bench press World Record in the 148 pound weight class. She benched 407 pounds on Friday at the APF Senior Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada to break her own record of 402 pounds. Bohigian competed as a full meet competitor for the first time since knee surgery. She squatted 501 and deadlifted 451 pounds.

Thanks to Eric Adolph for the information.

Nick Busick Announces Mountaineer Cup Will Be Replaced By Unified Meet

Create: 06/03/2006 - 11:33
Nick Busick, the driving force behind the Mountaineer Cup, announces that the event will cease to be held. In its place will be a unified event known as the World Series of Powerlifting. Apparently, the USPF and APF have made at least some level of committment to the event. Busick:

One way to commit to a project is to post on a forum. So here is the announcement ...I have only spoken to a few about this and as always I welcome opinions. The competition known as the Mountaineer Cup will no longer be and in its place will be the WORLD SERIES OF POWERLIFTING.

Live Broadcast Of WABDL Meet Today

Create: 06/03/2006 - 10:52

The WABDL River Country Classic being held in Gadsden, Alabama on June 3 will be broadcast live on the internet via streaming video beginning at 10 am Central time. Just click on the movie camera icon on the right. Check it out now as you may have to upgrade your browser. Among the competitors, Tiny Meeker will be benching and Brent Howard deadlifting.

Is The Russian Way The Right Way?

Create: 06/03/2006 - 10:25
A Society of Strength thread takes a look at the much touted Russian based training programs, coaching and systems. The original poster questions if it's all hype or whether it's actually superior to Western methods. The original post:

Is there this obsession in this country with russian training stuff as if russian athletes are far superior wtf?....when i look at mlb, nfl, nba, and track in feild in the olympics i see big black african AMERICAN mother fuckers dominating and kicking ass....would barry bonds and micheal jordan be so much better if they were trained by russian i dont fucking think so.....maybe im a overly patriotic lil to much rock n roll type of guy but im proud of americas training..hell look at the olympic medal counts in 04.

Best style shirt for shoulder protection?

Create: 06/02/2006 - 17:10

Looking for some advise. I'm a masters lifter (47@220#) and when healthy, have had a raw bench of 400+ and shirted bench in the low 500's. My problem is that I've developed a bone spur in my shoulder which has been cutting into the rotator cuff tendon. The solution will be arthroscopic surgery to remove the spurs and repair the tendon, if needed.

Now to the question... Does anyone have an opinion on which type of shirt I should use after my rehab? Does a hard back like the Phenom offer better shoulder protection that a soft back like the rage?

Any opinions appreciated.


Elite Numbers Needs To Change

Create: 06/02/2006 - 06:31
A poster at Go Heavy suggests the numbers needed to hit Elite should be raised to reflect the amount that gear is pushing numbers higher.

Elite satus should be raised, the gear has many lifters makeing lifts that only a few did when elite status was set. Many lifters commonly bp double + body weight today, sq. 3x body wt. This was not the case when elite status was set. Opinions?

Is Drug Free An Illusion At The Top Level?

Create: 06/02/2006 - 06:11
American Collin Rhodes, who finished seventh at the recent IPF Bench Worlds, relates that many other competitors at the Worlds apparently were not clean. Is Rhodes foolish for having thought they were in the past? Are the top competitors in drug tested federations using? Is what George Phipps says in the thread correct: "There is almost no one at the Olympic level that is clean, and the IPF being clean is a joke"? Are tested feds drug free goals just an exercise in futility?

I came away from Bench worlds with a new perspective. Now, I have no excuse for my poor performance, I just did poorly and that's that. What I did learn has changed the way I look at our sport though. I had one medal winner from the weekend (from another country) tell me about how he had been off the "stuff" for several weeks now and it was really hurting his strength. This was his explaination for not winning the gold. Another member of the US team was told by a Female medal winner from another country about how she considered herself clean because she only takes growth hormone and in her words "'s for animals so it's ok". I have noted in the past the number of athletes from European countries that "look" juiced, but this was the first time I have been there when they have come right out and told us they were. I think what shocked me the most was how open and matter of fact they were about it. I came away feeling stupid and naive. I guess I took a knife to a gun fight.

Why More Than One Bench Shirt?

Create: 06/02/2006 - 06:01
A Team Sniffy poster wonders why some lifters have more than one bench shirt. He asks:

Can someone explain to me why 1 person needs/wants to have more than 1 shirt to bench in during a training session? Is it worth spending all that $? Is there a actual benefit to training in different types of shirts? ie: single ply thru light weight for reps then to a double ply then on your max going to a denim?

Do You Let People Know If They're Lifting Wrong?

Create: 06/02/2006 - 05:47
We've all been working out and out of the corner of our eye spotted someone using horrendous form on an exercise. When that happens do you say something? That's the subject of an Elite Fitness thread.

I watched this dad training his daughter at the gym last week doing shrugs. He was showing her wrong by telling her roll her shoulders instead of just up and down. And I said I am sorry to bother you but have you heard that is really bad on your rotator cuff to do it that way and they said thanks but I hated to correct what the dad was trying to show the kid but I didn't want her learning something that could eventually hurt her. Was I wrong do say anything? And do you say anything when you notice people doing something wrong?


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