Informing Lifters Of Their Infraction

Create: 05/21/2006 - 14:11
Fallout continues from the judging at the USAPL Masters Nationals. At the USAPL forum a poster recommends that the USAPL adopt an easier way to notify lifters of any lift infractions they make. His post:

Is there any way to simplify the process of informing the lifter of what their infraction was? The paddles can be very confusing and often times contradictory. When you watch a football game on TV and there is a rules infraction, the referee clearly states what the infraction was and who was responsible. At the Masters Nationals many people were shaking their heads wondering what was wrong with a particular lift, especially when one judge raised one color paddle and another judge raised a diferent one. If we want more spectators, we'd better get more spectator friendly. The same goes for lifters. We want strict judging, but it has to be consistent and if we commit an infraction it would help if we were clear on what we did wrong and not have to guess.

Challenges Of Meet Directors & Promoters

Create: 05/21/2006 - 13:43
If a meet doesn't run smoothly, it can be easy to find fault with those who are running the meet. However, for lifters who haven't put on a meet of their own, it's difficult to see what it actually takes to ensure a meet runs smoothly. Meet promoters and directors are providing enlightenment on that subject at the IBP forum.

This is just me talking here, I am not speaking on behalf of the Iron Boy or Keith. I have promoted a couple of meets in the past or worked closely with director for trophies. Here are some of the concerns I have come across. 1) Finding a place to hold the meet- Most places don't understand what you are trying to do. They want you to come in the morning of, be done and leave asap. It takes time to set up the platform and warm up area adequate for the lifters. 2) Finding good sponsors-A lot of supposed sponsors want something for nothing. Not all of them, but most want their name on a t-shirt but don't want to help on the expenses. 3) Being paid-In the past, I had a lot of lifters call me the week of the meet and say they were coming and to hold a spot...didn't show up...after I had ordered enough trophies for them. Bounced checks...yeah that happens. 4) Enough help at the meet- You have to truly love the sport to help out. You find out real quick whom has your back and doesn't. After the meet, the fun begins loading everything up....some hit the door so fast the hinges are off...LOL 5) The unknown?- This always happens at a meet. Someone doesn't show up, someone gets angry, the bathroom stall floods, you run out of hot dog buns...blah, blah, blah....Things aren't perfect, something always happens. 6) The complainer- This goes with the territory. You have one person that usually bombs out of the meet and blames everything on...everything....LOL The judges, the equipment, the lighting, the scales, the spotting. I have to admit, I have been that person as well. We all get use to training in our own atmosphere and get aggravated when the atmosphere is changed. That is the unknown lifting environment we have to mentally be ready for at a meet. Some lifters have it, some don't. I have always thought it was ironic that the ones complaining about the judging, are usually the ones bombing out or have never sit in a chair. If you don't like the way things are sit in the chair yourself...LOL

How Much Weight Can Be Cut For A Competition?

Create: 05/21/2006 - 13:13
A Fortified Iron poster wonders how much weight competitors can cut before a competition. He asks:

Know this doesnt affect me but ive always wondered, how much weight can people drop pre-comp in a hurry? Ive seen stuff here and there about fasting and water loss and was just wondering what sort of amounts people achieve?

Interview With Jim Grandick

Create: 05/21/2006 - 12:42
IronGladiators has an interview with Jim Grandick. On the best way to build your lifts:

Consistency in training is the key to any big lift there is no magic exercise or suit to get you there quick. Pick a training style that works for you and keep going until you reach your goals. Never settle with what you have already done. Always strive for more! The one thing that has helped me is that I do a lot of meets. Sometimes up to seven a year. It always keeps me motivated and I am always training for something.

Lifting Raw Against Equipped Lifters

Create: 05/20/2006 - 11:35
A Fortified Iron poster cannot seem to find any raw competitions in his area and wonders whether he should compete raw against equipped lifters or start lifting in equipment. He says:

I think I am going to have to make a transition to equipment simply because there is simply no competition almost that is raw. Does anyone here compete raw in equipped competitions or am I right to assume that i really do need to transition (even if i compete just as a hobby, which is what i assume what most here do in the first place).

What Height People Are Better Suited For Sumo?

Create: 05/20/2006 - 11:04
A Weight Trainers United poster is looking for some deadlifting advice. Specifically, he's wondering if sumo style might be better suited to his height. He asks:

I have been powerlifting for about 1.5 years. I have competed in 3 meets (USAPL), but have only done bench press. I have been working on my squat, which has been moving up nicely over the last year. I am planning on doing a full meet in October. My deadlift is the weakest of the 3 lifts. I have gotten serious and have been training on the deadlift for about 3 months. I have gone from only being about to do 385lbs for about 3 singles to doing 405lbs for 8 singles w/ 30 sec. rest between singles. I feel I have been improving on the lift, but at the same time I am pretty sure I don't know what I am doing when it comes to training/technique on the deadlift. I am 5ft 10inch and weigh 265lbs. I have been training mostly conventional. I have read/heard shorter people are better at sumo, but I can't lift near as much sumo as I can conventional. Any advice as to which is better (sumo or conventional) for someone of my height, info on technique, and possible training routines.

Popping Blood Vessels In Your Eyes

Create: 05/19/2006 - 05:16
Are popped blood vessels in your eyes a sign of a good workout? members are sharing war stories about popping blood vessels in their eyes, face and other places as well as getting bloody noses.

heavy squat day today, i got home and looked in the mirror, all over both orbits and eyelids and face i have red dots and bruisng , busted some capilllaries i guess, but more than i ever have before, and the sclera(the white part of the eye itslef) i have huge red blotches all over both eyes. looks like i took a beating. anyone lese ever have severe blood vessel breaks like this? i have done it before, but never this severe

Lower Back Stretches & Warmups

Create: 05/19/2006 - 05:10
A Fortified Iron thread looks at some good stretches and warmups for the lower back. The original poster:

My first few sets of bench are always hell, My back is tight and it's very hard to arch and somtimes painfull. I realise that benching with a large arch isn't comfortable, But this is a little more then just ordinary discomfort. I'm incredibly tight on my sets. It's affecting my arch, I used to have a very impressive arch going but now I am tighter then normal for what ever reason. Are there any techniques you guy's use to warm up and get the blood flowing and stretch out? I have tryed using support from large pvc pipes on my warmup sets etc, But I am looking for some new ideas.

Power Loss Switching From Conventional To Sumo

Create: 05/19/2006 - 04:48
A poster at PowerliftingUK has changed his deadlift stance from conventional to sumo and finds that he's unable to lift as much weight. He wonders if this is typical:

Did you find an initial drop on your DL when switching from Conv. to Sumo? Im trying to get used to a Modified Sumo (feet just outside arms) as I think it will be beneficial in the long run. Also 'cos I have had back problems and it feels a lot less likely to throw it out again (less chance of rounding). Problem is Conv. just feels easier, maybe its pure practise, or maybe its that my levers work better that way. I hope not cos i want to be able to Mod. Sumo, esp. as the stance width is pretty much the same as my squat so Im hoping training the two will carryover well to each other.

Squatting Wide Without Gear

Create: 05/19/2006 - 04:06
A poster uses a wide stance while squatting without a suit or briefs and is experiencing a bit of hip pain. She's looking for a bit of help and asks:

Do any of you squat wide raw - sorry - RAW!?!? I mean at least 1.5 times shoulder width - not just slightly more than shoulder width. I've been squatting about that wide, but I've been having trouble with pain in my hips with heavier squats. I've moved my stance back in a little, as that's easier on my hips, but obviously I can't squat as much that way. I'm just wondering if I need briefs/suit to continue to squat this wide. Any thoughts/advice?

Muscle Cramps

Create: 05/18/2006 - 05:18
A Fortified Iron poster is having some muscle cramping issues and is looking for some advice. He says:

Was sleeping saturday and woke up with an intense calf cramp that maybe went on for 1 min to 1 and a half minutes before i could shake it out. The same calf still feels tight and hurts whenever I walk on my toes, sort of like the cramp wore on, anyone have any ideas what the problem is or how to get it to go away?


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