Training With A Powerlifting Great

Create: 12/23/2005 - 09:02
A Monster Muscle poster poses an interesting question; if you could train with any powerlifting great from yesterday or today, who would it be? Here are some of the responses:

  • Jon Cole
  • The Original Westside Guys
  • Dave Pasenella
  • Dan Austin
  • Scot Mendelson
  • Bill Kazmaier
  • Jim Williams
  • Pat Casey
  • Bob Peoples
  • Chuck Vogelopohl
  • Steve Goggins
  • Garry Frank
  • Matt Smith
  • Andy Bolton
  • Anthony Clark
  • Louie Simmons
  • Tiny Meeker
  • Louis Cyr
  • Mike Macdonald
  • Jeff Magruder
  • Chris Confessore
  • George Halbert
  • Kenny Patterson
  • Bill Crawford
  • Ryan Kennelly
  • Glen Chabot
  • Shawn Lattimer
  • Becca Swanson
  • Mike Ruggeria
  • Paul Anderson


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Billy M.

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mike hara

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I think I would choose a lifter from the past like Karwoski over a modern day lifter like Hara for the simple reason that it's possible to actually train with most active powerlifters. Training with a legend from the past would be like stepping back in time to do what others cannot.