Reasons For Starting Powerlifting

Create: 12/18/2005 - 07:26
In a Monster Muscle thread a poster wonders how long others have been lifting and how or why they started. Some good stories in the thread:

I have been a gym rat for about 18yrs but never trained seriously... In 2000 I had a heart attack and wound up with triple bypass surgery, thought I would never lift again. But I got the bug about a yr later and I told myself I would do one more gym meet if I could just get 315, well at the gym meet I did 335 and I got it touch with Gene and he set me up with a program for full meets and I started to train for real. In my first full meet I did a 475 squat and a 365 bench and a 405 dead. Two years and five meets later I just became the IPA 60-64 Masters Champion 275 Weight Class with a 1620 Elite Total--Squat 620 Bench 485 and Dead 515. And I aint done yet. I love this sport.

I started lifting when I was 17 cause I got tired of getting my ass kicked. I got beat on so freaking much I used it to fuel my training for yrs.I finally got rid of all my anger one day in Church and left it at the alter to never be picked up again. The first year or so I was clueless about everything. I did some reading of BB magazines and tried to model some of those workouts. They seemed to work but I never became a monster. Then I met a cop who was 3 time FOP OLympics Bench Press Champion and he told me I should try to compete. I laughed but listened , started training with him on a very regular basis, became great friends and he helped me got from like 200 to 525 in about a yr and a half.I did my first contest in July of '95 I benched 335. I won every contest I entered, got a bighead and got it knocked off by bombing at my hometown meet in Celina Ohio in front of all mt family and friends. I got my ass handed to me by a guy who diid like 350 and it pissed me off I was a 525 plus bencher.I walked away from it for a long time, I dedided to do some BB lost a ton of weight and lost all my bench power. Took up paintball, quit lifting for 2 1/2 yrs and got fat again. Went back to the gym in 2003 with my bro in law to show him some things did 315 for some reps like it was nothing and BOOM, I was back...

I started lifting when I was in jail for 6 months. I was 18 at the time. Friends and family had gotten me a subscripiton to FLEX magazine, they believed as did I that I would be in there for longer than that. I was this big massive fat guy weighing 275 lbs benching 120 max. I lost weight in there got way down. Around 225. Got out of the joint 6 months later blasting up 250 lbs. I started looking into powerlifting. I was stuck at 275. Started reading the animal bench routine. Did that and got to 315. Then I found MM and here I am College about to play football at last this fall and blasting up over 400 lbs after only 2 short years of lifting.

Got in to trouble when I was 16 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Did a lot of lifting and got in to powerlifting while I was in there. Paroled in two years, got in to a fight and went back for another 2 years for violation. Did some more lifting. Got off parole in 94 and started competing in Powerlifing meets and did some body building. the rest is history!

I started working out really between my 7th and 8th grade year with a summer membership to the local nautilus. After the summer was over and school was back in I couldn;t get to the gym. I just did tons of push ups and bodyweight exercises at home. I got a memebership every summer and did th ebodyweight stuff at home until I could drive. Then I started going to the gym before school. At the end of my junior year, a teacher introduced me to powerlifting and I guess I could say that was the beginning of my real lifting.