Can One Squat Heavy Twice A Week?

Create: 12/20/2005 - 10:16
That's the question asked by a poster at Dr. Squat. He specifically wants to know the answer as it applies to a somewhat experienced lifter who is not adding any supplementation. Some think that it's not a good idea:

Heavy is a relative term not only in actual weight but in percentage of weight. Even the most "gassed" up WPO lifter would not try to squat with heavy percentage weights 2 times per week and they recover faster than any of us here. You are running the risk of injury and over-training especially if you include assistance work.

He could, but I sure wouldnt recommend it. When you say "heavy squatting" that leads me to believe that you are working in a high percent of your max. Twice a week, nevermind 3 times, is too much. Lets hope you dont plan to deadlift in that same week. If you are looking to squat twice a week, do like Vaughn says, one max effort, one speed day.

So in my opinion if by heavy he means 90%+ twice a week I'd say no way.

Although others think it's possible:

That's what he asked, the answer is definitely yes, although there is no reason not to use supplements.... Now I don't have good physiological knowledge of the CNS, I just know what I did and that it worked, it was a bit difficult a first but you adapt. What Todd is pointing out is that maybe people should think outside the box here, if you have always been squatting twice a week, that's what you have adapted to but that doesn't mean you cannot adapt to something more

It's simply a matter of adapting to increased training tonnage. The human body can adapt to this just as it does anything else.


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Everyone is different. If there was one "BEST" way to train then everyone would be doing it by now. I'm drug-free and only squat once a week, heavy. My raw squat is 675. In my Titan dual quad single ply I hit 807lbs. Listen to your body, maybe you could have a light speed squat day then four days later go heavy. It's all trial and error, good luck bro'.

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A couple great comments in your statement. "Everyone is different" and "It's all trial and error". That's why pre-packaged workout routines only can go so far. They all need to be tweaked based on many factors related to any given lifter. With experience or good coaching the tweaking gets easier.