New Year's Goals

Create: 01/02/2006 - 07:47
Monster Muscle has an obligatory New Year's goals thread. So what are the reader's goals? Many have listed new pr marks. Here are a few others.

Oh yeah and to try not to be an ass at the gym when people come up and ask, "What is that shirt for?"..."Are you supposed to squat that low with that much weight?"..."Do the boards help you bounce the weight?"

Learn how to use a fuc-king bench shirt!

Try to stay f-in healthy and injury free!!LOL!!!

also get back to going 8 for 9 or better in my meets had some 6 for 9 this year. I hate red lights

Squat 800 at 181 and get my wife to be as nice to me as she is to the bulldogs.

i dont like to set numbers because things always happen- injuries and setbacks or certain decisions that will make your goals soar like new choices of powerlifting gear or the choice to use anabolic steroids or whatever. So my goal for the next year is to let the Good Lord let me keep lifting and to stay out of trouble!

piss even more people off than I did in 05.

get up off the couch!

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