Vladislav Alhazov Breaks All-Time Squat Record

Create: 01/20/2008 - 18:08
Vladislav Alhazov, shw, squatted 1,250 pounds today at the IPA Columbus Pro-Am to surpass Mike Miller's all-time record of 1,220 pounds. Alhazov also benched 630 pounds and deadlifted 925 pounds for a 2,805 pound total, the third highest in history.


Submitted by Michael (not verified) on
Congrats, Vlad! 1250 squat AND 925 deadlift....I think there's about to be a successor to Bolton in the SQ/DL department! Just incredible!

Submitted by Markus Rinse (not verified) on
This really freaky with a squat so big AND a huge deadlift. Congrats and keep pushing it further.

Submitted by Al Caslow on
From the noise the squat seemed to be deep and solid, good to have an all time record squat in the books that everyone respects.

Submitted by mastermonster on
No excuses! Just lift it! Wow! Two 2800+ totals in one meet!!! Congrats on the all-time squat and the 4th biggest total ever!

Submitted by Carl on
damn good job ! 'bout time Miller's "official unofficial" record was proven soft. Peace....friends don't let friends bomb out !

Submitted by Carl on
[quote=Michael Taylor]you mean to say friends dont let friends squat high? lol! 1300's next![/quote] No doubt...lol

Submitted by Michael on
you know, this guy might hit 2900 or higher, just need to get that bp up. I mean its fairly low for such a big guy. 148er Joe does close to that. I think he has more in him.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
he got robbed at the arnold...I think that is awesome that he did so well. Where is he from?

Submitted by Myles Kantor on
I think he lives in New York, but for the Arnold his country of record was Israel. Kol ha kavod, Vlad!

Submitted by IPF Lifter (not verified) on