Best Of 2005

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Fortified Iron has a thread looking at the best powerlifting moments of 2005. Here are a few of the bests:

Best Bench: 1) Matt Lamarque hits 800 @ 220. Best Squat: (I have 3) 1) Mike Miller hits 1200..He was the first, Judges said good lift, enuff said. 2) Jeff Lewis hits 1200...Without any questions about depth or power. 3) Becca Swanson 854...Easy with more in the tank. Biggest Surprise: (I have 2) Last year we weren't even talking about these guys. 1) Kutcher 2) Jeff Lewis Best comeback: 1) Joel Toranzo comes back from a horrible injury as a 3 lift lifter. 2) Candyass comes back after neck surgery as a 3 lift lifter and hits monster Pr's.

Benedikt Magnusson's 970 deadlift deserves mention.

Best Bench: There were a ton of great benches. Matt Lamarque, Bill Crawford, Garry Frank, but hands down the favorite has to be (for Candy) is Mike Wolfley's all time 198 record of 685. Zane's pick is Garry Frank's 804 in a full power meet. Best Squat Candy is gonna go with Laura Phelps 683 @ 165. She will own 700+. Zane picks Candy's 505 (somebody is sucking up apparantly) Biggest Surprise Candy is taking Kutcher Zane is going with Paul Childress, his record squat at the WPO (1144) was one of the best squats in Chicago that weekend.

Best Squat phil harrington.


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Chad Aichs,at the WPO semi,s in Chicago. Benches 810lbs in a 3 lift meet. Dead lifts only 705 and still totals over 2600. Had he not reinjured a hip flexer quite possibly would have won the whole thing.

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We'll get to see if he can top that at the Finals in a couple months. It's going to be one heck of a superheavies battle.