Powerlifting From The Spectators Point Of View

Create: 12/21/2005 - 10:44
A Monster Muscle poster who frequently watches powerlifting contests remarks on the appeal of powerlifting to him.

1. what other sport do you know where the fans can do more than just sit and cheer there favorites on, they can actually have conversations with them. 2. what other sport do competitors trade lifting secrets and try to help each individual competitor to be the best they can be, whether it be loaning a guy a belt baby powder bench shirts or just generally cheering each other to new heights (there may be a darker side to this statement but i have not seen it). 3. what other sport can you watch men women and children of all ages and size push there bodys to the limit of human strength. 4. where else can ya see a man drop four hundred pounds acrossed his midsection and still have the nuts to come back for another attemp.

However, can powerlifting appeal to a broad market or are his views in the minority?

The only people who enjoy watching powerlifting are powerlifters and maybe, MAYBE those who love them. even then, they are usually there as a labor of love. .. The pace of a meet is way too slow, it lacks entertainment value. You just can't market that. The general public looks at powerlifting as some sort of alien art form that no one can relate to. And, like Powerdoc said, that is why this sport will not go anywhere. There just would not be an audience for it... No audience, no influx of money, no sponsors, no coverage. I think part of the problem is that the sport is too static. We stand or lay in one spot and do our business. Sounds like going to the bathroom. Now those of us who do it, or get it, we love it; Joe Average wants movement, wants action. We hain't got it. I personally love the sport, but you have to be realistic; boil it down to the bone and it is a boring sport.

I don't think you can get the public to appreciate powerlifting... Powerlifting is a niche sport. Rather than trying to go mainstream, we should embrace our speciality. We should not change our sport to attract the public. If the public changes to appreciate our sport, that is great if not, oh well.

Although others suggest some ways to address the inherent boringness:

If you think powerlifting is boring, then come to the Night of the Living Dead... The NOTLD is not boring. It was smoke lights, musics, spotlights, fans ith face paint, fans with signs, air horns, etc. I agree that some meets get boring but it is the promoters fault. I have all kinds of people that don;t know crap about lifting that love the NOTLD... If your meet is boring, do something about it.

More from TNDeadlifter:

For all of you doubters that are sitting here saying it can;t be done; get over it! It is being done right now by meets like the WPO and from what I hear the show in Gadsen Rock is always talking about. Remember the old quote. Those who say something cannot be done ar usually passed by those who are already doing it!

If Texas Hold'em can be successfully marketed to the public, why can't powerlifting?