Falling Forward While Squatting

Create: 12/19/2005 - 14:15
A poster at Dr. Squat is having a problem with his squat. When he worked up to heavy weight, he found himself falling forward on the ascent. He's wondering what his deficiency might be. Opinions on what the problem could be include:

Could be abs or lower back, not neccessarily a belt, also you may have been fatigued and your hips came up first and not your head

Using a wide hand placement was suggest and that helped some but I also found that if I really focus on flexing my hips out of the hole I'm able to keep myself more up right during the way up. Of course strengthing your low back and abs is always a good idea too though.

If not a "physical" thing, you may have lost your concentration. There is a lot to think about during a sqaut, and the heavier you are the less room for error.

Did you drop your head maybe? Or did your hips come up before your shoulders?


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It doesn't say if you were squating in a suit. If it's while you were in a suit it may be your not exploding out of the hole and using the momentum of the gear. Your timing is off, your using the suit to get out of the hole and your butt is moving but your not driving upward with your shoulders. If it's raw, then Imho, it could be you need to work on your upper back not so much your lower back. No matter if it's geared or raw, get a close hand grip and as you squat squeeze your shoulder blades together and look up at about a 45 degree angle as you get lower to the hole rotate your elbows forward. This will help keep your back flat and upright limiting the chance of tipping forward. Keep training hard.

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Thanks for adding your advice to help this lifter. The problem with this deficiency is it could be so many things. Only working directly with the lifter can it really be narrowed down.

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It would help if he could record all his squat reps then break down the mechanics of his technique. That is what I still do with my squat & deadlift. If this person could post a video at putfile then others more experienced than he could help.

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Video analysis, other than in-person coaching, is perhaps the best tool available. It's just grasping at straws otherwise.