Knee Cracks While Squatting

Create: 03/22/2006 - 08:03
A poster at finds that his knees crack while he is descending during squats and wonders what is going on. Replies indicate that it probably isn't anything serious:

That same thing happens to me I have I believe it is called crepitus. If it doesnt hurt I wouldnt worry about it. I also tore my meniscus. Have you ever tore anything in your knee? That could be why it is making the noise now. Just make sure you warm up really good before you squat and are giving your hamstrings suffiecent work.

Jim Wendler Reviews The 2006 Arnold

Create: 03/22/2006 - 07:45
Jim Wendler reviews the 2006 Arnold Classic.

I think everyone was holding their breath at this years WPO meet at the Arnold Classic. Not because of the outrageous B.O. and tanning lotion that permeates from the fitness professionals, but because of the judging. The WPO has been widely criticized because of their leniency in giving white lights to whatever squat is performed. The running joke was that as long as you broke your hips and returned the bar to the Monolift, you were WPO Approved.

100% Raw Federation's Stance On Advertising

Create: 03/22/2006 - 07:13
Shawn "Bud" Lyte, Vice President of the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation, clarifies his organizations stance toward one of their advertisers, APT, in the 100% Raw forum. APT is known for making wrist wraps, which are not allowed in 100% Raw competition. 100% Raw is fairly vehement in their rejection of equipment for powerlifting competition, hence the name. Is this an example of how equipment makers can still work with raw federations? Is it hypocritical to allow them to advertise? Would 100% Raw, also a drug tested organization, allow a site selling Ephedra to advertise? How about an adult website?

Helping Others In The Gym

Create: 03/21/2006 - 09:03
If you see someone doing something wrong in the gym, do you correct them? An Elite Fitenss thread asks that question. The answers:

No, not really. Your assumtion of what is wrong my be the reason they are doing it. For example if you saw someone doing a proper Clean and Jerk and you were not trained in Olymic lifts you would think they are doing somthing to hurt themselfs.

Good Sportsmanship And Powerlifting

Create: 03/21/2006 - 07:37
If you read the forums regularly it can become easy to forget all of the great things that powerlifting has to offer. And it does have a lot of great qualities. Monster Muscle has a nice thread discussing the fact that good sportsmanship is almost always the rule at powerlifting meets as well as in training. The thread also touches on the accessibility of the top lifters and why other lifters, even if competitors, will cheer you on and help you.

maybe its b/c there are not just gifted powerlifters. sure there are strong average people out there but unlike football you just not born and 1000 squater. it takes hard work and lots of time and when your working just as hard you know how hard the other person is working so you get behinde him or her to push for there best. not to leave anything on the platform. it also pushes you to see someone do something crazy. like when gene first benched over 1000 people thought it would never be done now theres 2 that have do it and more to come. and why not help the other guy. at most meets your competing against yourself and the bar.

Knee Wraps For Sumo Style Deadlifting

Create: 03/21/2006 - 07:09
A poster wants to know whether using knee wraps can help a sumo puller. He asks:

I have seen a few guys pulling with knee wraps sumo, And i have also seen alot that don't. To my understanding knee wraps don't do anything if you're leg's are bent a fair amount (90 degrees or so) When i deadlift sumo my legs are parelell. I was wondering if you guy's think knee wraps would help sumo pulling at all?

Lifting In Prison

Create: 03/20/2006 - 09:01
T-Nation is running a series of articles about lifting in prison written by Zach Even-Esh. Part 1 is out now.

The topic of prison training always leads to a heated debate. How do these guys get so big and cut on prison food and with limited training equipment? Sure, they have all day to train, but wouldn't that lead to overtraining?

Working The Bottom End Of The Squat

Create: 03/20/2006 - 08:47
A Dr. Squat poster has a weakness coming out of the hole when squatting and is considering a few different options for working that weakness. He's specifically looking at band squats, box squats and paused squats and wants opinions. The original poster:

The top of my squat is very strong compared to the bottom part. If I get stuck anywhere it's in the hole. Some questions: 1.) Is a box squat with bands a good way to provide alot of tension (effort?) throughout the movement as opposed to just at the top? 2.) How long should the pause on the box be? 3.) How effective are pause squats for working the bottom?

Sleep And Training

Create: 03/20/2006 - 08:15
A poster wonders how important sleep is to making strength gains. He asks:

Hey dudes, Id like to hear from you about your experiences with sleep and its effects on strength gains. Have there been times when youve consistently got slightly less than optimal sleep? What effect did it have? That kind of thing Im not sure that my sleep is awful enough to be the factor that keeps me on this eternal plateau (like, years) of no gains whatsoever - because 99.9% of people DO get stronger most of the time by training and I doubt all of them get perfect sleep. I know my sleep can be improved... Im asking about your experiences with sleep and its effects on training.

What's The Highest Ever Bench Over Age 60

Create: 03/20/2006 - 07:43
At Ryan Kennelly's forum, they're trying to find out who has the highest all time bench over 60 years of age. Take a trip over there if you can help out. A few possibilities are put forward:

  • Robert O. Smith, Canada, benches in the mid 500's. He lifts mainly in the WABDL.
  • Ron Hood of Oklahoma benches in the mid-upper 500's.
  • Randy Patterson has benched 672, but I don't know if Randy is 60 or not.

  • ok it's hard to tell exactly they have a n age group of 54-60 I saw a couple of lifters that have done in the low 600s in that age group.
  • Sean Finnegan 617.2
  • George Nelson 615@275

Anatomy Of An Injury

If one is a powerlifter for long enough, injury is an inevitable occurrence. Although, we all respond differently when injured, there are some common reactions as well as a number of typical steps to take to address the injury. Bencher Vincent Dizenzo has just suffered what he thinks may be a bicep tear while deadlifting. Check out how Dizenzo is dealing with it and the advice others offer. Dizenzo:

What should I do to treat a partially torn bicep. It just happened, it is not black and blue--yet. I think that is a good sign. The bad signs were that it felt like steak shredding in my arm and my training partner heard the tear. The lower part of the bicep on the injured arm is a little smaller and it hurts when I turn my wrist to face my palm up. Right now I am icing every twenty minutes. Taking 800 mgs of motrin (I'll do that three times a day). I have an appointment to see my chiro for ART on my shoulder so I will ask him if that would be helpful. I am also putting a call in to my sports Dr. (need a cortisone shot for my shoulder anyway). Just looking for whatever advice I can get. I have the Record Breakers in six weeks and Seniors in ten. Serves me right for deadlifting anyway. Bicep injury on that. Hernia a few weeks ago from log pressing for strongman. I am now embracing the term bench specialist. I have learned my lesson.


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