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Joy Nnamani GBR Takes Gold in 52 kg class!

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 23:02 -- admin
theipf- World Record Deadlift with 195.5 kg AND World Record Total with 430.5 kg by Joy Nnamani @j_nnamani GBR in 52 kg class. Video #2 bigredmanny@theipf #52kg #WorldRecord #Deadlift 195.5 kg/430.9 lbs for Joy Nnamani of Great Britain to seal a World Championship 430.5 kg/949 lb Total, breaking the previous WR Total by 0.5 kg! #IPFClassicWorlds #GreatBritain #Calgary #powerlifting #IPF

Alicia Webb- Back on USA soil and no longer sleep deprived

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 13:47 -- admin
Back on USA soil and no longer sleep deprived... Competing in the 2018 IPF Classic Worlds Championship on the Masters Team was such an honor... I went 8/9, finishing with 440 lbs squat/ 248 lbs Bench / 435 lbs Deadlift / Totaling 1123 lbs (Personal Record)... I won gold in squat, bench, deadlift & total. I also won Best Female Masters 1 Lifter... then to top it all off... I won Best Lifter of all Master Lifters... Today was definitely a good day!!!

GPC 2018 Australia Nationals -- 6/1-3/18 -- (Frankston, Victoria, Australia)

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 11:43 -- admin

CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE who made the "RAW All Time Top-20 Rankings!!!!!"


165 Pound (75 Kilogram) Men’s Weight Division -- RAW Squat
RAW Squat X-Bwt RAW Male Lifter/ Nationality/ YOB/ Date/ Actual Weight/ Exact Bodyweight/ Location/ Federation
6. 650.4 (295.0) *3.93X Chris “Critta” Stamatiou (Australia/89) 6/2/18 (295.0 kg. @ 75.0 kg., without a squat suit.) (Frankston, Australia) (GPC)

Page 14 of the “Rankings-RAW” document.

forsakenwarrior- Pulling 903 at the Chicago Fit Expo

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 11:19 -- admin
forsakenwarrior- 903 at the Chicago Fit Expo for some speeed!!! This is the 2nd time I’ve pulled over 900 in a meet.I attempted the ATWR after this and came up short this time but we still working! I wanna say thank you from the from the bottom of my heart to everyone that has supported me along the way and gave up their own time to make sure I was taken care of. I love you all and I owe each and every one of you.

First (Classic division) 5 times bodyweight deadlift in IPF!

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 10:25 -- admin
theipf- First 5 times bodyweight deadlift in IPF, beating World OPEN Record Deadlift in 59 kg class !!! with 271.5 kg by Dalton LaCoe USA in 53 kg JUNIOR class
(Editors note: Lamar Gant was the first person to pull 5 times bw in the IPF equipped and raw -634 @ 123 and 683 @ 132, LaCoe will go down as the first to do it in the IPF's newest division : Classic)

2018 USPA Hall of Fame nominees

Sat, 06/09/2018 - 22:40 -- admin
uspapower- We will be inducting the 2018 USPA Hall of Fame nominees at our National Championships! Each of these individuals are being honored for their contributions to the sport of Powerlifting, whether through their domination at the National/International level, records held, efforts made towards helping the USPA grow and much more. The Hall of Fame presentation will be taking place immediately after Squats on Saturday, July 14th and will also be the break between Squats and Bench Press. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you there!

Al Fritz Jr- wins the Gold medal for Team USA Masters M2 class!

Sat, 06/09/2018 - 22:18 -- admin
higamonster- @alfritz242 wins the Gold medal for Team USA Masters M2 class at the "IPF Classic Raw Worlds". Way to represent Hawai'i and @teammana808 my braddah!


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