Mike Sweeney On APF Seniors Judging

Create: 06/18/2006 - 13:02
Mike Sweeney posts his newest press release at the APF/WPC forum. Sweeney touches on a number of issues but leads with the squat judging controversy at the APF Senior Nationals. He also confirms that the WPC Worlds will be held in Lake George, New York. Rumors had suggested it would be moved. Sweeney:

June 16, 2006 Volume 1, Number 1 Dispatches from the New World of Powerlifting You all know me; it is all about powerlifting and fun. This format is the start and not the final product. USA Nationals (Las Vegas) Below parallel means below parallel and this was established the first day. The second day listened and we saw a powerlifting mega-battle for position, PR’s, and just balls out WPC/APF lifting. On the third day, they didn’t get the message and there were too many surprising casualties. There is NOT a hidden “super heavy weight CODE” that once cracked state’s they are judged differently, well not in the WPC/WPO. Much more on Nationals to come. America is zeroed in for WORLDS in Lake George, New York.

What Is A Pro Powerlifter?

Create: 06/17/2006 - 11:06
Mike Pelosi asks for opinions on what qualifies a powerlifter to be considered a pro. Is there any such thing as a "pro" powerlifter today? Pelosi:

I am not doing this to start an argument or one of the played out wars, but for my own reason; what is pro in powerlifting, if the title even exists: Is it elite? Is it winning your federations National Championship or World Championship? I myself for one think that their should be a Pro-Powerlifting status, similar to the way NASS does their Pro stuff. You win, your a pro, you loose, you fight to live another day. Then, if you turn pro, you could only compete in professional meets like National meets, World Meets etc etc etc This sounds good, but it would leave some local lifters out I suppose. Thoughts, comments, oppinnions? If it could be worked out, Id like to see it happen...Getting your pro card in a clustered weight class

Inner Ear Pressure While Deadlifting

Create: 06/17/2006 - 10:51
A Bodybuilding.com poster experienced some inner ear pressure while deadlifting heavy recently and wonders if he should be worried. He says:

Ive been training for 2 years or so now, and for the first time ever i decided to find my 1rm for my dead. I worked my way up through the weights easily, but on m second last set, i felt a little pressure in my ear, and on my final set, there was even more pressure building up in my left ear. the weight went up easy, but i didnt want to risk anything dodgy happening so i stopped there. its never happened before, and i usually work with 5 reps. Has anybody experianced this before? and does anybody know weather it should dissappear gradually as i get stronger, or could it be something more serious?... Whats the worst case senario for pushing yourself to these limits?

Priscilla Ribic Sets New IPF Deadlift World Record

Create: 06/16/2006 - 08:00
Priscilla Ribic deadlifted 551 pounds yesterday on a fourth attempt at the NAPF Championships in Dorado, Puerto Rico to eclipse her existing IPF World Record of 545 pounds in the 148 pound weight class. Ribic made all four deadlifts and went on to win the 148 pound class with a 1,337 pound total.

MRI Hell

Create: 06/16/2006 - 06:12
A few powerlifters at The Jungle share their war stories about getting an MRI.

It was a Thursday afternoon (yes, yesterday). I arrived at the hospital unsuspecting of what was to come. I registered and took a sit waiting to be called. It wasn’t long when I heard my name. I followed the man inside the MRI room.

Are Reverse Grip Bench Presses Safe?

Create: 06/16/2006 - 05:40
A Dr. Squat thread suggests that doing reverse grip bench presses is dangerous and councils lifters to stay away from the exercise. Is that sound advice? Opinions in the thread are mixed as to whether it's a less stressful lift than the regular bench press on the shoulders.

Is this any good? I'm looking for sg to take the stress off my shoulders a bit . I have worked them hard lately. But I want a similar exercise to the bench press.

Brent Mikesell's Take On APF Seniors (Updated)

Create: 06/16/2006 - 05:36
Brent Mikesell comments on the APF Senior Nationals. AJ Roberts adds his thoughts and Eric Stone comments on the status of the relationship between Kieran Kidder and Ernie Frantz as well as suggesting Maris Sternberg may leaving the APF as a result of the meet.

I think a statement was made by the judging crew in the squat early and I thought it was consistent throughout the meet. I only saw a few very high squats passed and for the most part, it was very, very fair.

Was Seniors A Step Back For The APF?

Create: 06/16/2006 - 05:18
In more fallout from the running of the APF Senior Nationals, meet director Mark Swank is rumored to be leaving the federation. This prompts a discussion at Go Heavy about whether this meet was a step backwards for the APF.

A lifter just told me that meet director Mark Swank was kicked out of the APF. I understand that many of the heavyweight lifters on Sunday at the APF Senior Nationals in Las Vegas had problems with his "Napoleon Complex". I was told that he stopped the meet for almost an hour while the lifters were warming up to give some ultimatums. Any info?

NAPF Championships Results

Create: 06/16/2006 - 04:47

Day 1 results are in for the North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Championships in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Included are results for the women.

Placings by Americans include Monica Johnson second in the 97's, Vanessa Baldwin second in the 105's, Katie Van Dusen first in the 114's, Janel Brown first in the 123's, Jennifer Perry first in the 132's, Priscilla Ribic first and Donna Marts second in the 148's, Liane Blyn first and Jane Larsen-Welborn second in the 165's, and Malinda Baum first in the 181's.

Drug Testing In The USAPL & IPF

Create: 06/15/2006 - 05:37
Eliot Feldman, a USAPL Athletes Representative, talks a bit about the drug testing that's occurring in the USAPL as well as at the IPF level at Go Heavy. Feldman:

How long have you been competing in the USAPL/IPF? You speak as someone who has intimate knowledge of our athletes and procedures. Should I know you? As someone who speaks as an expert about DTs, you seem to be misinformed. It is far more difficult to pass a DT in the US than you seem to think. Most steroids are detectable in the body for months after dosing. Now that WADA is handling IPF doping control at the World level we will see even stricter testing. The USAPL constantly tests lifters out of meet. If a top lifter shows up to a meet and is not lifting they WILL be tested. Other countries don't OMT their own athletes as heavily as does the USAPL, but that is their own decision. There are several countries that are having multiple failures every year at the IPF level because of their lax national testing programs. The difference between tested and non-tested sports is that at least the tested sports are making an attempt to control drug use. The reality is that there will always be those athletes that find ways around the DTs.


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