69 kg Kelsey McCarthy totals 1406.9 lb at Nats!

Wed, 06/23/2021 - 09:26 -- admin
Kelsey McCarthy had an awesome first official meet in the 69 kg class at US Equipped Nats with a 561 lb squat, 385.8 lb bench, and 462.9 lb deadlift to win 1st place! Absolutely incredible and a win well-deserved! I have a feeling she'll be a lifter to watch in this class for a very long time!

74 kg Champ Taylor Atwood PR's on the bench with 473.9 lb!

Wed, 06/23/2021 - 09:14 -- admin
Ok, I'll say it. This is getting insane! Taylor can't stop PRing even after he just finished a meet! This 473 lb bench PR is just after an absolutely remarkable performance at US Nats, and we are here for it. I have a feeling Taylor has A LOT more upward trajectory in his near future!

An awesome highlight reel from US Equipped Nats (courtesy of King of the Lifts)!

Mon, 06/21/2021 - 11:55 -- admin
Awesome highlights from US Equipped Nationals this year! Video 1: 93 kg Easton Schuster shows some ridiculous strength, benching a MASSIVE 705 lb! Video 2: SHW Ahmed Hassanin squats 1069 lb WAY easier than should be humanly possible. Just throwing that out there! Video 3: 57 kg Kimberly Johnson benches 314.6 lb, breaking the American record! She also went on to win the 57 kg title! Video 4: 83 kg Knute Douglas squats 816.2 lb! CRAZY strong! Video 5: SHW Bonica Brown squats 649 at the beginning of her journey to winning another title, having already won the raw SHW title this year!


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