Do High Reps Equal A Big Bench?

Create: 12/31/2005 - 07:44
Following the NFL scouting combine, talk around the gym often centers around how many reps were done by the players at 225. But what is repping at 225 really measuring? A poster at Ryan Kennelly's forum wonders:

just curious if a high rep bench equates to a high bench? Like doing 225 for 50 times like ryan does and he does 900lbs so if someone can do 225 for 50 times does that equate to 900lbs also? I have a hard time explaining to my buddies that i can do 205 for 10 reps, but I can also rep 225 for 10 reps also i tell them my muscles burn way too much for higher repping they dont believe me.

Pretty much unanimous responses that high reps don't equate in any way to one rep maxes:

Not really... I know there are formulas out there that some people say are accurate , but I don't think it applies to powerlifters that focus on a singe rep for max weight.

I personally have only been able to build strength off of low rep schemes, high reps have never done anything for me except get me tired

Only in Bizarro World

when you train for such high reps (anything over 15) then you build more endurance. i don't think it would make that much of a difference to your max.

I actually find that I bench more for 1RM then what you would think for the rep work. It just depends on each person's strenghts/weaknesses.

perfect example: we had a little friendly meet at my gym last year, there was two parts....max bench press and 225 for reps i won my weight class with 375 raw for the max, the guy who finished second did 350, and the guy behind him did like 345....when we benched 225 for reps i did 18, the guy who finished third did like 20, and the guy who finished second did some crazy shit like 32 reps. so i, who benched the most, took last in the rep contest