Stop Complaining About Your Bench Shirt!

Create: 12/18/2005 - 12:25
So says Vinny Dizenzo over at Anabolex. Although, he does say it a little differently. Essentially his statements are in response to the large number of lifters who post about their shirts not working as expected. These posts can be found regularly at every powerlifting forum.

Guys, you have to stop complaining about your shirts. I have held my tongue on this subject too long already. Stop complaining about how this shirt does not fit right or this company sucks--just start accumulating shirts. My basement looks like a shirt factory and I did not always get my shirts for free... You all want to learn how to run before you can walk. It is an art to learn the shirt. You will never learn that art by starting with a shirt that you cannot touch shit in. You must do two things to get better. First, get stronger. Second, learn to use the shirt (that mainly means find someone who can teach you in person)... Now, stockpile some shirts. Learn how to work them or just lift fucking raw!

This is the game boys. Play if you want to--nobody is forcing you. I lift raw and with equipment. I have been around a while. I have been where you all have been. I simply just forged ahead. This was just friendly advice based on my experiences. Take it or leave it.