Bench Press Assistance

Create: 07/08/2006 - 11:41

What are you guys using to help you in the bench as far as assistance exercises are concerned? I'm looking for people who are having difficulty with the first 4-5 inches off the chest. I cannot seem to break through that and know I'm doing something wrong.

I have a very long bench press drive so BP isn't my best lift....

Think DB's or CGBP's would help. I bench wide which seems to help the start off the chest, but power is lost at that point. Closer grip, lock out is not a problem. I bench RAW.



Training Assistance Lifts On Their Own Days

Create: 07/08/2006 - 11:12
A Dr. Squat poster wants to know if it's wise to train all of his assistance lifts on their own dedicated day and do the compound movements only on their days. He asks:

Any body ever tried or thought about using a seperate day for assisstance lifts/exercises and just doing the basic compound movements on the 'main' days. Question I just don't feel like doing them or can't give them much focus after doing my trap bar deadlift or bp workouts.

Once A Lifter

Create: 07/07/2006 - 06:20
Keith Wassung is back with a new story.

Philip McCabe reached forward and opened up his red igloo lunch cooler. He selected a ripe banana from the assortment of food and closed the lid. Taking a bite out of the banana, he looked around and thought to himself "What in the world am I doing here.” Phillip was fifty-six years old and would turn fifty-seven in less than five months. Several weeks before his 57th birthday, his family would honor their family tradition of writing to the Heinz corporation and inform them of Phillip's birthday along with a copy of his birth certificate. Philip would receive a sample package of pickles, condiments and sauces from the corporation right around the time of his birthday. On this beautiful spring Saturday, Philip could have been doing a lot of fun things, the weather was perfect for golf or spending time with any of his four children and two grandchildren or even just a nap on his hammock. Instead, Phil was seated in the bleachers of YMCA gymnasium that was hosting the 15th annual Rattlesnake Open Power lifting competition. Phil was not there as a spectator or even an official, he was there to compete.

Why Weightlifters Can't Take Powerlifters Seriously

Create: 07/07/2006 - 05:10
Curious minds wanted to know (okay, not really) why Olympic lifters can't take powerlifters seriously so here are the top 8 reasons why.

1. The overuse and misuse of belts. First off, I'm willing to bet that most weight trainers do not understand the function of a lifting belt....which is to increase intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). Increased IAP (along with increased intra-thorasic pressure ITP) aids the erector spinae in extending the trunk. Since sufficient IAP producing abdominal strength (primarily transverse abdominis) can be developed through beltless training, it follows that continued belt use will retard this development. As coach Bob Takano of the Van Nuys Weightlifting Tribe says, "Our lifters grow their own belt". Did you know that many of the world's best weightlifter compete without a belt.

Is Westside For Advanced Lifters Only?

Create: 07/07/2006 - 04:50
Westside Barbell has some of the strongest powerlifters on the planet. The Westside template has been exported to powerlifting gyms around the world. But is it the right type of training for those newer to lifting? That's the question at Testosterone Nation.

This is a topic that's been playing on my mind alot recently. Everyone knows that Westside has created some of the worlds strongest powerlifters, but alot of these have gone to Westside with a good basic strength level having followed a more tradtional Western periodization approach (eg both Louie and Dave Tate used western periodization for 15+ years). Conjugated Periodization seems to have been the plateu buster they needed. Now EVERYONE is interested in obtaining similar results for themselves. But alot of these people seem to struggle to even bench 80-100kg/200-225lbs. If this is the case then they would be doing speed work with ~50-60kg?? Is it really neccessary to worry about speed when you're just plain weak??

Sumo Stance Rack Pulls

Create: 07/06/2006 - 06:36
If you're a sumo stance deadlifter, you may have wondered whether you should perform your rack pulls using a sumo stance as well. Answers are somewhat mixed as to there effectiveness.

i've done sumo rack pulls before. I feel if you do them, to do them from a low pin like mid shin or so. Otherwise you might as well do them conventional. I personally don't benefit from the high pin sumo rack pull because its not really training anything that you would have with a sumo stance, since it mostly hits the very top of the lockout and the upper back. Its a good exercise to throw in the mix for a little bit, not necessarily a mainstay, but good to mix things up.


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