Working Out When Feeling Sick

Create: 01/04/2006 - 09:33
It's that time of year again when the flu and other bugs are going around. If you're unlucky enough to get sick do you still get to the gym? That's the question asked over at Ryan Kennelley's forum. Responses include:

Having a below normal workout is better than no workout at all.

The only time I won't work out when feeling under the weather is if I have a high fever, feel sick to my stomach, or have a lower respiratory infection.

if I am having a crappy workout sometimes I just blow off the rest of the workout....I think this is no problem as long as it doesnt happen too often

i workout anyway. but sometimes maybe its better not to if your really sick. but i find it hard to skip a gym day

However if you are asking if you should workout when sick I would say it is up to you. I would venture to say that 5 years from now the workout you missed because you were deathly ill will be of no consequence. But I will make myself feel worse if I skipped a workout unless I was puking my guts out or something.

I dont care if i'm a shuddering, shivering, sneezing, hacking, incontinent typhoid-Judas, if i can still get PR's or do the weights i need to do, i'm there.


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Training suppresses the immune system making recovery from the flu even harder. Best to take a few days off and up protein and water intake. It all depends what you mean by "sick" tho.

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It's very much an individual decision when to take those days off. You've got to be honest with yourself that it's truly needed and not just because you're feeling lazy.