This Does Not Sound Good!

Create: 01/03/2006 - 08:39
A poster over at the APA forum is getting married soon and is asking for a bit of advice:

I need some help with excuses to get to the gym, or I may be forced into retirement by the future Mrs. JohnnieO!

The replies are a much needed wakeup call:

Either: You're making a mistake by marrying someone who won't support your lifting 100% OR: Lifting just isn't in your heart, and getting married is an excuse to slowly fade it out.

Son, if you need an excuse to lift you're in serious trouble. I've been lifting since the early sixties and have trained through 2 wives, 2 children and now 4 grandchildren.

Just a hint,, if you have to change who you are, for someone, you have not found the right person. if you use the marriage as an excuse not to do the things you enjoy. then 1, you will regret it. 2 you will not be happy with who you are in the long run, (if lifting is in your soul) , 3 you will become the typical unhappy 20 years down the road saying "I use to be able back in the day".

I don't think that you should change who you are after your married! If lifting is a part of your life before you met her or just a part of your life before you got engaged, then it is YOU. She fell in love with you because of who you are......... so why does she want you to change anything about you!

Tell Mrs. O that if you don't lift, you're gonna start HEAVY drinking & smokin'!!!!!!! Then let her make the choice.

Johnny, you need to figure out for yourself whether or not you want lifting in your life. Obviously your wife met when you when you were lifting and must have liked that part of you. So why change it or let someone change it for you. You still have to be happy with yourself even after you get married... Work this issue out now or it may come back to haunt you later on.