Deadlifting In Bunny Slippers!

Create: 12/21/2005 - 09:32
From Ron Palmer's charity meet this last weekend comes a picture of Brandon Williamson (known as chitowndl at Iron Trybe) pulling 635 in, get this, his bunny slippers.
A number of photos from the event, including Nick Winters and his 600 raw bench, as well as Goggins and Swanson deadlifting, can be found over in this Iron Trybe thread.


Submitted by Nick Winters (not verified) on
That is my bro Brandon lifting in the bunny slippers. Yet another reason not to make stupid bets!

Submitted by Nick Winters (not verified) on
They just might!!! There are some good pics of me and Brandon on that thread, but the thread eventually gets turned into a pointless thread asking girls to lie to us and tell us we are hot, lol.

Submitted by brandon w (not verified) on
holy wow. why do i put myself in these situations. Well i hope everyone likes it.. i will be going for a bunny suit for my next show..

Submitted by Nick Winters (not verified) on
Not only is Kara a beautiful woman, she is also incredibly kind and down to earth. She was very easy to talk to even though we had never officially met before. She is very funny and informative, I really enjoyed getting to talk to her about all sorts of topics. I also owe her for getting me into a judges spot during the bikini contest!

Submitted by admin on
I only hear extremely positive things about her as well. And she's definately easy on the eyes. (Ryan doesn't come by here does he?:-() By the way, I'd say you owe her big time Nick!

Submitted by Nick Winters (not verified) on
I definately do, that was a mighty good bikini contest (except for the she-beast)!