Vincent Dizenzo Benches 750 Pounds w/His Legs Up

Create: 01/09/2008 - 09:35
Here's video of Vincent Dizenzo, shw, benching 750 pounds... with his legs up. Dizenzo is nursing a knee injury.


Submitted by Putt Houston on
Vince, you have screws loose. That looked borderline dangerous with that much weight. Crazy strong! Putt Houston.... now with more Bom Chicka Wahwahhhhhh

The Putt Houston

Submitted by Carl on
Dammit Vinny, I can't even bench a warmup with my legs up. I guess this means I should go out and pull a groin so I can bench 5 bills. The dude's got wicked stremf, fooz(ebonically speakin'). Peace

Submitted by vdizenzo (not verified) on
Thanks all. Just to clarify I am 288 now, not a shw. My knee is coming along. Hopefully I can start getting my legs on the ground in the next month or so. Hey Shawna, it was great to see you at Bill's meet. Good lifting. Also, I was honored to get an invite to the Expo. I only wish my knee was up to par. I would have been there in a second.

Submitted by Jim Ray on
[quote=vdizenzo] Just to clarify I am 288 now, not a shw. [/quote] Vincent, Keep it up and you'll be ready for the WLOP - you'll dominate the, "Street Physique" comp, LOL! (Of course, in the USAPL, you'd still be a fat guy.) Get well soon. jim

Submitted by mastermonster on
No excuses! Just lift it! WOW! Vinnie; 288! Strong and a Beach body! That is dedication!...dangerous or not. Way to work!