Dave Cosnotti On The New England Record Breakers

Create: 03/07/2006 - 07:09
Dave Cosnotti posts about the upcoming New England Record Breakers (NERB) event on May 6 in Amherst, Massachusetts. NERB is an unequipped lifting event featuring some of the best lifters in the country. Cosnotti also shows his frustration with the lack of support from some of the companies which benefit the most from powerlifting. Cosnotti:

The Arnold is now over and I had the pleasure of meeting some great men and women in this sport. The lifters performed very well and now I see why they are considered some of the strongest men and women in the world. I also got the chance to speak with the competitors who are planning on competing in the New England Record Breakers that we are helping promote. These guys are very excited about what we have in store and they have good reason. Our sponsors are pulling out all the stops and the Atlantis Foundation is organizing one heck of an event. We’ll have more than enough equipment and space for the lifters to warm up with and plenty of food and refreshments. It seems like we have a lot of support from most of the Powerlifting community but I did hear some disturbing news. Apparently Jon Inzer is threatening to cancel some of the competitor’s sponsorships because they’re competing in this event. I’m not one to judge on how one should do business but that seems a little unfair to the athletes. I tried to call Jon but I haven’t heard back from him. I wanted to explain that we wanted Inzer to be part of this event by supplying wrist wraps, T-shirts, and singlets for the competitors but it doesn’t sound like he’s interested. Titan and Metal are also great companies and we’d love to have both of them affiliated.

Should Raw Include Wraps?

Create: 03/07/2006 - 06:48
There are many raw federations or federations which offer a raw division. However, the rules for what constitutes raw are different from federation to federation. A Go Heavy thread looks at exactly what equipment should be allowed to still be considered raw.

As I wa sending in my app for NASA's new unequipped division, a title that I like much more than raw, I was pleased to find out that this new division in NASA allows lifters to use knee and wrist wraps. i think that the raw society has just gone too far with nothing other than a belt being allowed for competition. For God's sake wraps are a safety matter. Everytime that i lift in a raw meet, I must admit that I find myslef terrified as to the results. What if the High School wrestler that has never lifted in competition that is spotting me . screws up and leaves me hanging with the weight dring me throught the ground. Oh shit! I always fear that my knees will end up like Kellen Winslow's did or that I will end up looking like Joe Theiesman when it is all said and done. Bravo to Rich Peters for joing the WNPF and allowing the unequipped division.

Andy Bolton Retakes Deadlifting Crown With 971 Pull

Create: 03/05/2006 - 12:48
Andy Bolton has retaken his deadlifting crown back from Benni Magnusson with a pull of 971 pounds at this weekends WPO Finals at the Arnold Classic. Bolton finished second in the powerlifting Superheavyweight division with a total of 2,734 pounds, behind only Jeff Lewis.
Photograph from Elite FTS.

More First Hand Accounts From The Arnold

Create: 03/05/2006 - 12:14
In a Go Heavy thread, posters provide more first hand accounts of the action at the Arnold Classic.

From the top of my head - Kennelly benched 837ish and missed 865 twice Crawford benched high 7s, 821 (I think), missed @ 837 (I think) Carpenter bombed Mendelson bombed with 1014 Brandenburg bombed with 788, then 804ish Wolfley benched well; made 2 lifts; can't remember wt Schick was not there Bohigian benched 402 Boldt benched well; made 2 lifts I think Mazza bombed Rychlak lifted off but did not bench

Laura Phelps Sets Two World Records In 165 Class

Create: 03/05/2006 - 11:35
Laura Phelps squatted a World Record 704 pounds on Friday during the WPO Finals at the Arnold. That mark surpasses Phelps existing record in the 165 pound class of 683 pounds. She also totaled a World Record 1,579 pounds, surpassing the existing record of 1,543 pounds held by Yulia Zaugolova. Phelps put together a 402 pound bench press and 473 pound deadlift for the 1,579 total.
Photograph from


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