Ron Palmer's Charity Meet Summary

Create: 12/20/2005 - 08:55

Ron Palmer posts a summary of his charity meet held on Sunday over at Go Heavy. Among the competitors, he cites Nick Winters benching 600 raw, Adam Hires, Best Lifter, with a 650 pound bench at 242, teens Jeremy(555@220) and Greg(475@220) Hines, and Luke Anderson at 74 pulling 400 pounds.


Submitted by Nick Winters (not verified) on
Not really, I got on the 600 list, but didn't do anywhere close to what I am capable of. 625 FLEW off my chest, I just wasn't able to lock it out. I think I went to heavy the tuesday before the meet and my tris hadn't recovered (and Dondell Blue and Steve Goggins both agreed with me, and repremanded me for being dumb about that).I am doing another meet in a little over a month to try and give a better showing of what I can do!

Submitted by chrisd on
Nick, 600 is nothing to be ashamed about. Of course it cold be better, but you'll get it. Hammer those tri's and get it done!! Can't wait to see what you put up in a month. Any tape of you lifting at this meet? Chris D.

Submitted by Nick Winters (not verified) on
no, video cameras were not allowed into the meet area. I am going to buy the video from the meet and try and post parts of that.

Submitted by admin on
I'll second what Chris said and say nice job. You're now one of only 34 lifters to bench 600 or more unequipped. That's an awesome feat. It's also good to see that you want more. A powerlifter who is satisfied with his numbers is surely one who won't be setting pr's. Which meet are you planning on doing? Make sure you let us know when you have the video posted so we can link up to it.

Submitted by Nick Winters (not verified) on
It is just a small meet in northern Indiana at the end of January. I will let you know as soon as its posted or e-mail it to you to post if thats ok