Which Is Preferable - Bombs Or Gifts?

Create: 06/09/2006 - 05:26
Inspired by the high rate of bombs at the APF Seniors, given only two choices, bombs or gifts, which would you find preferable? Opinions:

No question; I want to see strict judging. I don't want to be given anything. While it sucks to bomb, it's even worse to know that you're a fraud and that the only reason you got a total is because a couple of judges took pity on you when they realized you couldn't get a lift in. It's not a sport if you start blurring the rules; then it's just a hobby and/or entertainment. If we start giving away lifts so people don't bomb, lets also give away teddy bears to the lifters to make sure their feelings aren't hurt.

Bombs At APF Seniors Result Of Depth Rule Change

Create: 06/09/2006 - 05:13
Buddy McKee asserts that the number of bombings in the squat at the APF Senior Nationals was a result of an organized and deliberate change in the depth required for a good squat. McKee further complains that lowering the depth needed for a good squat was never related to the lifters. McKee:

I agree that the refereeing was, with a few exceptions, pretty consistent. My point of irritation was that there was an obvious pre-organized plan to change the squat depth interpretation from what it has been for years to something much lower. The problem was that we weren't let in on the change.

Best Deadlift Bar

Create: 06/09/2006 - 04:59
Forum owner Jay Nolan is gathering opinions on who makes the best bar for deadlifting at Fortified Iron. Opinions:

The Okie is hands down the best bar ever made. Every one that has ever used one at my meets loves them. The only problemis you have to go through Crain;s to get one. If I Had it to do over, I might just go with the Texas dl bar and save te hhassle and get the second best dl bar.

Washing Gear With Detergent

Create: 06/08/2006 - 05:24
The wife of a powerlifter at MMI Power Training decided to help him out and washed his equipment... with detergent. Now's he's worried that the strength of the threads may be compromised. He says:

I dug up all of my powerlifting gear and brought it home to wash. That was the plan for tonight. My wife just called me at work and told me she washed the stuff for me. Me - "Did you use detergent?" Wife - "Well, yeah, that's how you wash things." Dead silence on my end I was always told that you only wash your gear in water because the detergent may compromise the strength of the threading. I guess I will find out how true that theory is very soon... Metal squat suit and briefs Frantz poly briefs Rage X

Is Pulling With An Over/Under Grip Safe?

Create: 06/08/2006 - 05:10
A thread at Dr. Squat examines the prevailing view that using an over/under grip for deadlifting may cause bicep tendon issues. Is it inevitable that if you consistently use an over/under grip you'll encounter bicep problems? The original poster:

I heard from someone that over and under grip is not good for your biceps tendon. This person said that you can tear your biceps tendon lifting heavy with the over/under grip. Is there any validity to this? I can certainly hold onto the bar better this way versus both palms pronated. Since I'm weaker with the over/over grip, I practice often with this grip to improve grip strength. Is the over/under grip dangerous??

Callouses From Squatting

Create: 06/08/2006 - 04:44
We've all heard of getting callouses on our hands, with a likely culprit being the deadlift. Well, a Bodybuilding.com poster is getting what appear to be callouses on his back where the bar sits when squatting. He says:

im starting to get these large bumps on my back from where the squat bar contacts my back. there right over part of my shoulder blade. there like calluses i guess and they hurt after lots of squating. has this happened to anyone else? some times the skin over them gets irritated and abrraided and its a pain.

Powerlifter looking for Training Partner - BROOKLYN, NY - Free Facilities

Create: 06/08/2006 - 02:56

Hello. My name is Paul, and I'm currently looking for a serious training partner in the Brooklyn, NY area. I compete in the 165lb. weight class, but have dropped now into the 148lb. class. I lift raw, with a 500lb. deadlift - 275lb. bench - 365lb. Squat.

I have invested alot of my own money into building a gym in my garage. I have an olympic bench, squat rack, pull-up/dip station, 2 barbells, 500+ pounds of olympic weights, dip belt, chalk and a few other things to complete my training. I'm looking to compete overseas this October & November for the WDFPF - and late this July at the ADAU Nationals. I need a training partner who's not interested in flexing their arms every three seconds, and is strictly focused on power. I train 4-5 days a week, and have no ego about training with someone who lifts heavier than me. Obviously my squat is nowhere near international competition standards, as my main focus for competition is deadlifts. I need someone with a strong mentality, and who's focused. The garage is hot as hell in the summer, and cold as balls in the winter. It's a very rugged - hardcore atmosphere, and I've have great training there for the past 12 months. I live in Bay Ridge / Dyker Heights - and my schedule is flexible for the right partner.

The IPF Is Not Drug Free!

Create: 06/07/2006 - 06:40
There's an interesting discussion at the USAPL forum about Collin Rhodes' assertions about drug usage among competitors at the recent IPF Bench Worlds. Some of the top USAPL lifters and administration weigh in on the issues. They all seem to accept that the IPF is not drug free. Many hold out hope that progress is being made in the area of drug testing and think that the drug free ideals of the USAPL shouldn't be sacrificed under any circumstances, including losing. Some even suggest that they'll work harder and are willing to take on those who are using.

Never Pulling Deadlifts From The Floor

Create: 06/07/2006 - 05:54
An Elite Fitness poster notes that he never pulls deadlifts from the floor until meet time and wonders whether others think this is a good idea. Opinions:

Itdepends where you find your weakness to be. We used to do mostly pin pulls, but we found we were neglecting a lot of our potential starting power. We actually train sumo, conventional and with the shrug bar now, and its helps a ton!

Powerlifting With A Pacemaker

Create: 06/07/2006 - 05:28
A former powerlifter is considering a return to competition. One problem, he now has a pacemaker and wonders if anyone knows of other powerlifters who have them and whether they've been given any specific advice about going heavy. He asks:

I have only just joined the forums and this is my first post because I am debating whether to get back in to lifting or not. I was lifting seriously from 18-20 then stopped due to illness, had my pacemaker fitted at 25 and am now 30. I have asked my cardiologist about lifting as opposed to general training and it is uncharted territory for him.

APF Seniors Results

Create: 06/06/2006 - 18:59
Here are some unofficial and partial results gathered from various sources from the APF Senior Nationals in Las Vegas. Women 105 Class 1. Linda Barnes - 688/312.5 114 Class 1. Amanda Harris - / 123 Class 2. Suzette O'Neill - 687/312 148 Class 1. Kara Bohigian - 1,359/617.5


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