Scott Cartwright Training Footage

Create: 01/16/2008 - 09:27
Here's gym footage of Scott Cartwright, 308, training for the WPO Finals which are scheduled for February 17 in Los Angeles. Cartwright indicates that his bench press is "feeling better and better. Should be good for opening with an easy 640-650 at the meet. Bicep is about 85% or so". 1,135 pound reverse band squats: 635 pound bench press for 2 reps off 1 board:


Submitted by zane geeting on
strong lifting, squat may have been a little high, tough to tell from the angle though.

Submitted by JackAss on
Between Scott and I we do not overly concern ourselves with depth in training. We never have a depth issue in a meet. He knew that squat was high but the point is to handle something heavy and lift it whatever way you have to. That 1135 should/could translate to a 1102-1150ish in the meet. Owner of Super Training in Sacramento.

Submitted by Jim McDonald on
[quote=Anonymous]Where is the deadlift training?[/quote] Dude, even at Super Training we don't film every lift all the time. Hoss does a ton of deadlift training but he's also dealing with a bicep tear and is adapting his grip to work around that.

Submitted by D.J. (not verified) on
guys reverse band squatting with like mini bands..... there probably doing virtually nothing, maybe taking 100 lbs off the bottom at most....